Chester Hoenicker Quotes in Flubber (1997)


Chester Hoenicker Quotes:

  • [Smith and Wesson discuss the incident at Brainard's house]

    Chester Hoenicker: All right. One more time, what happened?

    Wesson: He took a golf ball. He rubbed this cream on it and then the golf ball took and...

    [Wesson makes a popping sound]

    Wesson: ...popped Smith in the head.

    Smith: Several times.

    Chester Hoenicker: Mm-hmm.

    Wesson: I got hit with a bowling ball.

    Smith: Repeatedly.

    Chester Hoenicker: Were you drinking?

    Wesson: No.

    Smith: Two beers at dinner. Wesson had a white wine.

    Wesson: With dinner.

    Chester Hoenicker: Right.

    Wesson: It's this stuff he's got, sir. Its... I don't know what it is. I don't know where it come from, but...

    [Smith and Wesson both sigh]

    Wesson: ...It will give you one heck of a headache.

    Chester Hoenicker: Oh... goodness.

  • [Brainard and Reynolds are visiting Hoenicker to discuss the Flubber]

    Chester Hoenicker: You came to repay your loan?

    Phillip Brainard: No.

    Chester Hoenicker: I know you didn't. I was just having a little fun.

    Phillip Brainard: I'm here to sell you the Flubber.

    Chester Hoenicker: You been to your house recently?

    Phillip Brainard: Yes.

    Chester Hoenicker: Do I really need to buy it?

    Phillip Brainard: Flubber's a very quixotic substance. It's very difficult to handle. Have you tried to do anything with it?

    Chester Hoenicker: My man is working on it. It won't be a problem.

    Phillip Brainard: Well, I could make it a lot easier for you. If you give us a 30 day extension on the loan, I'll tell you everything I know... and make you a great deal of Flubber.

    Chester Hoenicker: I'll give you the 30 days, and after that you give me two years. Whatever you come up with over the next two years is mine.

    Sara Reynolds: That's not fair.

    Chester Hoenicker: Shop somewhere else, lady.

    Phillip Brainard: Sara. Sara. I'll do it.

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