Christian Grey Quotes in Scary Movie 5 (2013)


Christian Grey Quotes:

  • Christian Grey: Your safe word is... Deeper.

  • Christian Grey: How do you like my blue room?

    Jody Campbell: It's red.

    Christian Grey: Oh. I'm color blind, my decorator assured me... never mind.

  • Anastasia Steele: [while they are in a supermarket, Christian is pushing the cart, looking uncomfortable ] When's the last time you went shopping?

    Christian Grey: Houston. A week ago.

    Anastasia Steele: What'd you buy?

    Christian Grey: An airline.

  • Christian Grey: I brought you here to negotiate.

    Anastasia Steele: You're open to new terms?

    Christian Grey: No rules, no punishments.

    Anastasia Steele: No rules, no punishments and no more secrets.

    Christian Grey: I can do that.

    Anastasia Steele: You wanaa , what do you call it "a vanilla relationship"?

    Christian Grey: I mean we only do what you're comfortable with.

    Anastasia Steele: But you need all those things.

    Christian Grey: I need you more.

  • Christian Grey: You're mine.

    Anastasia Steele: I'm yours.

  • Christian Grey: I hope you're not a sore loser.

    Anastasia Steele: That depends on how hard you spank me.

  • Anastasia Steele: I can't believe you just talked to him like that!

    Christian Grey: He wants what's mine.

    Anastasia Steele: What's yours? That's a little presumptuous!

  • Christian Grey: [to Ana] Where the fuck have you been?

  • Anastasia Steele: Why didn't you tell me that?

    Christian Grey: I did. But you were asleep at the time.

    Anastasia Steele: Okay, well, um...

    [clears throat]

    Anastasia Steele: generally, a key part of good communication is that both parties be conscious.

  • Christian Grey: What about you? I'd like to know more about you.

    Anastasia Steele: There's really not much to know about me. Look at me.

    Christian Grey: I am.

  • Christian Grey: [answers phone] Anastasia.

    Anastasia Steele: Yeah, this is me. I'm sending back your expensive books because I already have copies of those. Thanks though for the kind gesture.

    Christian Grey: You're welcome. Where are you?

    Anastasia Steele: Oh, I'm in line because I have to pee really bad.

    Christian Grey: Anastasia, have you been drinking?

    Anastasia Steele: [laughs] Yeah! I have, Mr. Fancy Pants. You hit... you hit the hail on the nead. I mean the head right on the nail.

    Christian Grey: Listen to me. I want you to go home right now.

    Anastasia Steele: You're so bossy! Ana, let's go for a coffee. No, stay away from me Ana! I don't want you! Get away. Come here, come here! Go away!

    Christian Grey: That's it. Tell me where you are.

    Anastasia Steele: A long way from Seattle! A long way from you.

    Christian Grey: Which bar? What's it called?

    Anastasia Steele: I don't know. I gotta go, though.

    Christian Grey: Which bar Ana?

    Anastasia Steele: [to girl in line] I told him. Right?

  • Anastasia Steele: Why are you trying to change me?

    Christian Grey: I'm not. It's you that's changing me.

  • Christian Grey: [to Anastasia] I don't make love. I fuck... hard.

  • Christian Grey: I thought that was you!

    Anastasia Steele: What the?

    Christian Grey: What a pleasant surprise, Miss Steele.

    Anastasia Steele: Just Ana.

    [clears throat]

    Anastasia Steele: Just Ana. You're in here?

    Christian Grey: I was in the area on business. Needed to pick up a few things.

    Anastasia Steele: Yeah! What can I help you with?

    Christian Grey: Do you stock cable ties?

    Anastasia Steele: Cable ties, yes we do. I can show you if you want.

    Christian Grey: Please lead the way, Miss Steele.

    Anastasia Steele: Just Ana. Is that it?

    Christian Grey: Masking tape.

    Anastasia Steele: Are you redecorating?

    Christian Grey: No.

    Anastasia Steele: Um, we have two inch and one inch, but the truly respecting handyman will have both in his toolbox.

    Christian Grey: Of course he will.

    Anastasia Steele: It's rare to find a connoisseur these days. Do you want anything else?

    Christian Grey: Yes. Rope.

    [watches Ana]

    Christian Grey: That's impressive. You a girl scout?

    Anastasia Steele: Um, no. Organized group activities aren't really my thing.

    Christian Grey: So what is your thing?

    Anastasia Steele: I don't know. Books? Okay... rope, tape, cable ties. You're the complete serial killer.

    Christian Grey: Not today.

  • Christian Grey: Because I'm fifty shades of fucked up, Anastasia.

  • Christian Grey: Fuck the paperwork!

  • Christian Grey: It's just behind this door.

    Anastasia Steele: What is?

    Christian Grey: My playroom.

    Anastasia Steele: Like your Xbox and stuff?

    Christian Grey: It's important that you know you can leave at anytime.

    Anastasia Steele: Why? What's in there?

    Christian Grey: I meant what I said. The helicopter is on standby to take you whenever you want to go.

