Chozen Quotes in The Karate Kid Part II (1986)


Chozen Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    [after a big fight]

    Daniel: Live or die, man?

    Chozen: Die.

    Daniel: Wrong.

    [honks Chozen's nose]

  • Daniel: Oh no, not again. I'm not looking for trouble.

    Chozen: Maybe trouble looking for you.

  • [Chozen, wielding a butterfly knife, has crashed the O-Bon dance and taken Kumiko hostage]

    Sato: Chozen, don't do this. I was wrong! HATE IS WRONG! The feud is OVER.

    Chozen: [with scorn] I cannot hear you, Uncle. I am dead to you now, remember?

  • Chozen: Your teacher need a hearing aid. Maybe you need one too.

    Daniel: I only hear what's worth listening to.

  • [Chozen has taken Kumiko hostage and is challenging Daniel to a fight]

    Mr. Miyagi: Chozen, you are your uncle's finest student. No disgrace him here.

    Chozen: Your student disgrace me. I have been dishonored all because of him.

    Daniel: Hey, whatever happened, I apologize!

    Chozen: Apology will not give me back my honor.

    Daniel: Well, neither will this.

    Chozen: In their eyes it will. No more talk. You cross bridge or I kill her.

    [Daniel starts to cross the bridge]

    Mr. Miyagi: Daniel-San, this not tournament. This for real.

  • Chozen: You dance very nice


    Chozen: like geisha!

  • Chozen: You insult my honor again, I'll kill you.

  • Chozen: His favorite teacher's karate technique... the 'let's go'. You know, geisha also like to sing?

  • Chozen: You keep for your collection. I know, you'll like.

  • Chozen: You're little teacher ever teach you how to fight with spear?

    Daniel: [scared] No.

    Chozen: [tosses him spear] That's too bad. Maybe Miyagi teach you how to be coward instead.

    Taro: [to Toshio] Maybe his teacher teaches him to be coward instead.


    Toshio: [laughs with Taro]

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