Chef Quotes in Trolls (2016)


Chef Quotes:

  • Chef: He who controls the trolls controls the kingdom, and I am that he!

    Cooper: You're a dude?

  • Chef: Bon appétit!

    Donkey: Oh, Mexican food! My favorite.

  • [as Shrek and Harold get into a fight]

    Donkey: I got to go to the bathroom...

    Chef: Dinner is served!

    Donkey: Never mind. I can hold it.

  • Chef: Haven't you heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?

    General: I don't listen to hip-hop.

  • Satan: You have spilled the blood of the innocent. Now begins two million years of Darkness.

    Chef: Oh, good job Mrs. Broslofski. Thanks a lot!

  • Chef: [singing] Everything worked out what a happy end. Americans and Canadians are friends again. So let's all join hands and knock oppression down.

    CartmanKyleStan: Don't you know our little lives are now complete?

    Mrs. CartmanSheila Broflovski: 'Cause Terrance and phillip are sweet.

    Sheila Broflovski: Super sweet.

    everyone: Thank God we live in this quiet, little pissant, redneck, podunk, jerkwater, greenhorn, one-horse, mudhole, peckerwood, right-wing, whistle-stop, hobnail, truck-driving, old-fashioned, hayseed, inbred, unkempt, out-of-date, white trash...

    CartmanKyleStan: Kick-ass!

    everyone: Mountain... town!

  • General: Now each battalion has a specific code-name and mission. Battalion 5, raise your hands!

    [all the African American members put up their hands including Chef]

    General: You will be the all important first defense wave, which we will call "Operation Human Shield".

    Chef: Hey, wait a minute...

    General: Now keep in mind, 'Operation Human Shield' will suffer heavy losses. But don't lose your spirit men! Stay until the bitter end. Battalion 14?

    [all the White soldiers raise their hands]

    General: Right, you are 'Operation Get Behind The Darkies'. You will follow Battalion 5 here and try not to get killed for God's Sake. Are there any questions men?

    [Chef raises his hand]

    General: Yes Soldier?

    Chef: Have you ever heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?

    General: I don't listen to hip-hop!

    Chef: Hey!

  • [singing]

    Chef: So finally, what a happy end / Americans and Canadians are friends again.

  • Chef: [singing] Everything worked out/What a happy end/Canadians and Americans are friends again.

  • Stan: Chef, how do you make a woman like you more than any other guy?

    Chef: Oh, that's easy. You just gotta find the clitoris.

    Stan: Huh?

    Chef: Whoops.

  • Satan: You have spilt the blood of the innocence, now begins 2,000,000 years of darkness!

    Chef: [sarcastically] Oh, good job, Mrs. Broslofski! Thanks a lot!

    Sheila Broslofski: [innocently] I was just trying to make the world a better place for children!

    Saddam Hussein: Yeah, and brought enough intolerence in the world to allow my coming. Now everyone bow down to me!

    [the Canadians and Americans do so]

    Saddam Hussein: [laughs] Yeah!

  • Cartman: You should've seen Kyle when his mom showed up. He was scared out of his mind.

    Kyle: Shut up, Cartman!

    Cartman: No dude, I'd be scared too, your mom is a fucking bitch.

    Kyle: Don't call my mom a bitch, you fat fuck!

    Cartman: Don't call me fat you buttfucking son of a bitch!

    Chef: Whoa, children! Where did you learn to talk like that?

    Cartman: It's pretty fucking sweet, huh?

  • Mr. Perdue, Maitre D' at L'Idiot: You think with a statement like this you can have the duck?

    Chef: He can have the chicken!

  • Richard Twat: Chef I thought I told you to get this tap thing fixed - It's a fire hazard!


    Richard Twat: ...Very good chef. Carry on. Is breakfast, well on the way?

  • [while flying in a helicopter with Air Cavalry soldiers]

    Chef: Why do all you guys sit on your helmets?

    Soldier: So we don't get our balls blown off.

  • Chef: [after having encountered a tiger in the jungle, returning to the boat, and proceeding into a nervous breakdown] You can have the whole goddamn fuckin' shit, man! You can kiss my ass in the county square cause I'm fuckin' buggin' out! I didn't come here for this! I don't fuckin' need it, I don't want it! I didn't get out of the goddamn Eighth grade for this kinda shit! All I wanted to do was fuckin' cook! I just wanted to learn to fuckin' cook, man!

    [laughs manically]

  • Willard: [incredulous] What are you talking about?

    Chief Quartermaster (QMC) Phillips: We're taking her to some friendlies, Captain. She's wounded, she's not dead.

    Willard: Get off there, Chef.

    [Willard shoots the injured girl]

    Chef: Fuck it!

    Willard: [to Chief] I told you not to stop. Now let's go!

  • [the boat has arrived at the Do Lung bridge, which is a combat zone]

    Chef: Lance! Hey, Lance! What do you think?

    Lance: It's beautiful!

    Chef: What's the matter with you? You're acting kinda weird!

    Lance: Hey, you know that last tab of acid I was saving? I dropped it.

    Chef: You dropped acid?... Far out!

  • Chef: How come you guys sit on your helmet?

    Door Gunner: So we don't get our balls blown off!

  • Chef: This Colonel guy? He's wacko, man! He's worse than crazy. He's evil. It's fuckin' pagan idolatry. Look around you. Shit! He's loco... I ain't afraid of all them fuckin' skulls and altars and shit. I used to think if I died in an evil place, then my soul wouldn't be able to make it to Heaven. But now? Fuck! I mean, I don't care where it goes, as long as it ain't here. So whaddya wanna do? I'll kill the fuck.

  • Willard: My mission is to make it up into Cambodia. There's a Green Beret Colonel up there who's gone insane. I'm supposed to kill him.

    Chef: What? Oh, that's typical! Shit! Fuckin' Vietnam mission! I'm short, and we gotta go up there so you can kill one of our own guys? That's fuckin' great! That's just fuckin' great! Shit! That's fuckin' crazy! I thought you were going in there to blow up a bridge, or some fucking railroad tracks or something!

    Willard: I'm sorry. Look, I'll cut you loose here and you can turn around and...

    Chef: [interupting] No, no, we go together... on the boat! We came this far, so we go together. All the way! We'll take you up there, we'll go with you... but on the boat! Okay?

  • Chef: I was supposed to go to Paris, study at the Escoffier School. That's when I got my orders. Well, I joined the Navy. Heard they had better food. Cook school, that did it.

    Willard: Oh yeah? How's that?

    Chef: [mutters something] They lined us up in front of a hundred yards of prime rib. All of us, you know, lined up and looking at it. Magnificent meat! Really! Beautifully marbled... magnifique! Next thing, they're throwing the meat into these big cauldrons. All of it, boiling it. I looked inside, man, and it was turning gray. I couldn't fuckin' believe that one!

  • Chef: [after rushing the boys from the kitchen] Go, go, go on and play, you little... chefs.

  • Chef: [after rushing the boys from the kitchen] "Now run away quickly! Go on! Run, runrunrun! Go and be naughty elsewhere, you little, little... chefs."

  • Matthew Bennell: What is that suppose to be?

    Chef: It is cervelles en matelote.

    Matthew Bennell: In English, what would I be eating if I ate that?

    Chef: Ah. Calves' brain in red wine.

    Matthew Bennell: Red wine and what else?

    Restaurant Owner: Mais, c'est impossible. It's impossible. It's a secret, Mr Bennell

    Matthew Bennell: You don't have any secrets from the Department of Health, Henri.

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