Chenille Quotes in Trolls (2016)


Chenille Quotes:

  • Bridget: I can't believe something like that would just happen? And it just DID! I'm so happy I could just scream! Aaaaah aaah.

    Poppy: I could scream too! Creek is alive!

    PoppyChenilleCooperBiggieGuy DiamondSmidgeDJ SukiSatin: [scream happily]

    Branch: [screams hoarsely]

    Cooper: *That's* your happy shout?

    Branch: It's been a while.

  • Chenille: You need to take off that 5th grade dance lookin' top.

    Sara: It's from The Gap!

    Chenille: It's country and you look country in it!

  • [Chenille picks up Sara's backpack off the ground and Sara turns around, confused]

    Chenille: That's how easy it is to give to charity around here. Don't put your shit on the floor.

  • Sara: Asshole.

    Chenille: Who? Because in this crowd you're going to have to be a bit more specific.

  • Sara: There's only one world, Chenille.

    Chenille: That's what they teach you. We know different.

  • Sara: Then you must be in the wrong spot because I'm pretty sure there aren't any Negroes here.

    Chenille: Ooh!

  • Chenille: You can't help who you love, Derek, you're not supposed to.

  • Chenille: They call him Snookie because Fool was taken.

  • Chenille: Quit it Nikki.

    Nikki: Excuse me, I ain't walkin on egg shells just cause you brought the Brady Bunch to the negro club.

  • Snookie: I'm free Saturday night.

    Chenille: Why, is your hand busy?

  • Chenille: And this is Diggy. She thinks she's down.

    Diggy: Excuse me? I am down, okay?

  • Chenille: I saw you workin' it out there tonight, girl!

    Sara: Oh, yeah... slammin'!

    Chenille: Ah-huh! Later!

  • Kenny: Don't blame me; I didn't want any of this!

    Chenille: What? 'Cause I did? I climbed on top of myself and got myself pregnant?

  • Chenille: [to Kenny's back] Go 'head... Leave! That's what you're good at! Your son ain't seen nothing but your back since he was born!

  • Chenille: Too many little boys thinkin' they thugs.

  • Kenny: How you doin'?

    Chenille: Why don't you ask how your son is doing? That's a line you haven't tried in a while.

    Kenny: Why you always gotta jump off on me like that?

    Chenille: Why you gotta be like you are?

    Kenny: Ah, come on, you know you wanna dance with me. That's what you came here for, to yell at me, and to dance with me.

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