Christie Allen Quotes in DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)


Christie Allen Quotes:

  • [From trailer]

    Helena Douglas: Don't you think the guy in the second row's cute?

    Christie Allen: Is there a guy in the world that you don't have a crush on?

    Kasumi: You can have him. But what about the other 300?

    unknown: [a whole army of men charge at the girls]

    Tina Armstrong: [pause] Why don't we just split em' up evenly?

  • [from trailer]

    Christie Allen: Look at this. They've been monitoring everything we do.

    Tina Armstrong: Jeez, bunch of pervs...

  • Bass: Tina! It's showtime!

    Tina Armstrong: Dad! Not now I'm in my underwear.

    Christie Allen: Which I hate. Why you can't just sleep in the nude like me I'll never know.

    Bass: Oh my god.

    Tina Armstrong: No Dad, she's just another fighter. We're just sleeping together.

    Bass: Yeah I can see that.

    Tina Armstrong: No. I mean we're not sleeping together. We're just... sleeping.

    Bass: Seems to me like my baby girl's found a special friend. We'll settle it tomorrow, sweetie. Nice to meet you miss.

    Christie Allen: Oh it's Christie.

    Bass: Tina's real name's Christina!

    Tina Armstrong: Dad!

    Tina Armstrong: Thanks a lot, bitch.

    Christie Allen: Save your strength sweetheart, big day tomorrow fighting daddy.

  • Christie Allen: I Felt the Earth move

    Maximillian Marsh: That's the desired effect

    Christie Allen: No, really I felt the earth move!

    Kasumi & Leon: [Leon and Kasumi come crashing through the wall]

  • Tina Armstrong: How the hell are we supposed to get up there?

    Kasumi: We better get going.

    Christie Allen: Well, you're both on your own. I don't do teams.

    Tina Armstrong: Well that's fine with me, any team you're part of is bound to lose anyway.

    Christie Allen: Well I'll remember that when I'm collecting the $10 Million.

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