Christine Valco Quotes in Surviving Christmas (2004)


Christine Valco Quotes:

  • Drew Latham: Hey, Dad.

    Christine Valco: He's talking to you, genius.

    Tom Valco: Yeah, Drew?

    Drew Latham: Would you do me a kindness? Put this hat on. My dad always used to wear a Santa hat when we went Christmas tree shopping.

    Tom Valco: [laughs] In public?

    Drew Latham: Yeah.

    Tom Valco: Yeah, that would be no. And in private, that would be no, too.

    Drew Latham: Please wear the hat.

    Tom Valco: No. I'm not wearing the hat.

    Drew Latham: Tom, you gotta wear the hat.

    Tom Valco: I'm not wearing the hat.

    Drew Latham: Wear the hat, Tom.

    Tom Valco: I'm not wearing the hat. Now get it away from me before I shove it up your ass!

    Drew Latham: Tom, are you familiar with the phrase "breach of contract"?

    Tom Valco: Give me the hat!

  • Christine Valco: Tom, that guy is still here.

    Tom Valco: Yeah, I know.

    Christine Valco: Why is he still here?

    Tom Valco: He's giving us $250,000 to be his family for Christmas.

    Christine Valco: And you agreed to this without asking me?

    Tom Valco: Of course I did, he's giving us $250,000!

    Christine Valco: And how would you like it if I agreed to something like this without asking you?

    Tom Valco: Well, that would depend. Would we be getting $250,000?

  • Tom Valco: [shouts] Brian, get down here and eat your dinner, will you?

    Brian Valco: I'm not hungry!

    Tom Valco: Yeah, you are!

    Christine Valco: Stop yelling at me.

    Tom Valco: I'm not yelling at you. Brian!

    Christine Valco: [shouts] Brian! Get down here please, so your father can stop not yelling at me!

    Brian Valco: I'm busy!

    Tom Valco: I told you, we shouldn't have put the computer up in his room. He's gonna spend all his time there.

    Christine Valco: Oh, Tom. Welcome to the future, dear. He's advancing his skills. One day that computer's gonna get our baby a good job.

    Tom Valco: Trust me. What he's doing up there, nobody's gonna pay him for, 'cause if they did, I'd have retired at seventeen.

  • Drew Latham: Mom, you wanna stick with Doo-Dah?

    Christine Valco: Why me?

    Drew Latham: He's your father.

    Doo-Dah: How come you never call?

  • Drew Latham: You do know that's a bra you're putting in Brian's drawer, right?

    Christine Valco: Yeah, that's your brother. He's 15, he likes to experiment. We still love him though.

  • Tom Valco: [at the play watching Doo-Dah] Christine.

    Christine Valco: Hm?

    Tom Valco: If I were to leave, I wouldn't know where to go.

    Christine Valco: So why leave?

    Tom Valco: That's what I'm saying, I don't want to leave.

    Christine Valco: Then don't.

    Tom Valco: Okay, I won't. Is that all right with you?

    Christine Valco: [turns to him and smiles] Yeah. It's fine with me.

    [they take each other's hands during the play]

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