Chief Inspector Lee Quotes in Rush Hour 3 (2007)


Chief Inspector Lee Quotes:

  • Detective James Carter: Sister we appreciate you doing this!

    Sister Agnes: My pleasure!

    Chief Inspector Lee: Sister Agnes please ask who sent him?

    [asks in french]

    French Assassin: [speaks french]

    Sister Agnes: He says your both making a big mistake,that one day youll beg for mercy, he also said...

    Chief Inspector Lee: What? Oh please sister we have to know.

    Detective James Carter: There's lives at stake.

    Sister Agnes: Well he used the N word

    Detective James Carter: What? The N word you tell this little mother...

    Chief Inspector Lee: Carter, shes a nun.

    Detective James Carter: Sister you tell this piece of S word, that I will personally F word him up.

    French AssassinSister Agnes: [speaks french to assassin]

    [speaks french to sister Agnes]

    Detective James Carter: Did he say negro?

    Sister Agnes: He used the N word, but this time he mentioned your grandmother.

    Detective James Carter: You tell him that his mama's an H.

    Chief Inspector Lee: Carter I believe whore is spelled with an W.

    Detective James Carter: Right W, and his sister's a W and his grandmama is a two bit W who makes double cause she got no teeth you tell him I said that.

    French AssassinSister Agnes: [speaks french to assassin]

    [speaks french to Sister Agnes]

    Chief Inspector Lee: Did he say it again?

    Sister Agnes: No, this time he called this gentleman a word that means cat and another word that rhymes with maggot.

    Chief Inspector Lee: What? Well you can tell him hes a A.W.

    Detective James Carter: Ugh, Lee hole is spelled with an H.

    Sister Agnes: I have a dictionary upstairs.

    Chief Inspector Lee: Just call him an asshole!

    Sister Agnes: [assassin speaks french] He says you been both marked for death like Han and the girl.

  • [from trailer]

    Detective James Carter: We need to get her to relax.

    Chief Inspector Lee: Maybe we should put on a dirty movie.

    Detective James Carter: Lee!

    Chief Inspector Lee: Only $9.95.

  • [from trailer]

    French Assassin: [shouts at Carter in French]

    Detective James Carter: [to Lee] What the hell is that?

    Chief Inspector Lee: I think he's speaking French.

    Detective James Carter: [slaps assassin] You Asian. Stop humiliating yourself!

  • Detective James Carter: Well, for your information, I'm part Chinese now. That's right, Lee. For the last three years, I have studied the ancient teachings of Buddha, earning two black belts in Wu Shu martial arts, spending every afternoon the Hong Kong Massage parlor. I'm half Chinese, baby!

    Chief Inspector Lee: If you're half Chinese, I'm half black. I'm your brother and I'm fly. You down with that, Snoopy? That's dope, innit?

    Detective James Carter: Sorry, Lee. You can't be black. There's a height requirement.

  • Detective James Carter: We have an assassin in custody that only speaks French... A limo blows up at the French consulate... And the next meeting of the world court is in Paris, 2 days from now.

    Chief Inspector Lee: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

    Detective James Carter: Yeah, we go to Fiji. Hide out for a year. Maybe change our names. Get jobs as bartenders. And imma call you Kiko.

  • Detective James Carter: [to Lee on the plane to Paris, France] Did you know that the average French woman is naked 34 percent of the time?

    Chief Inspector Lee: We're not going there to meet women.

  • Chief Inspector Lee: You know nothing about me!

    Kenji: I do know that you don't have a wife or kids, you have nothing, just like me!

    Detective James Carter: I wouldn't say nothing. He has me his brother from another mother.

  • Detective James Carter: [to Lee, as they ride the elevator to their rooms] It's all your fault. How come you didn't tell me about Kenji?

    Chief Inspector Lee: [clearly upset] That was none of your business.

    Detective James Carter: In cased you missed it, man; people are trying to kill me! I'me covered in shit and some French cop whooped my ass with some yellow pages, man. So don't tell me it ain't none of my business.

    Chief Inspector Lee: You lucky we're not in Hong Kong. Phone book twice as big.

    Detective James Carter: Why didn't you tell me you had a brother, man?

  • Detective James Carter: [after Det. Revi kisses him cheek to cheek] Hey man! You touch me again, you gonna owe me dinner and movie.

    Detective Revi: Congratulations! It appears we have finally brought down the Triad.

    Chief Inspector Lee: [total disbelief] We?

    Detective James Carter: You didn't do shit!

    Chief Inspector Lee: My butt still hurts!

    Detective Revi: [winking at Lee] The Americans and the French need to work together in the spirit of brotherhood. Together, we can do anything. Anything!

    Detective James Carter: He's right, Lee. Together we can do anything. I'll go this way...

    Chief Inspector Lee: And I'll go that way.

    [as they team punch Det. Revi]

  • French Assassin: [Speaks French]

    Detective James Carter: What the hell is that?

    Chief Inspector Lee: I think he's speaking french.

    Detective James Carter: French? What kind of china-man speak french? Tell him to stop playing around and talk right.

    Chief Inspector Lee: How can i tell him? I don't speak french.

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