    Anastasia Steele: Christian, just open the door!

    Anastasia Steele: [walks into the room] Oh my God.

  • Anastasia Steele: I'll review all these changes and try to arrive at a decision.

    Christian Grey: You want to leave?

    Anastasia Steele: Yes.

    Christian Grey: But your body tells me something different. Your legs, for instance. The way you're pressing your thighs together under the table. And the change in your breathing. And in your complexion.

    Anastasia Steele: My complexion?

    Christian Grey: You're flushed.

    Anastasia Steele: That could just be the wine.

    Christian Grey: It's the adrenaline.

  • Christian Grey: Roll your eyes at me again and I will put you across my knee!

    Anastasia Steele: Ohhh...

    Christian Grey: [Back to her apartment] Did you just roll your eyes at me?

    Anastasia Steele: [laughing] No.

    Christian Grey: [Takes her to couch, bends her across one knee, rolls down her underwear just below her bared rear end] D'you know why I'm doing this?

    Anastasia Steele: Because I rolled my eyes!

    Christian Grey: And is that polite?

    Anastasia Steele: No

    [slaps her naked rear]

    Christian Grey: Excuse, me?

    Anastasia Steele: No, SIR!

    Christian Grey: [Slaps her bared rear again] Do you want more? Welcome to my world.

    [Slaps her one more time, replaces knicks, stands her up: leaves]

  • Anastasia Steele: Why am I here, Christian?

    Christian Grey: You're here because I'm incapable of leaving you alone.

    Anastasia Steele: Then don't. Why'd you send me those books?

    Christian Grey: I thought I owed you an apology.

    Anastasia Steele: For what?

    Christian Grey: For letting you believe that I... Listen to me. I don't do romance. My tastes are very singular. You wouldn't understand.

    Anastasia Steele: Enlighten me, then.

  • Anastasia Steele: Earlier you said that there were some people who know you well. Why do I get the feeling that that is not true?

    Andrea: Mr. Grey, your next meeting is in the conference room.

    Christian Grey: Cancel it, please. We're not finished here.

    Andrea: Yes sir.

    Anastasia Steele: No! Uh, I'm... we... I can go. It's fine.

    Christian Grey: I would like to know more about you.

    Anastasia Steele: There's really not much to know about me.

    Christian Grey: You said you're an English major. Tell me, was it Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, or Thomas Hardy who first made you fall in love with literature?

    Anastasia Steele: Hardy.

    Christian Grey: I would have guessed Jane Austen. What are your plans after you graduate?

    Anastasia Steele: I'm just trying to get through finals right now.

    Christian Grey: And then?

    Anastasia Steele: And then I was planning on moving here, to Seattle, with Kate.

    Christian Grey: We offer an excellent internship program.

    Anastasia Steele: I don't think I'd fit in here. Look at me.

    Christian Grey: I am.

  • Anastasia Steele: You're a sadist?

    Christian Grey: I'm a dominant.

    Anastasia Steele: What is that mean?

    Christian Grey: It means that I want you to willingly surrender yourself to me.

    Anastasia Steele: Why would I do that?

    Christian Grey: To please me.

    Anastasia Steele: To please you? How?

    Christian Grey: I have rules. If you follow them, I'll reward you. If you don't, I'll punish you.

    Anastasia Steele: What can I get out of this?

    Christian Grey: Me.

  • Christian Grey: You trust me?

    [Ana nods]

    Christian Grey: Hold out your wrists.

    [wraps tie around wrists]

    Christian Grey: Hold them there. Understand? Tell me you understand.

    Anastasia Steele: I won't move my arms.

    Christian Grey: Good girl. Stay still!

    Anastasia Steele: Okay.

    Christian Grey: Say yes.

    Anastasia Steele: To what?

    Christian Grey: To be mine.

  • Christian Grey: Where have you been?

    Anastasia Steele: Waiting.

  • Christian Grey: You're energetic this morning.

    Anastasia Steele: You hungry?

    Christian Grey: Very.

  • Christian Grey: [from trailer] I like to see your face. Gives me some clue what you might be thinking.

  • Christian Grey: [repeated exchange] Anastasia.

    Anastasia Steele: Christian.

  • Anastasia Steele: Do you have any interests outside of work?

    Christian Grey: I enjoy various physical pursuits.

    Anastasia Steele: You're unmarried. Oh,you were adopted at age four.

    Christian Grey: That's a matter of public record.

    Anastasia Steele: I'm sorry, I didn't...

    Christian Grey: Do you have an actual question, Miss Steele?

    Anastasia Steele: Yes. Sorry. Are you gay? It's written here, I'm just...

    Christian Grey: No, Anastasia. I'm not gay.

    Anastasia Steele: I apologize, Mr. Grey. Kate can be a little...

    Christian Grey: Intrusive?

    Anastasia Steele: Curious.

    Christian Grey: What about you? And why won't you ask me something that you wanna know?

  • Christian Grey: To what do I owe my success?

    Anastasia Steele: [nervously] Yep.

    Christian Grey: Seriously?

