Chic Quotes in Shall We Dance (2004)


Chic Quotes:

  • Bobbie: So why did you all start dancing?

    Vern: I'm getting married in September. My bride said she'd like to see me lose a few pounds, thought the dancing might be good exercise. I told her it wouldn't work.

    [waitress gives him a hamburger and fries]

    John Clark: I think you're gonna win that bet.

    Chic: I'm here for the ladies, you know what they say about guys that can dance...

    Bobbie: Yeah, that they're great in bed.

    Chic: Right.

    Bobbie: Where do you hear this crap?

    Chic: Everywhere, everywhere the guys that can dance get the pick of the litter.

    Bobbie: I'm here for the big dance competition. All I need is a partner.

    [to John]

    Bobbie: so that leaves you.

    John Clark: What?

    Bobbie: You're the only one that hasn't said why you're dancing.

    John Clark: I'm dancing for exercise like Vern.

    Bobbie: Bull.

    John Clark: Because I'm lousy in bed like Chic. There I said it.

  • [Earl is on the phone with Chic, the locksmith, and Vic is listening on the other line]

    Earl Keese: Hello, Chic? It's Earl.

    Chic: Earl! Earl who?

    Earl Keese: Hey, no jokes, will ya? I need the name of that locksmith you used that time. I broke a key off. I got two lunatics locked in my basement.

    Vic: [makes unintelligible noises]

    Chic: What? What did you say?

    Vic: [disguising voice] I said blow it out your ass, wimp.

    Chic: Is somebody on this line?

    Vic: Just you and me, asshole.

    Earl Keese: [to Enid] That bastard's on the phone!

    Chic: Well you called me, didn't ya?

    Earl Keese: Not you!

    Vic: Me!

    Earl Keese: Get off the line, Vic!

    Chic: Who's Vic?

    Earl Keese: He lives next door.

    Vic: Nobody lives next door, Earl!

    Chic: That's right!

    Earl Keese: Christ.

    Vic: Earl, have you been drinking?

    Chic: What the hell is going on?

    Earl Keese: Never mind, forget it!

    Vic: And don't ever call here again!


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