Chick Prigusivac Quotes in Love Comes to the Executioner (2006)


Chick Prigusivac Quotes:

  • Chick Prigusivac: "I once had a brother named Heck. Who deserved to be wrung by the neck. He stole my true love, so up his ass I will shove everything but the kitchen sink."

    Heck Prigusivac: That doesn't even rhyme.

  • Chick Prigusivac: Just be glad that dad's not here to see this, Jesus Christ, embarrassing.

    Heck Prigusivac: Dad's not here because he was a cold blooded killer.

    Chick Prigusivac: Damn right he was! Best dad we ever had.

  • Chick Prigusivac: I'd bust that pretty mouth of yours, if Mama hadn't spent so much on orthodontia.

    Heck Prigusivac: I pity your lack of pathos, ethos, and eros.

  • Chick Prigusivac: You're a killer, I'm a killer. Hell even your unborn baby's a future killer of America.

    Heck Prigusivac: You know what Chick, you have a real Sisyphus complex coming out your butt.

  • Chick Prigusivac: So I figured I'd kill you or lose you forever

    Dori Dumchovic: That's so romantic.

  • Dori Dumchovic: Because I love him... and you. I love both of you.

    Chick Prigusivac: No you can't do that Dori.

    Dori Dumchovic: Why not?

    Chick Prigusivac: Because there's rules against that sort of thing.

    Dori Dumchovic: No, I can love as many men as I want.

    Chick Prigusivac: See obvious someone needs to teach you between wrong and right.

  • Chick Prigusivac: Suck it.

    Heck Prigusivac: Digitas Compudit it's real mature, real mature.

  • Warden Stankovic: It's time Chick.

    Chick Prigusivac: Alright mom I'll call you, yeah, ok.

  • Dori Dumchovic: I don't understand why we can't just live together. Why can't I marry both of you.

    Chick Prigusivac: Damn it Dori because that's not what descent people do.

  • Chick Prigusivac: You're not having Heck's baby.

    Dori Dumchovic: Nobody is hurting my baby.

    Chick Prigusivac: Look if you don't get rid of it now I'll just have to kill it later.

    Dori Dumchovic: This whole family has some fucking issues.

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