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Chuck Paconi Quotes:

  • [Olivia's factory at night, Reg is putting some pamphlets away when Tommy O'Shea, joined by Sal and Chuck Paconi arrive]

    Tommy O'Shea: Reggie...

    [Reg turns around, but before he can do anything, Sal and Chuck grab hold of him]

    Tommy O'Shea: Little Reggie been telling tales and talking out of school, now who little Reggie been talking to?

    Reg: I ain't said nothing to nobody but you, you piece of white-trash!

    Tommy O'Shea: I had no idea you were so prejudice.

    [Reg spits on Tommy's shoes]

    Tommy O'Shea: I usually got a shine with that.

    Tommy O'Shea: [to Sal and Chuck] Do what you want with him.

    [O'Shea begins walking towards the exit]

    Sal Paconi: Reggie, there you go saying stupid things again.

    Chuck Paconi: Hey Sal.

    Sal Paconi: You know Reggie, you're looking a little rumpled, whaddya say we straighten you out?

    [Reg begins thrashing uncontrollably as Sal and Chuck drag him over to a shirt presser, all while the following is said]

    Reg: No! No!

    Sal Paconi: You don't want to go downtown looking like... not a good thing Reggie, not a good thing, now improve your appearance.

    Reg: No! No! No! NO!

    [Sal and Chuck close the shirt presser on Reg's left hand, steam rises up as Reg shouts in pain]

    Chuck Paconi: Man, that's gotta hurt!

    [Sal and Chuck raise the shirt presser]

    Sal Paconi: Reg, Reg, Reg, look we know you've been talking to somebody. Why don't you just tell us? Tell us who you've been talking to.

    Reg: I didn't say nothing to nobody!

    Sal Paconi: He didn't say 'nothing to nobody.'

    Chuck Paconi: Let's make it match his hand.

    Reg: No! Nooo! NOOO!

  • [Sal and Chuck close the shirt presser, this time on Reg's right hand, more steam rises as Reg yells in pain, after a few seconds, they lift the shirt presser up again]

    Sal Paconi: I bet that smarts, eh? Reg? *Reg?*

    [Chuck grabs Reg's hat and throws it on the floor]

    Sal Paconi: Why did you do it, *and don't lie to me!*

    Reg: I said nothing to nobody!

    Sal Paconi: [slapping Reg's forehead] You lie! Let's straighten his hair.

    Reg: No! No! NOOOO!

    Sal Paconi: Come on! Come on!

    [Sal and Chuck force Reg's head underneath the shirt presser]

    Sal Paconi: Straighten his hair, eh?

    [Sal and Chuck close the shirt presser on Reg's head; Reg continues to yell in pain]

    Sal Paconi: Yeah, that's better.

    [Sal and Chuck raise the shirt presser, Reg falls to the floor]

    Sal Paconi: Well Reg, now you're all straightened out, say good night!

    [Sal kicks Reg twice in the back, Reg grunts in pain, then Sal turns to Chuck]

    Sal Paconi: Chickie, we'll meet you and Reg down in the car.

    [Sal leaves as Chuck walks over to Reg]

    Chuck Paconi: Get up, get up!

    [Reg weakly rises and looks at Chuck, who takes a Colt King Cobra from his pocket and points it at Reg's head. Reg struggles some more as he tries to get a better look. Chuck cocks the gun, and Reg continues struggling for a better look, all while groaning]

    Chuck Paconi: Good night, Reg.

    [Chuck fires the gun]

  • [Tommy O'Shea has just finished administering Al his weight loss, Reg runs over to Tommy]

    Reg: This is bullshit!

    Tommy O'Shea: What's that? What's that man?

    Reg: It's bullshit! So are you!

    Tommy O'Shea: Hey man! What makes you the head nigger and you talk to me like that?

    Reg: Fuck you, you son of a...

    Chuck Paconi: Heeyyy!

    [Sal and Chuck grab Reg, Sal takes out a knife]

    Sal Paconi: Reg, that was really stupid. You've got a big mouth, now apologize to the man.

    Reg: I ain't saying shit!

    Tommy O'Shea: Ah now, Reggie. You know damn well if you don't say shit, you lose ninety percent of your vocabulary.

    [Reg defiantly spites on O'Shea shoes, O'Shea gives him a surprised look]

    Sal Paconi: You people just never learn, do you?

    [Sal slashes Reg's cheek with the knife]

  • Big Al: Mr. O'Shea... Mr. O'Shea...

    Tommy O'Shea: [Pulling Al by his necktie] That's my name.

    Big Al: Mr. O'Shea is this...

    Tommy O'Shea: You're repeating yourself.

    Big Al: Is this necessary?

    Tommy O'Shea: You're boring the shit out of me. You know what your problem is? *You know what your problem is?*

    Big Al: [choking] What?

    Tommy O'Shea: You and your boss think you don't have to service your partners anymore. Let me tell you something, I'm partnered up with over 35 companies, all of them are very responsive and very helpful. With the exception of this company, because this company is too fat. And you, *you're too fat!*

    [Tommy pushes Al onto a table where he is restrained by Sal and Chuck]

    Tommy O'Shea: Look at you, you look like a beached whale.

    Big Al: Mr. O'Shea...

    Sal Paconi: Al, Al, I tried to warn you didn't I, you wouldn't listen.

    [Tommy picks up a nearby saw and turns it on, upon seeing the saw, Al begins struggling]

    Tommy O'Shea: Look what we have here!

    [Tommy moves the saw closer to Al's stomach, but he suddenly turns it off]

    Tommy O'Shea: Just acting, just acting Albert, relax.

    Tommy O'Shea: [lifting up Al's shirt] Oh seriousness, my god!

    Sal Paconi: That's gross.

    Tommy O'Shea: Big tub of guts. I think you oughta have Dr. O'Shea's one second weight loss.

    [O'Shea turns the saw back on as Al begins struggling again, but Sal quickly restrains him. Chuck takes out a gun and points it at Al's head]

    Big Al: No! No!

    Chuck Paconi: Don't move fat man!

    [Reg notices what is happening, and walks over to the scene]

    Sal Paconi: I think Al's got the message here don't you Al? Huh? Don't you? Well don't you?

    [Tommy cuts into the side of Al's stomach with the saw, Al screams loudly as he rolls over a little. Tommy turns off the saw as he, Sal, and Chuck back away to avoid the blood]

  • Chuck Paconi: [pointing a gun at Paul] You got a problem?

    Tommy O'Shea: Guns make you nervous?

    Paul Kersey: Guns have their uses. Idiots with guns make me nervous.

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