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Chips Quotes:

  • Chips: No more yuletide logging for you, unlike me, who shall be rolling in it throughout the festive period.

  • Chips: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

  • Chips: I don't have a problem with an atomic holocaust.

    Mr. Zimit: That's the spirit.

  • Katie: [looking at a carving] What does that mean?

    Chips: Gnothe seauthon. Know yourself. The watchword of Apollo.

    Katie: The god of prophecy?

    Chips: Among other things...

    [Later at the close of the scene]

    Katie: [contemplating the temple she has visited] Know yourself. That's quite a watchword. Gnothe seauthon.

    Chips: You're most retentive.

    Katie: Give me a good line and I can remember it.

  • Chips: Did you not hear Miss Bridges ask you to go?

    Calbury: Who are you?

    Chips: It doesn't matter who I am. It only matters that Miss Bridges wishes you to leave her house, and you are, therefore, leaving it.

  • Katie: Yes, well, you're very active for your age!

    Chips: Since you cannot conceivably know what my age is, your most flattering compliment must be based on a somewhat conjectural premise.

    Katie: [laughs] You've done it again. Now that's three times you've made me laugh. And only this morning I thought I'd never laugh again. I suppose it's your being a schoolmaster.

    Chips: [insulted] I fail to see what is so laughable about that.

    Katie: Well, no, it's not laughable. One doesn't laugh at people only because they're funny. Not some people. C'mon... there's so much to see before the sun goes down on us...

  • Calbury: I've met you somewhere before. I certainly remember that voice.

    Chips: Now here are your stick and hat, and that, as you plainly know, is the front door.

    Calbury: Katie, you...?

    Chips: Straight ahead, please.

    Calbury: That voice. There's something about it. I don't know who you are, but I can guess what you are. You're a school teacher, aren't you?

    Chips: Correct.

    Calbury: I bet you give your boys hell.

    Chips: Only the bad ones.

  • Katie: The headmaster's a darling. His wife's a bitch.

    Chips: That's not a word we use here.

    Katie: You should I think.

  • Chips: [to his students] There was a boy who, when asked to translate into Latin Tennyson's beautiful lines "Break, break, break on Thy cold grey stones, O Sea," came up with "O fluctus, fluctus, rumpety-rumpety jam!" (laughter from the class) He's now a bishop. (More laughter)

  • Chips: You are William C. Belfridge's ward. Miss Katherine Bridges.

    Katie: Now that's wrong, too. It's not my real name. My real name is... now you won't laugh, will you? It's Brisket.

    Chips: Charmingly Anglo-Saxon.

  • Chips: [after Miss Honeybun interrupts them] Oh, I'm extremely sorry, I was kissing my wife.

    Miss Honeybun: Why?

    Chips: I don't know, really. It somehow seemed a good idea at the time.

  • Chips: Is my wife here?

    Ursula: Wife? Which wife, darling?

    Chips: She was called Katherine Bridges.

    Ursula: Katie? Of course she's here! Did you say 'wife,' darling?

    Chips: Yes.

    Ursula: Well, that would make you her husband, wouldn't it?

    Chips: Yes, it would.

    Ursula: Then she's not here, darling. She's nowhere near the place.

    [Chips starts to leave. Ursula stops him]

    Ursula: That's what I was told to say, if you came in. She's in the kitchen, darling, making scrambled eggs.

  • Ursula: Of course, you two are married or something, aren't you?

    Chips: Married, madam, and quite definitely not something.

    Ursula: I adore this man. When you're finished with him, Katie, lend him to me.

  • Chips: I don't think I do know you.

    Ursula: You must be mad. What's your name?

    Chips: Arthur Chipping.

    Ursula: That's right. You take to drink.

    Chips: I do not take to drink, madam. Excuse me.

  • Katie: Sorry, am I going too fast for you?

    Chips: My dear young lady, I could easily go just as fast as you if I cared to risk a broken ankle and be carried back on a stretcher. It's extremely foolish to leap around in a ruined circus like a mountain goat. Especially in those shoes. These stones are treacherous.

  • Katie: I'm going to ask Apollo a question.

    Chips: You mustn't ask a personal question, well, not a specific one like uh...

    Katie: Like "Will Bill Calbury come back to me?" No (sighs), I won't bore Apollo with that, I promise you.

  • Chips: We must go in, dear. The headmaster always goes in last, and the boys always receive him standing and in silence.

    Katie: Sounds like a dream entrance.

  • Chips: [to his students] The Lex Canuleia is not, as Cawley Minor seems to think, a law regulating canals, but a law that permitted Roman patricians to marry plebeians. An easy way to remember it is to imagine a Miss Plebeian wishing to marry a Mr. Patrician, and Mr. Patrician saying he can't. She could then reply "Oh yes, you can, you liar."

  • Chips: I refuse utterly to become the secret lover of a well-known actress.

    Katie: Who said lover?

    Chips: Well, friend, I would like to be.

    Katie: Who said friend?

    Chips: What is there between lover and friend?

    Katie: Husband.

  • [Chips and Staefel are discussing Katie, Chips's new wife]

    Staefel: Oh, dear fellow, dear fellow, I hope you've been wise.

    Chips: Of course, I've been wise you old idiot.

    Staefel: A pretty face is not everything, you know, dear fellow. There's so many questions of temperament and suitability.

    Chips: "Suitability?" That's a horrible word, Max. It isn't even in the dictionary.

    Staefel: It's in Webster.

    Chips: Oh, Webster. Are you implying she's unsuitable to me?

    Staefel: I'm simply wondering is she's suitable... as your wife.

  • [after Katie flees to London, afraid she will cause a scandal for Chips]

    Chips: That's a bloody silly word! "Suitability."

    Staefel: I didn't invent it.

    Chips: How do *I* know?

    Staefel: It's in Webster!

    Chips: Well, I'm not going to let it happen, Max!

    [Chips runs down the street and jumps onto a passing bus, headed for London. Clinging to the side of the bus, he shouts back]

    Chips: Apollo has willed it!

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