    Anastasia Steele: Yes.

    Christian Grey: Business is about people and I've always been good at people. What motivates them. What inspires them.

    Anastasia Steele: Maybe you're just lucky.

    Christian Grey: I've always found that the harder I work the more luck I seem to have. The key to my success has been in identifying talented individuals and harnessing their efforts.

    Anastasia Steele: So you're a control freak?

    Christian Grey: Oh, I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele.

  • Anastasia Steele: How could I know what I'd be willing to try?

    Christian Grey: Well, when you've had sex was there anything you didn't like doing? We have to be honest with each other for this to work. Okay?

    Anastasia Steele: I wouldn't know.

    Christian Grey: What do you mean?

    Anastasia Steele: Because I haven't... I haven't.

    Christian Grey: You're still a virgin? I've just shown you!

    Anastasia Steele: I know. I just...

    Christian Grey: You've done other things, right?

    Anastasia Steele: No.

    Christian Grey: Where have you been?

    Anastasia Steele: Waiting.

    Christian Grey: Men must throw themselves at you.

    Anastasia Steele: Never one I've wanted.

  • Anastasia Steele: Also, on page 5 there are some terms which need clarification. Suspension?

    Christian Grey: Hanging on ropes from the ceiling.

    Anastasia Steele: For what possible reason?

    Christian Grey: For your pleasure.

    Anastasia Steele: Really?

    Christian Grey: And mine. Something to consider.

    Anastasia Steele: No. Hard limit.

    Anastasia Steele: Is bondage acceptable to the submissive? I'm good with rope, leather cuffs, handcuffs. Please lose tape and, what's other?

    Christian Grey: Cable ties? Can I just say how impressed I am with your commitment to this meeting? And in that spirit, I'm going to throw in a sweetener. How about once a week on a night of your choosing, we go on a date. Just like a regular couple. Dinner, movie... ice skating. Whatever you want.

    Anastasia Steele: Accepted. You're very kind.

  • Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: But he never sleeps in. Certainly not at this hour. Unless of course he's ill. Is he?

    [Christian appears]

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Ah!

    Jason Taylor: Sorry, Mr. Grey.

    Christian Grey: It's fine. I know how she can be.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: She? If you're trying to avoid me the very least you can do is call me by my correct name which is mom.

    Anastasia Steele: Hi!

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: [surprised] Oh, dear God!

    Christian Grey: Mother, Anastasia Steele. Ana, meet my mother Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: You have no idea how delighted I am to meet you.

    Anastasia Steele: It's nice to meet you too, Dr. Grey.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Grace. She's very pretty!

  • Christian Grey: What is it about elevators?

  • Christian Grey: Is this more?

  • Christian Grey: You want hearts and flowers? That's not something I know.

  • Christian Grey: Please don't hate me.

    Anastasia Steele: [crying] You'll never do that to me again. I'm not what you want.

    Christian Grey: No, you're everything that I want.

    Anastasia Steele: I've fallen in love with you.

    Christian Grey: No. No, Ana, you can't love me.

    Anastasia Steele: I need you to leave. Please.

  • Kate Kavanagh: Thanks again for doing this, Mr. Grey.

    Christian Grey: I'm happy to help.

    José: Uh, how about we try a few with a smile?

    [takes photo]

    José: Or not.

    Kate Kavanagh: You do realize that he hasn't stopped looking at you.

    Anastasia Steele: He asked me to go for coffee afterwards.

    Kate Kavanagh: What!

    Anastasia Steele: Shh!

  • Anastasia Steele: Is this what you want? You want to see me like this?

    Christian Grey: Ana.

    Anastasia Steele: Don't come near me. Does this give you pleasure?

  • Christian Grey: Tell me about your family.

    Anastasia Steele: My family? Um... Okay, my dad died when I was a baby so I was raised by my stepfather, Ray. He's amazing.

    Christian Grey: And your mother?

    Anastasia Steele: My mother is on husband number four. She's an incurable romantic.

    Christian Grey: Are you?

    Anastasia Steele: Am I romantic? Well, I study English Lit. So I kind of have to be.

  • José: You okay?

    Anastasia Steele: Yeah I just am a little more... drunk than.

    José: Come here. Stay warm.

    [pulls Ana close]

    Anastasia Steele: Oh, it's cool. I'm good. I got it.

    José: I don't know when I'll have the courage to do this.

    Anastasia Steele: Do what?

    José: Ana.

    Anastasia Steele: No.

    José: I like you.

    Anastasia Steele: You do?

    José: Very much.

    Anastasia Steele: Oh my God.

    José: Please, one kiss.

    Anastasia Steele: No! No, no, no. I'm sorry. No.

    Christian Grey: [pushes Jose] Dude, she said no!

  • Christian Grey: So how'd it go with Dr. Greene?

    Anastasia Steele: It was fine, but she said that I have to abstain from all sexual activity for at least four weeks. You know, after I start the pill.

    Christian Grey: What?

    Anastasia Steele: Just kidding.

  • Anastasia Steele: Holy fuck!

