Chicken Little Quotes in Chicken Little (2005)


Chicken Little Quotes:

  • Chicken Little: [to Abby] By the way, I'd like to say I've always found you extremely attractive.

    [he kisses her]

    Abby Mallard: Now THAT'S closure.

  • [repeated line]

    Chicken Little: Who are we talking about?

  • Abby Mallard: Hey, remember when that icy blue stuff fell from the sky? Everybody thought it was from space and stuff, and it just turned out to be frozen pee from a jet airplane.

    Runt of the Litter: Yeah, that's right! It's frozen pee. Yeah, it's frozen pee. Pee, pee, pee, pee, pee...

    Chicken Little: Could you stop saying that?

    Runt of the Litter: What, pee?

    Chicken Little: Pee.

    Abby Mallard: How 'bout tinkle?

    Runt of the Litter: Piddle?

    Abby Mallard: Whiz?

    [Fish gurgles]

    Runt of the Litter: Wee-wee?

    Chicken Little: Okay, subject change.


    Runt of the Litter: Make pishee?

    Chicken Little: I don't care what it is!

  • Alien Cop: Okay, everything's been put back to normal, except for this one over here.

    Foxy Loxy: [dressed in a pink dress and curls] Hi, y'all.

    [Everyone else gasps]

    Chicken Little: Foxy?

    Foxy Loxy: [singing in a girly manner] Lollipop, lollipop / Oh, lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop...

    Alien Cop: She got her brainwaves a little scrambled during reconstitution, but, no worries! We can put her back the way she was.

    Runt of the Litter: No! She's perfect.

    [joins Foxy]

    Runt of the Litter: Lollipop.

    [popping sound]

    Foxy LoxyRunt of the Litter: Lollipop.

    Alien Cop: Scary.

  • Chicken Little: [to the aliens] So... have you been to the mall?

  • Chicken Little: Don't tap the glass, they hate it when you do that.

  • [after Abby gets hit by a dodgeball]

    Chicken Little: That does it! We were in a time-out, Foxey. Prepare to hurt, and I don't mean emotionally like I do!

  • Chicken Little: His name is Kirby?

    Abby Mallard: They left him behind?

    Runt of the Litter: Darth Vader's Luke's father?

  • Chicken Little: I put on five ounces this year. I've really bulked up.

  • Chicken Little: A piece of the sky? Shaped like a stop sign? Not again!

  • Abby Mallard: Tough morning?

    Chicken Little: I had a run-in with my old nemesis.

    Abby Mallard: Gum on the crosswalk?

    Chicken Little: He won this round.

    Abby Mallard: Your old foe.

    Chicken Little: Mmm-hmm.

  • Chicken Little: Runt, just do it. It'll work. We'll survive!

    [intro to "I Will Survive" plays]

    Runt of the Litter: I will survive? Brake, Abby!

  • Buck Cluck: Some teenagers, you know, they get quite a rush from stamp-collecting! You wanna stop? We'll get some stamps...

    Chicken Little: No, I don't like stamps.

  • Chicken Little: Modern Mallard says avoiding closure can lead to molting, and I'm already small and on top of that I don't think I can handle being bald!

  • Mayor Turkey Lurkey: [stops a crowd] Oh, look, a penny.

    Chicken Little: Guys!

    [the crowd continues, whilst Lurkey stops to pick up the penny he found]

  • Chicken Little: There's... there's... it's a... you have to... D'oh... Doo-wah!

    Dog: What did he say?

    Mayor Turkey Lurkey: [reading a sign-holding dog's signs] There's... there's... it's a... you have to... D'oh... Doo-wah!

  • Buck Cluck: The commemorative plates.

    Chicken Little: Yeah, yeah.

    Buck Cluck: You know, you saw them, right?

    Chicken Little: Yeah, I saw them.

    Buck Cluck: You can't eat off 'em, but they're there.

    Chicken Little: Well, they're not microwave safe.

  • Buck Cluck: I'd like to see the movie they make about you now.

    Chicken Little: I just hope they stay true to what really happened?

    Buck Cluck: Oh, son. These people are from Hollywood. The one thing they will never do is mess with a good story.

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