Cinder Quotes in Little Darlings (1980)


Cinder Quotes:

  • Dana: I knew this one girl and I swear, she did it on a rollercoaster. Hey Ferris, where's the weirdest place you ever did it?

    Ferris: None of your business.

    Cinder: Why not?

    [to the girls]

    Cinder: She probably doesn't know anything.

    Ferris: I know enough.

    Cinder: Ever been to fourth base?

    Ferris: I'm fifteen. No one goes to fourth base...

    Cinder: I hit a home run at fourteen. Well I guess some of us are women, and some of us are little girls.

    [to Angel]

    Cinder: Which are you?

    Angel: I think guys are a pain in the ass.

    Cinder: Two little virgins. How quaint. No wonder they're always fighting. It's all that unreleased energy. Probably lezzies.

    Ferris: Maybe she is, but I'm straight.

  • Cinder: Ferris probably isn't gay, just sexually immature.

    Dana: Whoa!

    Cinder: I bet she'd go all the way if she had the chance! Right?

    Ferris: [reluctantly] Sure! I'm ready.

  • Sunshine: Ferris, I'm kinda glad you and Gary didn't fool around. Kissing is more romantic.

    Cinder: What do *you* know?

    Sunshine: [hesitates] Nothing.

    Cinder: Oh, a third virgin. How quaint.

    Dana: Uh Cinder, better make that four.

    Carrots: [smiling] Yeah, me too.

    Cinder: You're all positively cherubic!

  • Cinder: What about you, smut-mouth?

    Angel: What about me, shit-head?

    Cinder: Are you into girls?

    Angel: [lunges towards Cinder]

    Cinder: [backing away] She tried to grab my tit!

  • Cinder: Angel Vs. Farris. Who ever loses there virginity first Wins!

  • Dana: So what happened? Come on, tell us, come on, come on, come on!

    Ferris: He compared us to Romeo and Juliet. We had some chilled champagne.

    Dana: An aphrodisiac! I told you about those.

    Sunshine: Did, did it hurt?

    Ferris: No!

    Cinder: Such a child.

    Penelope: Did you see him naked?

    Ferris: No. It was dark.

    Sunshine: Don't be disgusting.

    Chubby: Then how'd he...?

    Ferris: He didn't want to embarrass me so he turned off the light.

    Carrots: Oh, I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!

    Dana: How cavalier! Come on, come on, come on!

    Ferris: It was perfect! The darkness enveloped us.

    Dana: This is better than books! I gotta tell you! This is great!

    Cinder: The truth always is.

  • Cinder: No you wouldn't have the guts.

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