    Carla: What? What is it?

    Anastasia Steele: It's Christian. He's here. Um... in Georgia.

    Carla: You're here!

    Christian Grey: Mrs. Adams. Delighted to meet you.

    Savannah Hotel Waiter: Something to drink, sir?

    Christian Grey: Gin and tonic. Hendricks if you have it, otherwise Bombay Sapphire. Cucumber with the Hendricks, lime with the Bombay.

    Carla: I like him already.

    Anastasia Steele: What are you doing here, Christian?

    Christian Grey: I came to see you.

    Carla: I'm going to step outside for a minute.

    Anastasia Steele: [drinking cocktail] I broke rule seven, clause five.

    Christian Grey: We'll let it go. Let's not talk about the contract right now.

  • Christian Grey: You have a beautiful body, Anastasia. I want you unashamed of your nakedness. Do you understand?

    Anastasia Steele: Yes sir.

    Christian Grey: You're biting your lip. You know what that does to me. Turn around.

    [braids Ana's hair]

    Christian Grey: When I tell you to come into this room this is how you'll be. You'll wait for me kneeling by the door. Hands flat on your thighs.

    [exits and returns]

    Christian Grey: Hold out your hand.

    [slaps with riding crop]

    Christian Grey: Did that hurt?

    Anastasia Steele: No.

    Christian Grey: See? Most of the fear is in your head.

  • Christian Grey: Good morning, Anastasia. How you feeling?

    Anastasia Steele: Better than I deserve. Did you put me to bed?

    Christian Grey: Mmhm.

    Anastasia Steele: You undressed me?

    Christian Grey: I didn't have much choice.

    Anastasia Steele: Where did you sleep?

    [Christian points next to Ana]

    Anastasia Steele: God, did we? We didn't?

    Christian Grey: Necrophilia's not my thing.

    Anastasia Steele: You just slept, then?

    Christian Grey: It was a novelty for me, too.

  • Anastasia Steele: Where are we going?

    Christian Grey: Remember my mother mentioned dinner? My sister Mia's in town.

    Anastasia Steele: Yeah.

    Christian Grey: You got everything you need?

    Anastasia Steele: Yeah.

    Christian Grey: Dance with me.

  • Anastasia Steele: That's your brother?

    Christian Grey: Not by choice. Let's go.

    Anastasia Steele: Wait, what did Kate say?

    Christian Grey: She warned me to be on my best behavior. More like threatened me.

    Anastasia Steele: [laughing] She threatened you! You're spinning. Think I'm gonna faint.

    Christian Grey: What? Now?

    [catches Ana]

  • Christian Grey: Everything okay with your phone call?

    Anastasia Steele: Yeah, nothing important. I liked your mom.

    Christian Grey: She's excited. She's never seen me with a woman before. It was a first. What is it, Ana?

    Anastasia Steele: Um, just... how many women have stayed in here?

    Christian Grey: 15.

    Anastasia Steele: That's a lot of women.

    Christian Grey: I told you before, if you want out...

    Anastasia Steele: I don't want out. I'm not exactly jumping at the opportunity to get whipped and tortured in your red room of pain.

    Christian Grey: That room is much more about pleasure. I promise you.

    Anastasia Steele: Would we still go out to dinner and movies?

    Christian Grey: That's not really my thing. Try to keep an open mind. If you agree to be my submissive I will be devoted to you. This is what I want and I want it with you.

    Anastasia Steele: Why do I have to sleep in here? We slept in the same bed last night, like normal people.

    Christian Grey: Try not to get hung up on the sleeping arrangements. If you agree to do this, you're going to want your own room.

    Anastasia Steele: Why? Cause I'll be your sex slave?

    Christian Grey: I don't want to do this here. Let's talk downstairs.

    Anastasia Steele: No! You know what, I think I'll hold onto my free will a little while longer, thank you. Actually, you know what? I would like to go home. Can I go home?

  • Anastasia Steele: That's cute. Doesn't really seem like your style, though.

    Christian Grey: It's not. Happy graduation, Anastasia.

    [gives her car keys]

    Anastasia Steele: Oh my God! Christian, that's a car.

    Christian Grey: You don't miss much, do you?

    Anastasia Steele: Thank you, but I can't. This is... that's...

    Christian Grey: Do you like it?

    Anastasia Steele: Of course I like it. It's beautiful. But I have a car! I have


    Anastasia Steele: Where's my car?

    Christian Grey: I told Taylor to fetch a decent price.

    Anastasia Steele: Christian, this is way too much.

    Christian Grey: Did you just roll your eyes at me?

  • Christian Grey: Oh, baby. Welcome to my world.

  • Christian Grey: You're sure about this?

    Anastasia Steele: Yes.

    Christian Grey: Bend over. I'm going to hit you six times and you're going to count with me.


    Christian Grey: Count, Anastasia.

  • Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: They're here! You're here. Welcome welcome.

    [She hugs Ana]

    Christian Grey: Ana, mother you've met.

    Anastasia Steele: Hi lovely to meet you!

