Chester Babcock Quotes in The Road to Hong Kong (1962)


Chester Babcock Quotes:

  • Harry Turner: Chester, I give you my SOLEMN word. THIS time it's not dangerous.

    Chester Babcock: Not dangerous?

    Harry Turner: No.

    Chester Babcock: That's what 'cha said when you shot me out of a cannon, when you dropped me in a tank with an octopus, when you had me wrestle a gorilla. It's not dangerous! I'm not goin'. I'm through. I've had it. So forget it, *Charly*!

  • Harry Turner: [hands Chester a hand mirror] Who's that?

    Chester Babcock: [seeing his reflection] I don't know, but gimme a stick and I'll kill it.

  • Chester Babcock: I'll never look at another banana split.

  • Chester Babcock: Why do you suppose they're sending *us* up?

    Harry Turner: They wanna find out if it's gonna be safe for the apes.

    Chester Babcock: Oh.

  • Chester Babcock: [espying Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra] The Italians have landed!

    Harry Turner: That's the grape and the twig, isn't is?

    Chester Babcock: Yeah, and they got the bar open.

    Harry Turner: Let's break it up.

    Chester Babcock: Those tourists.

  • Leader of the 3rd Echelon: In that rocket, we're about to send two animals around the moon; and, if we succeed, we shall next send two men. And from the moon, that point of impenetrable power, I shall go before the United Nations and demand that they accede to our total and absolute control.

    Chester Babcock: [to Harry] I think he rolls his own.

  • Harry Turner: An hour ago she flipped over me. I don't dig it.

    Chester Babcock: Well, that's understandable. An impressionable young thing falls for an elderly fellow. She probably thought you were a father figure.

    Harry Turner: Father figure?

    Chester Babcock: Yes, then she took another look and found out you had your father's figure.

  • Diane: There must be some sensible solution to this problem.

    Harry Turner: Well, of course there is. Two fellas, one girl. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you come to my house.

    Chester Babcock: Yeah. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, my house.

    Diane: What about Sunday?

    Chester Babcock: Everbody rests.

  • Chester Babcock: No, I can see the tears forming in your wallet.

  • Harry Turner: Don't I always get you the best medical attention available?

    Chester Babcock: Yeah, like that doctor you got me in Bombay last month.

    Harry Turner: How was I going to know he was an elephant doctor?

    Chester Babcock: You should have known by the size of his thermometer.

    Harry Turner: Yes, was a bit large.

    Chester Babcock: When he shook it, I was still on it.

  • Harry Turner: Happy landings, buster!

    Chester Babcock: I don't know what you're so happy about. You're not mentioned in my will.

  • [as the neurologist plays his flute during Chester's examination, a cobra rises from its basket]

    Indian Neurologist: Oh, nothing to worry about. If he should give you a nip, it's very simple. All you do is to get hold of your bowie knife like this, make a cut on here, suck out the poison and spit it away. Very simple.

    Chester Babcock: Yeah, but what if he bites me in a place I can't reach?

    Indian Neurologist: That is when you find out who your real friends are.

  • [while agent Diane mistakenly thinks she's made her secret contact with a microfilm photographer, Chester, thinking himself a chick magnet, simply believes he's caught the eye of a beautiful, romantic woman]

    Diane: [whispers] Do you think we're being watched?

    Chester Babcock: [noticing Harry staring at them from the bar] Definitely.

    Diane: Oh, then we'll have to hurry.

    Chester Babcock: Have we got time?

    Diane: If you work fast.

    Chester Babcock: I'll do my best.

    Diane: Good. Now, I've got the room ready at the hotel.

    Chester Babcock: Good.

    Diane: I've made all the arrangements.

    Chester Babcock: Fine.

    Diane: The shades are all drawn.

    Chester Babcock: Very sensible.

    Diane: And we can lock the door from the inside.

    Chester Babcock: Oh, good. I'd hate to get a crowd until I get the hang of it.

  • [Agent Diane continues to mistakenly think she's made her secret contact with a microfilm photographer while Chester, thinking himself a chick magnet, still believes he's caught the eye of a beautiful, romantic woman]

    Diane: Are you sure you've done this sort of thing before?

    Chester Babcock: [suffering from amnesia] Well, I MUST have. When do we start?

    Diane: Right now.

    Diane: [suddenly shouting] Darling, it's so wonderful to see you again.

    [She slips him an envelop as she kisses him]

    Diane: [whispering] You've got it.

    Chester Babcock: [ego stroked and oblivious to the envelop] I know it.

    Diane: Don't lose it.

    Chester Babcock: Don't worry.

    Diane: I'll see you at the hotel.

    Chester Babcock: Pull the shades and lock the door.

    Diane: One final thing.

    Chester Babcock: Yes?

    Diane: In case I'm late, you go ahead without me.

  • Harry Turner: You got a mind like a sponge.

    Chester Babcock: Yeah, don't get any ideas about squeezing it, either.

  • Chester Babcock: [cracks open a fortune cookie and reads] "You are under grave suspicion. Your partner suspects you of dishonesty."

    Chester Babcock: [passing it to Harry] Here, it's for you.

  • Harry Turner: [gazing out an airplane window] There she lies, Chester - Hong Kong.

    Chester Babcock: Yeah, what a monument to fried rice.

  • Chester Babcock: Hey, we're UNDER water! That's the ocean!

    Harry Turner: So?

    Chester Babcock: So? We spring a little leak, we'll drown.

    Harry Turner: Well, you don't have to worry. You got a built-in snorkel.

  • Chester Babcock: [seeing a shark outside the porthole] Looks like he just ate Lloyd Bridges.

    Harry Turner: Don't worry. They don't eat people.

    Chester Babcock: How about actors.

    Harry Turner: We're safe.

  • Diane: Mr. Babcock, if you leave now, you'll be running out on your fellow man.

    Chester Babcock: That still leaves my fellow women.

  • Harry Turner: Chester, search your secret soul. Ask your patriotic conscience what to do.

    Chester Babcock: I already did.

    Harry Turner: What'd it say?

    Chester Babcock: "Yankee, go home."

  • Chester Babcock: My nose bleeds when I put my carpet slippers on.

  • Diane: At least you can die like heroes.

    Chester Babcock: Nah, but we're to old to die.

  • Diane: I could love you, body and soul.

    Chester Babcock: They're available, in that order.

  • Chester Babcock: Who do you think they'll be shooting at - you or the schnook with the I.B.M. machine up his univac?

  • Diane: Trust me and you'll come to no harm.

    Chester Babcock: Trust me and I make no promises.

  • Harry Turner: How do we get out of here?

    Diane: The submarine. I can handle it.

    Chester Babcock: I know. I read the script.

  • Harry Turner: Those guys mean business. They're killers, murders.

    Chester Babcock: Besides that, they're unfriendly.

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