Chris Adams Quotes in The Magnificent Seven (1960)


Chris Adams Quotes:

  • [Villagers tell Chris they collected everything of value in their village to hire gunmen]

    Chris Adams: I have been offered a lot for my work, but never everything.

  • Chico: Villages like this they make up a song about every big thing that happens. Sing them for years.

    Chris Adams: You think it's worth it?

    Chico: Don't you?

    Chris Adams: It's only a matter of knowing how to shoot a gun. Nothing big about that.

    Chico: Hey. How can you talk like this? Your gun has got you everything you have. Isn't that true? Hmm? Well, isn't that true?

    Vin: Yeah, sure. Everything. After awhile you can call bartenders and faro dealers by their first name - maybe two hundred of 'em! Rented rooms you live in - five hundred! Meals you eat in hash houses - a thousand! Home - none! Wife - none! Kids... none! Prospects - zero. Suppose I left anything out?

    Chris Adams: Yeah. Places you're tied down to - none. People with a hold on you - none. Men you step aside for - none.

    Lee: Insults swallowed - none. Enemies - none.

    Chris Adams: No enemies?

    Lee: Alive.

    Chico: Well. This is the kind of arithmetic I like.

    Chris Adams: Yeah. So did I at your age.

  • Chris Adams: Bernardo O'Reilly; you've been adopted.

    O'Reilly: Yeah, that's my real name. Irish on one side, Mexican on the other... and me in the middle.

  • Lee: Insults swallowed - none. Enemies - none.

    Chris Adams: No enemies?

    Lee: ...alive...

  • [Chris and Vin enter their room, to see Lee sitting there, waiting]

    Lee: Remember me?

    Chris Adams: Yup.

    Lee: You need men for a job in Mexico? How long?

    Chris Adams: Four, maybe six weeks.

    Lee: That ought to do it. How much does the job pay?

    Chris Adams: I thought you were looking for the Johnson brothers, Lee.

    Lee: [smirking] I found them. Now, how much does the job pay?

    Chris Adams: Twenty dollars.

    Lee: I'll have the money before I leave. It should just take care of my last two days' rent.

  • Harry Luck: [Dying words] Well, I'll be damned.

    Chris Adams: Maybe you won't be.

  • Harry Luck: No tricks now, Chris.

    Chris Adams: Harry! It's good to see you again.

    Harry Luck: Chris.

    Chris Adams: What are you doing in this dump?

    Harry Luck: I heard you've got a contract open.

    Chris Adams: Not for a high-stepper like you.

    Harry Luck: A dollar bill always looks as big to me as a bedspread.

  • Chris Adams: This is a rough go, huh, Cassie?

    Cassie: Yeah. If I stay here any longer, I'll end up in jail.

    Chris Adams: Wouldn't you rather blow one up?

    Cassie: For money or for laughs?

    Chris Adams: About as much as you'd make in a year - a hundred dollars. Not many laughs.

  • Judge: Anybody in favor of hanging this man, say "Aye."

    Crowd: Aye!

    Judge: Against?

    Chris Adams: Nooo.

    Judge: And who says, "No"?

    Chris Adams: Me.

    Judge: Just who are you to say, "No"?

    Chris Adams: Who do you have to be to say "No" to a rigged court - stretchin' the neck of this poor slob?

  • Chris Adams: I need help - more men.

    Lt. Maximiliano O'Leary: We have the men - quick with the guns, but slow with the brains.

    Chris Adams: Six men - not enough to attract suspicion - just enough to do the job.

  • Lt. Maximiliano O'Leary: Chris, can I fight with you? Oh, it's not for the money - I could not take it. It's for Quintero.

    Chris Adams: Not on the basis of what you did against Keno.

    Lt. Maximiliano O'Leary: I'm young, I'm strong, I'm angry and I will learn. Besides, my cousin says seven is a lucky number for you.

  • Chris Adams: [putting a lit cigar to Lobero's face] If you move any way but back you're gonna lose that eye.

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