    Christian Grey: And this is my father, Carrick.

    Anastasia Steele: Hi. Pleasure to meet you!

    Mr. Grey: It's nice to meet you. There's been a lot of speculation!

    Mia Grey: Oh my god!You exist!

    [She hugs Ana]

    Kate Kavanagh: It's a great apartment, and the rent's not ridiculous. Elliot and Jose helped us move in. Jose is Ana's friend, although I think Elliot's trying to poach me.

    [Christian puts his hand on Ana's leg]

    Elliot Grey: He's a cool guy.

    Mr. Grey: Ana, where is your family from?

    Anastasia Steele: My stepfather lives in Montesano and my mom lives in Georgia.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Georgia? Which part?

    Anastasia Steele: Savannah.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: How nice! Although I do hear it gets really humid in Georgia at this time of year.

    Anastasia Steele: Oh my god, it does. It's stifling sometimes.

    [she takes Christian hand off her leg]

    Anastasia Steele: Actually , I'm gonna visit her tomorrow.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: How nice! You hear that, Christian? Some children do visit her parents now and again.

    Elliot Grey: Hey dad, you catch the Mariners game?

    Mr. Grey: I heard it went back stream.

    Mia Grey: Ah, Seattle baseball...

    [she starts to speak french]

    Christian Grey: This is news to me. When were you gonna tell me?

    [to Ana]

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Who wants coffee?

    Christian Grey: Actually, I promised Ana a tour of the grounds. Excuse us.

  • Christian Grey: I never took anyone in the helicopter. Never had sex in my own bed. Never slept next to anyone. Ever! Only you.

  • Anastasia Steele: Dad!

    Ray: I am so proud of you, Annie.

    Anastasia Steele: Thank you!

    Ray: And Kate, best valedictorian speech ever.

    Kate Kavanagh: Aw, thank you.

    Ray: It was awesome.

    Christian Grey: Ana. Hi.

    Anastasia Steele: Hi.

    Kate Kavanagh: Ray, have you met Christian Grey? Ana's boyfriend!

    Christian Grey: Great pleasure to meet you.

    Ray: Likewise. I really enjoyed your speech.

    Christian Grey: Thank you, sir.

    Ray: Sound like you've accomplished some pretty impressive things.

    Christian Grey: Thanks.

    Kate Kavanagh: I'll say! Well, I'm going to go find my family who is patiently waiting to embarrass me.

    [to Ray]

    Kate Kavanagh: Bye! Come see us in Seattle, okay?

    Ray: As soon as I get an invitation.

    [to Ana]

    Ray: So, how long have you two known each other?

    Anastasia Steele: Um...

    Christian Grey: A few weeks, now. We actually met when Anastasia interviewed me for the student newspaper.

  • Christian Grey: I told you... I don't sleep with anyone.

  • Christian Grey: Miss Kavanagh, are you alright?

    [shakes hand]

    Christian Grey: Christian Grey.

    Anastasia Steele: I'm Anastasia Steele. Um, Miss Kavanagh has the flu so she asked me to fill in.

    Christian Grey: I see. So you're studying journalism as well?

    Anastasia Steele: No, English Lit. Kate's my roommate.

    Christian Grey: As I said, I only have ten minutes. Please have a seat, Miss Steele.

  • Christian Grey: So, is he your boyfriend?

    Anastasia Steele: Who?

    Christian Grey: The photographer.

    Anastasia Steele: [chuckles] Jose? No.

    Christian Grey: I saw the way he was smiling at you.

    Anastasia Steele: No, Jose is more like family. He's not my boyfriend.

    Christian Grey: And the guy at the store?

    Anastasia Steele: [shocked] Paul? No!

  • Anastasia Steele: Say I did stay. What would happen?

    Christian Grey: First, I would help you out of that little dress of yours.

    Anastasia Steele: Yes?

    Christian Grey: And I'd be pleased to discover that you're naked underneath.

    Anastasia Steele: Really?

    Christian Grey: Then I would bend you over.

    Anastasia Steele: Right here?

    Christian Grey: Yes.

    Anastasia Steele: On this table?

    Christian Grey: Yes.

  • Anastasia Steele: It sounds sad. Everything you play is so sad. When you were six you learned it, because you wanted to please your new family?

    [Christian keeps playing]

    Anastasia Steele: Why won't you let me in? We should be talking.

    Christian Grey: Like normal people?

    Anastasia Steele: Yes. Is that so wrong? Is it because of the contract? Because I still haven't signed it?

    Christian Grey: Fuck the contract! I think it's a little redundant, don't you?

    Anastasia Steele: So the rules are redundant, too?

    Christian Grey: No. The rules stand.

    Anastasia Steele: And what if I break them?

    Christian Grey: Then there will be consequences.

    Anastasia Steele: Punishment?

    Christian Grey: Yes.

    Anastasia Steele: Why do you want to punish me?

    Christian Grey: Ana...

    Anastasia Steele: Why do you want to hurt me?

    Christian Grey: I would never do anything that you couldn't handle.

