Chi Fu Quotes in Mulan (1998)


Chi Fu Quotes:

  • Shang: Let me see your conscription notice.

    [Reads it]

    Shang: Fa Zhou? The Fa Zhou?

    Chi Fu: I didn't know Fa Zhou had a son.

    Mulan: Well, he doesn't talk about me much.

    [Tries to spit, but ends up with a glop of spit hanging from her lip]

    Chi Fu: I can see why. The boy is an absolute lunatic.

  • Chi Fu: [singing] I've a girl at home who's unlike any other...

    Yao: [singing in whisper to Mulan] Yeah, the only girl who'd love him is his mother.

  • Chi Fu: Insubordinate ruffians! You men owe me a new pair of slippers! And I do not squeal like a girl.

    [a panda eats his slipper; he squeals like a girl]

    Mushu: [disguised as a messenger riding the panda] Urgent news from the General.


    Mushu: What's the matter? Never seen a black-and-white before?

    Chi Fu: Who are you?

    Mushu: Excuse me? I think the question is, who are *you!* We're in a war, man! There's no time for stupid questions! I should have your hat for this, snatch it *right* off your head. But I'm feeling gracious today, so carry on before I report you.

  • Chi Fu: Order. People, order.

    Citizen: I'll have a pan-fried noodle.

    Chien-Po: Ooh, ooh, sweet-and-pungent shrimp.

    Citizen: Moo goo gai pan.

    Chi Fu: That's not funny.

  • Fa Zhou: I am ready to serve the emperor.

    Mulan: Father! You can't go!

    Fa Zhou: Mulan!

    Mulan: Please, sir. My father has already fought for...

    Chi Fu: Silence! You would do well to teach your daughter to hold her tongue in a man's presence.

    Fa Zhou: Mulan, you dishonor me.

  • Chi Fu: Be careful, Captain. The General may be your father, but I am the Emperor's counsel. Oh, and by the way, I got that job on my own.

    [Li Shang walks out of his tent and passes Mulan]

    Mulan: Hey. I'll hold him, and you punch!

  • Shang: What's your name?

    Mulan: Uh... I, I, uh...

    Chi Fu: Your commanding officer just asked you a question.

    Mulan: Uh, I've got a name. Ha! And it's a boy's name, too.

    Mushu: [whispering in Mulan's ear] Ling. How 'bout Ling?

    Mulan: [looking toward Ling] His name is Ling.

    Shang: I didn't ask for *his* name. I asked for *yours!*

    Mushu: Try, uh, uh, ah, Chu.

    Mulan: Ah Chu.

    Shang: Ah Chu?

    Mushu: Gesundheit.

    Mushu: [chuckles] I kill myself.

    Mulan: Mushu...

    Shang: Mushu?

    Mulan: No!

    Shang: Then what is it?

    Mushu: Ping! Ping was my best friend growin' up.

    Mulan: It's Ping.

    Shang: Ping?

    Mushu: Of course, Ping did steal my girl...

    [Mulan muffles him]

    Mulan: Yes, my name is Ping.

  • Shang: Captain Li Shang. Hm. Leader of China's finest troops. No, the greatest troops of all time.

    [exits his tent to find the troops fighting each other; we see one soldier with a black eye salute Shang, then promptly faint]

    Chi Fu: Most impressive.

  • The Emperor of China: Chi Fu.

    Chi Fu: Your Excellency?

    The Emperor of China: [indicating Mulan] See to it that this woman is made a member of my council.

    Chi Fu: A member of... what?


    Chi Fu: But... there are no council positions open, your Majesty.

    The Emperor of China: Very well.

    The Emperor of China: [to Mulan] You can have HIS job.

    [Chi Fu faints]

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