Cheer Bear Quotes in The Care Bears Movie (1985)


Cheer Bear Quotes:

  • Grumpy Bear: Baby Hugs! Baby Tugs! What have you done?

    Birthday Bear: It's obvious, Grumpy Bear. They got the Rainbow Rescue Beam working.

    Grumpy Bear: But we still don't know if it'll transport anyone.

    Share Bear: Look!

    [a rainbow beam shoots down on the machine, and Friend Bear, Secret Bear, Kim and Jason appear]

    Cheer Bear: Oh my stars! You brought visitors! What are they doing here?

    Friend Bear: We didn't bring them. They just came along. Someone brought us here.

    Grumpy Bear: I knew it! Baby bear mischief!

  • Tender Heart Bear: Quick! Run for cover! It's coming! Brace yourselves!

    Friend Bear: What's coming?

    [a huge cloud quake happens]

    Kim: Everyone okay? Cheer Bear?

    Cheer Bear: I think so.

    Grumpy Bear: Too bad we can't say the same for Care-A-Lot. Look.

    Kim: Oh no!

    Friend Bear: Everything's broken! Faded! Ruined!

  • Wish Bear: I've sighted parents for you at the orphanage! They want to adopt you both!

    Cheer Bear: Congratulations, Kim and Jason!

    Tender Heart Bear: Come on, Grumpy! Let's warm up the rainbow rescue beam! Kim and Jason have to get back in a hurry!

    Kim: You hear that, Jason? Parents.

    Jason: Yeah. I thought we'd never have parents.

    Kim: Yeah.

    Jason: But... Kim...

    Kim: I know, Jason. Our friends. They're in trouble.

  • Dark Heart: You must bring this child back from where I sent her.

    True Heart BearNoble Heart Horse: We... we can't.

    Noble Heart Horse: It would take more love and caring then even we have all put together.

    Dark Heart: No! You've got to do something. What good is all your love, your caring, if it cannot save this child? If you can't help, who can?

    Dawn Killeen: We care! We all really care! There have to be people who care as much as we do! People somewhere... anywhere!

    True Heart Bear: If all of us and everyone everywhere all cared together, it just might be enough to save Christy.

    Noble Heart Horse: Everyone, hold hands, and together, open your hearts and your ears, and listen real hard for the voice of all those who care!

    Cheer Bear: We care... we care...

    [everyone joins in chanting "We care!"]

    True Heart Bear: [to the audience] If you have ever cared, do it now. Help us! Tell us you care! Tell your friend next to you that you care. Tell them how much you care! Tell them again! Say it! Shout it! Help us! We care! We care!

  • Cheer Bear: You can call Cheer Bear anytime you're sad. I'll put you in the pink and make you feel real glad!

    Grumpy Bear: My name's Grumpy Bear, I'm always feeling blue. That's not one thing, it's another. Ooh, what am I gonna do?

  • Cheer Bear: Cousins, kids, everywhere! Don't just sit there! Care, care, care!

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