    Anastasia Steele: But why do you even want to do anything to me at all, Christian?

    Christian Grey: If I told you, you'll never look at me the same way again.

    Anastasia Steele: So there is a reason. Tell me. Do you want to punish me right now?

    Christian Grey: Yes, I want to punish you right now.

    Anastasia Steele: And what if I told you that I feel the same way about being punished as you do about me touching you. Would you still want to punish me then?

    Christian Grey: No. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't need to.

    Anastasia Steele: Why?

    Christian Grey: Ana, stop!

    Anastasia Steele: Why do you need to?

    Christian Grey: Because it's the way I am! Because I'm fifty shades of fucked up.

    Anastasia Steele: Show me, then. I need you to show me. What you want to do to me. Punish me! Show me how bad it can be. I want you to show me the worst.


    Anastasia Steele: It's the only way I can understand.

  • Elliot Grey: Hey! Hi, you must be Ana.

    Anastasia Steele: You must be Elliot.

    Christian Grey: And we must be going. Elliot?

    Elliot Grey: So awesome to meet you. Kate's told me a lot about you.

    Christian Grey: Elliot, find your shoes. Some of us have work to attend to.

    Elliot Grey: What you're doing with Mr. Warmth here, I have no idea.

    [kisses Kate]

    Elliot Grey: Laters, baby.

    Christian Grey: [to Ana] I'll see you tonight. Email me if something changes.

    Anastasia Steele: My computer is broken.

    Christian Grey: Well call, then. You know you have my number. Laters, baby.

    Anastasia Steele: Elliot seems like a really nice guy!

    Kate Kavanagh: No, no. We're starting with you. If you're seeing him again tonight that means that something happened.

  • Christian Grey: The woman that gave birth to me was a crack addict and a prostitute. She died when I was four. I remember certain things. Terrible things. I don't remember her. Sometimes I think I see her in my dreams.

  • Christian Grey: Hold on tight. Is this more?

    Anastasia Steele: Oh my God.


    Anastasia Steele: So much more!

  • Anastasia Steele: How did you start doing this?

    Christian Grey: One of my mother's friends. I was 15.

    Anastasia Steele: She seduced you?

    Christian Grey: I was her submissive for six years.

    Anastasia Steele: Seriously? Does your mother know that?

    Christian Grey: Of course not. No one in my family knows about this part of me.

    Anastasia Steele: So she introduced you to all this? Mrs. Robinson?

    Christian Grey: [chuckles] Mrs. Robinson? I'll tell her you said that. She'll love it.

    Anastasia Steele: You still talk to her?

    Christian Grey: On occasion. We're friends.

  • Christian Grey: [narration] The following are the terms of a binding contract between the dominant and the submissive. The fundamental purpose of this contract is to allow the submissive to explore her sensuality and her limits safely. The dominant and the submissive agree and acknowledge that all that occurs under the terms of this contract will be consensual, confidential, and subject to the agreement and safety procedures set out in this contract. The submissive will agree to any sexual activity seemed fit and pleasurable by the dominant, excepting those activities outlined in hard limits. The submissive agrees to procure oral contraceptives from the physician of the dominant's choosing. The submissive will not enter into sexual relations with anyone other than the dominant. The submissive will eat regularly to maintain her health and well-being from a prescribed list of foods. The submissive will not drink to excess, smoke, or take recreational drugs. The submissive shall always conduct herself in a respectful manner to the dominant and she'll only address him as sir, Mr. Grey, or such other title as the dominant may direct. The submissive may not touch the dominant without his express permission to do so. The safe word "yellow" will be used to bring to the attention of the dominant that the submissive is close to her limit. When the safe word "red" is spoken, the dominant's action will cease completely and immediately.

  • Christian Grey: Is this what you want?

  • Christian Grey: I have rules. If you follow them, I'll reward you. If you don't, I'll punish you.

    Anastasia Steele: You'd punish me. You'd use this stuff on me?

    Christian Grey: Yes.

    Anastasia Steele: What would I get out of this?

    Christian Grey: Me.

    [walks down the hall]

    Christian Grey: If we were to do this, this would be your room. You can decorate it however you like.

    Anastasia Steele: You want me to move in?

    Christian Grey: Not full-time. Just Friday through to Sunday. We can negotiate the particulars.

    Anastasia Steele: So, I'd sleep in here with you?

    Christian Grey: No. I'd be downstairs. I told you I don't sleep with anyone.

    Anastasia Steele: What if I don't want anything to do with that?

    Christian Grey: I would understand completely.

    Anastasia Steele: But then we wouldn't have any sort of relationship at all?

    Christian Grey: This is the only sort of relationship I have.

    Anastasia Steele: Why?

    Christian Grey: It's the way I am.

  • Christian Grey: [on phone] That's not going to work! What? Well then tell them that they don't have 24 hours. That is unacceptable! I need to know. Just keep me informed.

    [hangs up]

    Anastasia Steele: Is everything okay?

    Christian Grey: Nothing that concerns you.

    Anastasia Steele: I can leave. Do you want me to go?

