Cherry Quotes in Grindhouse (2007)


Cherry Quotes:

  • Cherry: It's go go, not cry cry.

  • [as Wray is dying]

    Cherry: [crying] No... you can't go. Two against the world, remember?

    Wray: There will be, I promise

    Wray: [touching her stomach] I never miss.

  • J.T.: Hey, hey. You want some barbeque? Best in Texas.

    Cherry: Oh, no thanks.

    J.T.: What's the matter? You don't eat meat?

    Cherry: Oh, I eat meat. I also eat lots of shit.

    Cherry: [grins] See that?

    J.T.: What's that?

    Cherry: Shit-eating grin.

    J.T.: [laughs] You ought to be a comedian.

    Cherry: What do you think of the leg?

    J.T.: [laughs] Sure is funny.

  • [repeated line]

    Cherry: I was going to be a stand-up comedian.

  • Wray: Did you find what was in the pocket?

    Cherry: Fuck no.

    Wray: Look for it.

    Cherry: [searches through one pocket]

    Wray: No, the other one.

    Cherry: [searches through the other pocket and takes out a box with a ring inside it]

    Wray: I was gonna give it to you, but you left me. 'Cuz you took the jacket...

    CherryWray: ...and I looked for it for two weeks.

    Wray: Read it.

    Cherry: Two against the world.

    Wray: Remember that?

    Cherry: I never forgot it.

  • Cherry: Look, you were being an unbelievable dick. I was walking out on you. I was cold, I took your fucking jacket. So, if you're go on one of your psycho, obsessive, controlling rants about a fucking jacket, then fucking take it 'cuz I'd rather fucking freeze than fucking hear about it one more time.

  • Wray: So what are you going to do now?

    Cherry: I'm going to be a stand-up comedian.

    Wray: You're not funny

    Cherry: That's what I keep trying to tell everybody but they all say I'm hilarious

    Wray: But you're not

    Cherry: There's a difference between being frank... and being dick.

  • Cherry: You a doctor?

    Dr. Dakota Block: Hm. I was earlier tonight.

    Cherry: I always wanted to be a doctor, instead, I can do this. Useless talent number 66. I'm very pliable.

    Dr. Dakota Block: You know my girlfriend had a theory, she said that you find a use for every useless talent you ever had.

    Cherry: I'm not that optimistic. I feel like I'm stuck a drain and I can't get out.

    Dr. Dakota Block: [Interrupts Cherry] She'd say, "when you're stuck in that spiral, just reach up".

    Cherry: What if there's nothing up there?

    Dr. Dakota Block: Just reach up.

    The Rapist: [Comes in] You're a dancer.

    Cherry: I was earlier tonight.

    The Rapist: Well I'm pulling you out of retirement!

  • The Rapist: [muffled] You like Ava Gardner?

    Cherry: Sorry?

    The Rapist: [takes off gas mask] Ava Gardner. D'you like her?

    Cherry: Yeah, I guess.

    The Rapist: I was just thinkin' that you, uh, kinda look like Ava Gardner, a little bit.

    The Rapist: [stops elevator and turns back to Cherry] You have somethin' you wanna say to me?

    Cherry: I have nothing to say to you.

    The Rapist: You have nothing to say to me? That's funny, cuz I could've sworn you just gave me a 'fuck you' look right now. You wanna say 'fuck you' to me?

    Cherry: Not at this moment.

    The Rapist: [pulls gun out of holster] You know what this is?

    Cherry: A gun.

    The Rapist: It's simplicity itself. You see, you point it at what you want to die. And you pull the little trigger here. And a little bullet comes outta here.

    [presses gun barrel against Cherry's cheek]

    The Rapist: And the little bullet... hits you right there!

    [indicates Cherry's forehead]

    The Rapist: And you know what? You don't look like Ava Gardner no more.

    The Rapist: [grabs her hair as giant bubbles appear on his face] Do not taunt me, tramp. I am not one to be taunted. Say 'I got it'. SAY 'I GOT IT'!

    Cherry: I... got it.

    [turns elevator back on]

    Cherry: [to herself] Tool.

  • Abby: [head is blown in half]

    Cherry: Is anyone else here a bio-chemical engineer?

  • Cherry: I'm Cherry.

    Dr. Dakota Block: You sure are.

  • Cherry: Name's Cherry Darling...

    Wray: Sounds like a stripper name

    Cherry: No, it sounds like a go-go dancer name. There's a difference.

