Chief of the Boat Quotes in Crimson Tide (1995)


Chief of the Boat Quotes:

  • Hunter: Captain Ramsey, under operating procedures governing the release of nuclear weapons, we cannot launch our missiles unless both you and I agree.

    Capt. Ramsey: [shouting over Hunter] COB, what're you waiting for?

    Hunter: This is not a formality, sir! This is *expressly* why your command must be repeated. It requires my assent, I *do not* give it and furthermore, you continue upon this course, and insist upon this launch without confirming this message first...

    Capt. Ramsey: [shouting over Hunter] Son of a bitch. As commanding officer of the U.S.S Alabama, I order you to place the XO under arrest under charges of mutiny!

    Hunter: I will act, backed by the rules of precedence...

    Capt. Ramsey: [shouting at COB, over Hunter] I say again, as commanding officer of the U.S.S Alabama, I *order you*...

    Hunter: ...authority in command, regulations number 815, to relieve... you... of... command, Captain!

    Capt. Ramsey: place the XO under arrest, under charges of mutiny!

    [Silence all round]

    Capt. Ramsey: COB!

    Chief of the Boat: Captain, please, the XO is right. We can't launch unless he concurs.

    Capt. Ramsey: [angrily reads from EAM] "To the U.S.S. Alabama: Rebel-controlled missiles being fueled. Launch codes compromised, dissidents threaten to launch at continental United States, set DEFCON 2. Immediately launch ten Trident missile sorties." They're *fueling their missiles*! We don't have time to fuck around!

    Hunter: Sir, I think you need time to think this over.

    Capt. Ramsey: [shouting] *I* don't have to think this over!

    Hunter: [stares at Ramsey, nodding] Captain, I relieve you of your command of this ship. COB, escort the Captain to his state room. I'm assuming command.

    Capt. Ramsey: You're not assuming anything!

    Hunter: *Chief of the Boat*, Captain Ramsey is under arrest! Lock him in his state room!

    Chief of the Boat: Captain, please...

    Hunter: [growling] Now, COB!

  • Hunter: Chief of the Boat.

    Chief of the Boat: Sir?

    Hunter: Thank you, COB.

    Chief of the Boat: Thank you? *Fuck* you! Get it straight Mr Hunter, I'm not on your side. Now you could be wrong! But wrong or right, the Captain can't just replace you at will. That was completely improper! And that's why I did what I did. By the book.

    Hunter: I thank you anyway.

  • Capt. Ramsey: Mr. COB!

    Chief of the Boat: Yes, sir?

    Capt. Ramsey: You're aware of the name of this ship, aren't you Mr. COB?

    Chief of the Boat: Very aware, sir!

    Capt. Ramsey: It bears a proud name, doesn't it, Mr. COB?

    Chief of the Boat: Very proud, sir!

    Capt. Ramsey: It represents fine people.

    Chief of the Boat: Very fine people, sir!

    Capt. Ramsey: Who live in a fine, outstanding state.

    Chief of the Boat: Outstanding, sir!

    Capt. Ramsey: In the greatest country in the entire world.

    Chief of the Boat: In the entire world, sir!

    Capt. Ramsey: And what is that name, Mr. COB?

    Chief of the Boat: Alabama, sir!

    Capt. Ramsey: And what do we say?

    Capt. RamseyChief of the Boat: Go Bama!

    All: Roll Tide!

  • Hunter: What if Radchenko surrendered and it's over, huh? We launch. They see us, and they launch. Our birds pass each other in the air. Boom. What have you got?

    Chief of the Boat: Nuclear War.

    Hunter: Nuclear Holocaust.

  • Hunter: Look, it wasn't a mutiny, I did everything by the book.

    Chief of the Boat: It's not about the book. If the Russians are gonna launch and we sit here and do nothing... who's gonna stop 'em? Half of me's glad the Captain came back.

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