    Christian Grey: No. No, that's the last thing I want. I want you to be in the playroom in fifteen minutes.

  • Christian Grey: What are your safe words?

    Anastasia Steele: Red and yellow.

    Christian Grey: Remember those.

  • Christian Grey: You look beautiful.

    Anastasia Steele: Taylor has good taste.

    Christian Grey: What are you doing later?

    Anastasia Steele: I'm working at the hardware store until 7:00.

    Christian Grey: I'll have Taylor pick you up then.

    [Ana bites her lip]

    Christian Grey: I would like to bite that lip.

    Anastasia Steele: I think I'd like that, too.

    Christian Grey: I'm not going to touch you. Not until I have your written consent.

    Anastasia Steele: What?

    Christian Grey: I'll explain later. Come, I'll take you home.

  • Christian Grey: [email conversation] Thank you for a most interesting weekend. This laptop is YOURS. And I'd like you to use it for research.

    Anastasia Steele: Would you now? Is this what our relationship will be like, you ordering me around?

    Christian Grey: Oh, I hope so... And what's more, you'll like it.

  • Christian Grey: What are you doing to me?

    Anastasia Steele: [tries to touch Christian's chest] What about here? Why not? Is it breaking the rules?

    Christian Grey: Speaking of which.

    Anastasia Steele: I haven't made up my mind yet. You're not staying?

    Christian Grey: I told you. I don't sleep with anyone.

    Anastasia Steele: Can we negotiate?

  • Christian Grey: Miss Steele, your meeting.

    Anastasia Steele: Page 1: Strike out my old address and replace with the new one.

    Christian Grey: An oversight. Duly noted.

    Anastasia Steele: Page 3, Section 15;20: The submissive shall submit to any sexual activity demanded by the dominant and shall do so without hesitation or argument.


    Anastasia Steele: Um, turn to page 5, Appendix 3. Soft limits?

    Christian Grey: With you.

    Anastasia Steele: Find anal fisting.

    Christian Grey: I'm all ears.

    Anastasia Steele: Strike it out. Strike out vaginal fisting, too.

    Christian Grey: Are you sure?

    Anastasia Steele: Yep. Same page, is the use of sex toys acceptable to the submissive? Vibrators, okay. Dildos, fine. Genital clamps, absolutely not.

    Christian Grey: Consider them gone.

    Anastasia Steele: What are butt plugs?

    [Christian's assistants briefly enter]

    Anastasia Steele: You must go through quite a few non-disclosure agreements.

    Christian Grey: My staff know only what I choose to tell them.

  • Christian Grey: Thank you. I am deeply moved by the great compliment accorded to me today.

    Female Grad: He is so hot!

    Female Grad: Oh girl. He so is.

    Anastasia Steele: I heard he's gay.

    Christian Grey: [continued speech] The goal, to help eradicate hunger and poverty across the globe. I myself have known what it's like to be profoundly hungry, so this is a very personal mission for me.

  • Christian Grey: I'd like to fuck you into the middle of next week.

  • Christian Grey: I want to take you to my playroom.

    Anastasia Steele: But I haven't signed the contract.

    Christian Grey: I'm well aware. Call it due diligence.

    Anastasia Steele: Okay.

  • Anastasia Steele: That was incredible, Christian! Thank you.

    Christian Grey: We aim to please, Miss Steele.

    Anastasia Steele: You said you didn't do romance.

    Christian Grey: I don't. Ana.

    Anastasia Steele: What? Why are you fighting this? What are you afraid of?

  • Kate Kavanagh: Elliot and Jose helped us move in. Jose is Ana's friend, although I think that Elliot is trying to poach him. They started quite the bromance.

    Elliot Grey: He's a cool guy.

    Mr. Grey: Ana, where is your family from?

    Anastasia Steele: My stepfather lives in Montesano and my mom's in Georgia.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Georgia? Which part?

    Anastasia Steele: Savannah.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: How nice! Although I do hear it gets rather humid in Georgia this time of year.

    Anastasia Steele: Oh my God, it does. It's stifling sometimes. Actually, I'm going to visit her tomorrow.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Oh, how nice. Do you hear that, Christian? Some children do visit their parents now and again.

    Elliot Grey: Hey dad, you catch the Mariners game?

    Mr. Grey: I heard it went to extra innings.

    Mia Grey: Ugh, Seattle baseball.

    [mutters in French]

    Christian Grey: [to Ana] This is news to me. When were you going to tell me?

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Who wants coffee?

    Christian Grey: Actually, I promised Ana a tour of the grounds. Excuse us.

  • Anastasia Steele: Do you have a girlfriend? Is that it?

    Christian Grey: I don't do the girlfriend thing.

    [pulls Ana out of the street]

    Christian Grey: Watch it!


    Christian Grey: I'm not the man for you. You should steer clear of me. I have to let you go.

    Anastasia Steele: Goodbye, Mr. Grey.

  • Christian Grey: [note to Ana] Eat me. Drink me.

  • Anastasia Steele: [vomiting] Don't look at me!