  • Wray: Would you quit crying over fucking spilt milk?

    Cherry: I have no leg!

  • Wray: That's my jacket. I looked for that jacket for two weeks.

    Cherry: Oh, really, Wray? How long did you look for me?

    Wray: The jacket belonged to me. You didn't.

  • Cherry: There are only two things more beautiful than a good gun: a Swiss watch or a woman from anywhere. Ever had a good... Swiss watch?

  • Mr. Melville: You know that young man isn't going to use his gun don't you.

    Cherry: Yeah, but I haven't got any such notion.

  • Cherry: 'Tis a bad omen.

  • Nat Turner: You need to tell me who done this to you. 'Cause I'm gonna take care of it, you hear? On my soul. I need you to tell me now.

    Cherry: "Put up again thy sword into His place. For all they that take the sword... shall pass with the sword." You taught me that.

  • Cherry: I'm gonna break your dick off!

  • Cherry: You're fucked!

  • Cherry: How many licks does it take to get to the center?

  • Cherry: The journey is the destination.

  • Cherry: A man alone is a half a man.

  • Kyle: Cherry, come here! Come here, Cherry. Hey, sit down. This is MichaeI. And she's a student.

    Cherry: Right now I'm concentrating on my actressing.

  • Cherry: [talking about the Jacuzzi] Is it cool if I get in there?

    Stanley Putterman: Cool? Babe, it's a perfect 98.6. It's like floating in your mother's womb!

  • Cherry: You know, you really got a cute kid there. Have you ever thought about putting him in the movies? I mean, I know a really sweet agent.

    Raquel Putterman: Oh, God no. Sherman's much too neurotic to be an actor.

    Stanley Putterman: Yeah, the only thing the kid is interested in is being a soldier.

    Spiro: Ahh, such a manly pursuit - raping and pillaging and creating life, but taking it away. Like the gods of the ancient Greeks.

  • Cherry: [to Doug] Go burn a cat.

    [she exits]

    Lewis: Why are they always saying that?

    Doug: That's what I did.

    Lewis: Burned a cat?

    Doug: No, CATS. See mum had five cats, and me and mum we'd been having some... differences. So one night I rounded 'em up, put 'em in a cage, doused 'em with petrol and put a match to 'em!

    [Lewis chuckles, thinking it's a joke. Doug grins and laughs]

    Doug: Heh-heh! Funny, eh?

    [He sits next to Lewis]

    Doug: Then, I opened up the cage door and I let 'em run loose. Welllll, what a racket. They were runnin' round the backyard, burnin' and howlin'.

    [He gives a psychotic little laugh]

    Doug: No such thing as grace under pressure for a burning cat, lemme tell ya. Then, me mum came outside to see what was happenin'? Darn near freaked out she did. See, I figured I'd wait a couple of hours till the cats were dead and mum was feeling a bit sorry for herself, and I'd go up to the front door and I'd knock on it and I'd say, "Hi, Mum! I'm here to talk about our unresolved conflicts."

    Doug: But oh no, One of those FUCKING cats ran into the house; a couple of minutes the whole bloody house was on fire. Within half an hour there was no front door to knock on.

    Doug: Yeah, if it wasn't for that damn cat, I wouldn't be in here.

  • Cherry: This is just another battle of the sexes.

    Roy: Oh, I suppose so... If you could describe the Crusades as a sightseeing lark on the way to Jerusalem!

    Doug: Oh, please, someone give him some lithium!

  • Cherry: Will outsiders see the show?

    Lewis: Don't know.

    Cherry: If it's a real large role, I'll invite my dad. He'll be surprised to see me out of water.

    [Lewis just looks at her]

    Cherry: My dad was a great duck hunter. But we were very poor and couldn't afford a dog, so... He used to get me to point and fetch the ducks.


    Cherry: Those lakes can get pretty cold when you're swimmin' in 'em with a dead duck in your mouth.

    [Lewis gapes]

    Cherry: Haa! Just pullin' your leg!

  • Cherry: Can't you leave us alone? BE NICE AND LEAVE US ALONE!

    Dallas: I'm never nice. Can I interest you in a Coca-Cola or a 7-Up?

    Cherry: GET LOST, HOOD!

  • Cherry: I hope I never see Dallas Winston again. If I do I'd... probably fall in love with him.

  • Dallas: Here, I thought this might cool you off.

