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Chip Collyer Quotes:

  • Chip Collyer: [walks into hotel room] Pretty nice foxhole.

  • Hi Johns: That a boy, Chip. I want you fresh and rested and rarin' to go.

    Chip Collyer: Yeah, I know. Rarin' to go, back there. Hi, have you ever seen men die - slowly?

    Hi Johns: Now, wait a minute.

    Chip Collyer: Well, I have - wholesale. Spain. London. France. Germany. It ain't pretty.

  • Hi Johns: So long, Chip.

    Chip Collyer: Bye, Hi.

  • Chip Collyer: Boy, you're hotter than a firecracker on the fifth of July.

  • Chip Collyer: Well, well, Irene Melvern. It's a long way from Italy! You know, you gave a swell performance for me, one night at Sovana, me and 5,000 GIs. The film broke a couple of times, but, it was swell. You'll never know what you did to me that night.

  • Irene Malvern: You're not very clever, now.

    Chip Collyer: No. I-I, I have my off moments and this is one.

  • Irene Malvern: Let me assure you that there's a detective standing outside that door.

    Chip Collyer: Perry Mason, Peter Wimsey or Sherlock Holmes?

  • Irene Malvern: So, you're a sensation seeker. Is that it?

    Chip Collyer: That's it! If I weren't a jewel thief, would I be sitting here with one of the loveliest woman in America? Watching her green-flecked eyes change from fear to scorn to anger to pity. Oh, yes, I saw some pity in those eyes. And, while we're on the subject, if you don't mind my saying so, that's the nicest hank of hair I've seen in many a lonesome month. And, the nose. It isn't bad, either. But, you know what gets me? The voice. There's music in it.

  • Chip Collyer: You're a pretty lonely soul, aren't you?

    Irene Malvern: What makes you say that?

    Chip Collyer: And frightened too.

    Irene Malvern: Of you?

    Chip Collyer: Oh, no, not of me - of life.

    Irene Malvern: I'm not afraid of anything or anybody.

    Chip Collyer: I am. Most people with any sense are at one time or another.

  • Chip Collyer: What is it you're after anyway? You've got looks, success, a dizzy amount of it, from what I can make out. A hundred million women would trample each other to pieces to change places with you. And, yet, coming back to your eyes, which incidentally fascinate me, there's something missing?

    Irene Malvern: I'm very happy. What's more, we're not here to discuss me.

    Chip Collyer: Oh, sorry.

    Irene Malvern: I realize that's a subtle form of flattery, but, I assure you, I'm on to it.

    Chip Collyer: Can't get around you, can I, huh?

    Irene Malvern: Not very easily.

  • Irene Malvern: What are you going to tell the Syndicate? If I should let you go?

    Chip Collyer: That I couldn't pull the job. That my intended victim, she was beautiful, she was warm, she was generous, sincere. I still had a little spark of decency left, so, I returned the necklace.

    Irene Malvern: What necklace?

    Chip Collyer: The Grand Duke's.

    Irene Malvern: "Grand Hotel"! Why that's straight out of the picture "Grand Hotel"!

    Chip Collyer: That's right! I'm the Baron. You're the ballerina. And we're off to see the Wizard.

  • Chip Collyer: The fact is, for ten years, I've been looking for you and not even knowing it. And when I saw you, well I, had to stay.

    Irene Malvern: I think you better go - and get your hotcakes.

  • Irene Malvern: I'm really not angry about last night.

    Chip Collyer: No?

    Irene Malvern: In a way, I suppose, I'm to blame.

  • Irene Malvern: I'd really like to know what goes on in that mighty brain of yours.

    Chip Collyer: Ah, sweet mystery of life.

    Irene Malvern: What would lead a man to take a lady's key, tell the clerk that he's her husband and, then, plop himself down in her living room? I'm just curious.

  • Chip Collyer: Think, woman. Think. I'm in the market for a wife. I told you that. You won't have me. You ought to know a good second choice. Someone, eh, oh, not as attractive as you are, but, fairly attractive; not as warm hearted, but, fairly warm hearted; not as, not as exciting, but, fairly exciting. Think.

    Irene Malvern: Well, I don't know many women, except actresses.

    Chip Collyer: Nice thing about picture actresses, though, you can look them over on the screen before you meet 'em. Who did you have in mind?

    Irene Malvern: Well, I have one or two stand-ins.

    Chip Collyer: No. No substitutes won't do. It's, eh, it's you or nobody. I can't have you so, well, it was just a crazy notion anyhow. Sort of a weekend mirage.

  • Chip Collyer: Imagine two people like us - getting together. Ridiculous, isn't it.

    Irene Malvern: Ridiculous.

    Chip Collyer: Oil and water don't mix.

    Irene Malvern: Oil and - water don't mix.

    Chip Collyer: The law of Physics.

    Irene Malvern: The law of Physics.

    Chip Collyer: Common sense.

    Irene Malvern: Common sense.

    Chip Collyer: East is East.

    Irene Malvern: West is West.

    Chip Collyer: Simple arithmetic it - doesn't add up.

    Irene Malvern: It doesn't - add up.


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