Chinese tourist Quotes in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (2003)


Chinese tourist Quotes:

  • Circuit: [Answering the phone] Who is this?

    Murli Prasad Sharma: Its your dadm who do you think?

    Circuit: Bro, How are you Bro?

    Murli Prasad Sharma: i need a body

    Circuit: Body? who's body Bro?

    Murli Prasad Sharma: you know, the one they use for dissection, one of those bodies.

    Circuit: Bro, how am i going to find one of those bodies?

    Murli Prasad Sharma: how would i know? just find one!

    Circuit: Dump the tension bro, you concentrate on your studies, i'll organize a body

    [he looks out onto the street and see's a chinese tourist taking pictures of some of the other gang members posing for the camera]

    Circuit: Bro, will an imported body do?

    Murli Prasad Sharma: yeah it will, just bring it quickly!

    Circuit: i'll be there in ten minutes bro, just ten minutes!

    Circuit: Hey Butkya... get a sack

    Butkya: Right away

    [leaves to get a sack]

    Chinese tourist: [taking pictures of Munna's gang members posing for the camera while doing there laundry] Thankyou! Thankyou!

    Circuit: [walking to the chinese tourist] hey Chilli chicken, you wanna take some photos of an ambulance, its a five-star ambulance?

    Chinese tourist: No, i want real india, poor people, hungry people!

    Circuit: poor hungry people, inside the ambulance, they are really bleurghh!

    Chinese tourist: Really? okay good!

    Circuit: Hey Hakka Noodle, youve come in from abroad and you only wanna see naked, hungry people, dont you want to see the taj mahal?

    Chinese tourist: no no, hungry and poor men!

    Butkya: [Runs up with a small shopping bag] Bro will this bag do?

    Circuit: [looks at the bag, takes and it whacks him across the head with it] you stupid! how the hell am i going to fit him in? am i going to fold him in there? hey you?

    [to the chinese tourist]

    Circuit: How long are you?

    Chinese tourist: 5 foot six

    Circuit: [to the gang member] get a six foot bag!

    [to the chinese tourist]

    Circuit: you come with me, you dont want to see taj mahal, i will show you hungry indian!

    [leads him into the ambulance]

    Chinese tourist: [from inside the ambulance, as circuit knocks him out] Argh!

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