Chase Collins Quotes in The Covenant (2006)


Chase Collins Quotes:

  • Chase Collins: Come to save little Ms. Muffet, have we? Well, you're too late. A spider came and sat down beside her and frightened Ms. Muffet away!

  • Aaron Abbot: What the hell are you staring at, faggot?

    Chase Collins: That thing between your legs. It's like a penis, but smaller.

  • Chase Collins: A spider came and sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffet away!

  • Chase Collins: I'm going to make you my Wee-yotch!

  • Aaron Abbot: I think you owe Kyra an apology.

    Caleb Danvers: Actually, I think it's Kyra who owes Sarah the apology.

    [nods from Kyra to Sarah]

    Sarah Wenham: [Sarah smirks]

    Chase Collins: [after cutting in, speaking to Aaron] Sorry, but you *were* being kind of bitchy.

  • Chase Collins: Oooooh, Witchy! Oops. Did I just say 'witch'?

  • Chase Collins: [At the end, during the battle] You ready to say "uncle"?

    Caleb Danvers: I'm ready for you to go to hell.

  • Chase Collins: Say it! "I"

    Caleb Danvers: I

    Chase Collins: "will"

    Caleb Danvers: will

    Chase Collins: "you-"

    Caleb Danvers: you... nothing.

  • Chase Collins: That guy's puking really came at an opportune moment.

    Reid Garwin: Didn't it though?

  • Chase Collins: Ok, I'll admit, I'm a little impressed, not bad!

    Caleb Danvers: Thanks!

    [he pushes Chase with his powers]

    Chase Collins: [laughs] Ooh! Woo! Trying to impress your date, huh?

  • Chase Collins: Did you see my problem here? I like to use... a lot. Only... no one ever told me about the... effects, the damage, the addiction.

  • Chase Collins: Andie!... Come 'ere

    Andie: You should really wait your turn... ooooh

    Chase Collins: Couldn't

    Andie: I didn't know you could Salsa?

    Chase Collins: There's a lot you don't know about me, Andie

    Andie: Which is surprising, considering how much you talk about yourself

    Chase Collins: ooooh

  • Andie: Look, the streets is about where you're from. It's not some school talent show. There's no spring floors. There's no spotlights to use what you got and... what makes you think you got it, huh?

    Chase Collins: Aren't you late for something, Andie?

    [Andie gets angry and turns around and leaves]

    Chase Collins: [smiles] Bye Andie West!

    [Andie turns around to see him]

  • Chase Collins: You're an amazing little dancer, you know that right?

    Andie: Little?

  • [from trailer]

    Chase Collins: She has more talent, more conviction than anyone else I know!

  • Chase Collins: So that's it, huh?

    Andie: [sighs] I guess so...

  • Andie: What's your deal? Boy bands making a comeback?

    Chase Collins: Yeah, they actually offer a course on it here


    Chase Collins: I'm getting straight A's.

    Andie: [sarcasm] That wouldn't surprise me.

  • Chase Collins: [to an distressed Andie] Good Morning Sunshine!

  • Chase Collins: They just hatin' on you cause you dope.

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