    Christian Grey: Here.

    [hands Ana handkerchief]

    Anastasia Steele: Nice touch. I will launder this item.

  • Christian Grey: You shouldn't get drunk like that. I'm all for testing limits, but you put yourself at risk last night.

  • Anastasia Steele: What are you doing?

    Christian Grey: Rectifying the situation.

  • Christian Grey: Good evening, Anastasia.

    Anastasia Steele: What, you're flying this?

    Christian Grey: No escaping now.

  • Christian Grey: What happened to calling before dropping by?

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Oh, and have your henchmen give me the run around? No thank you. I'll take my chances. I was in the neighborhood and I thought, perhaps, we could have lunch.

    Christian Grey: I can't today. I have to drive Ana home.

    [Ana's phone rings]

    Christian Grey: It's okay. Take it. I was just showing mother out.

    Anastasia Steele: Excuse me.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Anastasia.

    Anastasia Steele: Kate, hold on.

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: It was a joy to meet you. I'm having the whole family over for dinner next week at my house. Christian's sister Mia is back from Paris. You must come.

    Christian Grey: We'll see, mother.

    Anastasia Steele: Nice to meet you!

    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: You too.

  • Anastasia Steele: Anything else?

    Christian Grey: What would you recommend?

    Anastasia Steele: For a do it yourselfer? Um, maybe coveralls. So you protect your clothes.

    Christian Grey: I could just take all my clothes off.

    Anastasia Steele: Okay, no clothes. I mean no coveralls. I can't ever think of anything else.

    Christian Grey: Well, I guess that's it then.

  • Anastasia Steele: [sees grand piano] Do you play?

    Christian Grey: Yes.

    Anastasia Steele: [to herself] Of course you do.

  • Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Welcome, welcome!

    Christian Grey: Ana, mother you've met.

    Anastasia Steele: Nice to see you!

    Christian Grey: This is my father, Carrick.

    Anastasia Steele: Hi, pleasure to meet you.

    Mr. Grey: Nice to meet you.

    Mia Grey: Is she here? Oh my God, you exist!

  • Anastasia Steele: Thank you for answering Kate's questions, by the way. She was thrilled.

    Christian Grey: Well, I hope she's feeling better.

    Anastasia Steele: She is. She's just having a hard time clearing a photo of you.

    Christian Grey: If she'd like an original, I'm around tomorrow.

    Anastasia Steele: You'd be willing to do that?

    Paul Clayton: Want me to bag for you, Ana?

    Anastasia Steele: Oh, uh, no. No, I'm good. Thanks though, Paul.

    Paul Clayton: Okay.

    Christian Grey: [gives Ana his business card] I'm staying locally at the Heathman. Call me before 10 about the photos.

    Anastasia Steele: Oh, yeah. I will.

  • Anastasia Steele: I'd like my car back.

    Christian Grey: Taylor already sold it.

    Anastasia Steele: Then I'd like the money he got for it, please.

    Christian Grey: I'll send you a check.

    Anastasia Steele: Okay.

    Christian Grey: Taylor will take you home.

    Anastasia Steele: [Christian chases after] Stop. No!

    Christian Grey: Ana!

    Anastasia Steele: Christian.

  • Christian Grey: I'm sorry, I can't.

    Anastasia Steele: What?

    Christian Grey: I'll walk you out.

  • Christian Grey: I hope you got everything you needed.

    Anastasia Steele: I think you only answered four questions.

  • Christian Grey: I don't do romance. My tastes are very singular.

  • Anastasia Steele: Christian, I cannot walk that fast in these shoes.

    [he takes her over his shoulder]

    Christian Grey: When were you gonna tell me about Georgia?

    Anastasia Steele: What? You have no right to be mad!

    Christian Grey: Yeah, but I am mad. Palm-twitchingly mad.

    [he spanks her butt]

    Anastasia Steele: Ouch!

    Christian Grey: [he takes her off] You're mine. All mine. You understand?

    [he kisses her]

    Anastasia Steele: Christian, you are so confusing!

    Anastasia SteeleChristian Grey: Ana.

    Anastasia Steele: What do you want? What do you want!

    Christian Grey: I want you.

    Anastasia Steele: I'm trying, Christian.

    Christian Grey: I know you are.

    Anastasia Steele: Why can't we sleep in the same bed? Why won't you let me touch you? Why does it have to be like this?

    Christian Grey: If you just sign a contract you wouldn't have to think about anything...

    Anastasia Steele: Why do you care so much about the contract Christian? Don't you like me the way I am?

    Christian Grey: Of course I do.

    Anastasia Steele: Then, why are you trying to change me?

    Christian Grey: I'm not. It's...

    Anastasia Steele: I need more! I want more!

    Christian Grey: Hearts and flowers? That's not something I know. Ana, please. It's you that's changing me.

    Anastasia Steele: Let me touch you. Let me.

    [he takes her hands off him]

    Anastasia Steele: Are they burns?

    Christian Grey: I had a rough start in life. That's all you need to know.

    Anastasia Steele: Okay.

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