    [hands Cherry a coke and sits right next to her]

    Cherry: [takes the straw out of her coke and throws it in Dally's face] Maybe that'll cool YOU off, Greaser... when you learn to talk and act decent, then maybe I'll cool off too.

    Dallas: [wipes some of the coke off his face and goes in for Cherry] Firey, huh? Just the way I like them!

    Cherry: [tries to push Dallas off] GET OFF OF ME!

    Dallas: Come on...

    Johnny: Look, leave her alone, Dal!

    Dallas: What'd you say?

    Johnny: [a little bit frightened] Come on Dal, you heard me.

    Dallas: What'd you say? What'd you say you little shit? What'd you say to me?

    Johnny: Come on...

    Dallas: Wiseass!

    [seconds later he gets up and leaves]

    Ponyboy: Now you blew it.

    Cherry: [Turns to Johnny] Thank you... he had me scared to death!

    Johnny: You sure didn't show it. Ain't nobody ever talk to Dal like that!

    Cherry: From what I saw, you do.

  • Cherry: How old are ya'll anyway?

    Ponyboy: Fourteen.

    Johnny: Sixteen.

    Marcia: By the looks of it I thought you were both four...

    Cherry: Sixteen.

  • Dallas: [at the drive-inn, Dallas, Ponyboy and Johnny sit behind two girls, both Socs] Some cute redhead, huh?

    Dallas: [leans forward and into Cherry's ear] Are you a reeaal red?

    Dallas: [she giggles slightly, but keeps her eyes on the movie] Are you real? How can I find out if this is your real red hair? If this is the same red hair that you have on your... your...

    [motioning to her skirt, then quickly to her face]

    Dallas: ... these eyebrows.

    Cherry: [Dallas sits back and laughs. Cherry gives him an incredulous glare] Get your feet off my chair and shut your trap.

    Dallas: Who's gonna make me, huh?

    [rolling his eyes]

    Dallas: Who, your boyfriend?

    Cherry: You'd better leave us alone, or I'll call the cops.

    Dallas: [sarcastically, in mock fright] Oh, my, my! You've got me scared to death. What am I gonna do now, Pony? This girl's making me shake.

    Cherry: Can't you just leave us alone? Be nice and leave us alone?

    Dallas: [grins] I'm never nice.

    Dallas: [sitting up next to her again] Can I interest you in a Coca-Cola, or a...

    Cherry: [interrupting] Get lost, hood!

    Dallas: Wow, I'm sorry, I didn't know you had this problem with... yelling in my face.

    Dallas: [stands up] Alright, I'll go. I know when I'm not wanted.

  • Bob Shelton: [the Soc's pull up in there car to find their girls with the greasers] Hey! Cherry! What're you doin'?

    [Cherry glares at him]

    Bob Shelton: Just because we got a title drunk...!

    Cherry: A little? You call reeling and passing out in the streets a little? Bob, I told you, I'm never going out with you when you're drinking again and I mean it!

    Randy: Look, that doesn't mean you can go walkin' the streets with these bums.

    Two Bit: Who you callin' bums, pal?

    Randy: You! Look, Greaser, we got four more of us in the backseat.

    Two Bit: [Two-Bit hands a broken pop bottle to Ponyboy and flips out his switchblade] Then, pity the backseat.

    Randy: If... if you're lookin' for a fight...

    Two Bit: I am lookin' for a fight!

    Randy: C'mon, put the knife down! C'mon!

    Two Bit: C'mon! Right now, right now!

    Cherry: Stop! Stop it! I hate fights, alright? I hate them!

    [to Bob]

    Cherry: We'll go home with you, just give me a minute.

  • Cherry: GET LOST, HOOD!

    Dallas: God, I didn't know you had this problem with, with yelling in my face.

  • Cherry: About a year ago, they started hunting children.

    Maggie O'Connor: What does this have to do with Cody?

    Cherry: They believe she's the one they have been looking for. She's going to lead people to God, Maggie. Eric is going to try to change her, and if not...

    Maggie O'Connor: Slaughter of the Innocents.

    Cherry: Do you promise to get her out of there? And get out as fast you can?

  • Cherry: She's special, you know that don't you? That's why they want her.

  • Cherry: Well, I got you all wrong didn't I?

    Harper: You got me just right.

  • [before entering the bar to perform lap dances]

    Cherry: Looks like it's time for Lunching with the Lap Droolers.

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