Charlotte A. Cavatica Quotes in Charlotte's Web (2006)


Charlotte A. Cavatica Quotes:

  • Charlotte A. Cavatica: Goodbye... my sweet, sweet Wilbur.

    Wilbur: Goodbye, Charlotte. I love you.

  • Charlotte A. Cavatica: Oh, Wilbur... don't you know what you've already done? You made me your friend and in doing so, you made a spider beautiful to everyone in that barn.

  • Charlotte A. Cavatica: [climbs down to Ike's face]

    Ike: Please, don't hurt me.

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: Well, since you said please. Hehe.

  • Wilbur: [looking at Charlotte's new web, at the fair] It's a great word. It's just...

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: Just what?

    Wilbur: Is it the right word? Is it true? 'cause I don't really feel like I deserve any of the things you've written about me.

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: Then it is the *perfect* word.

    [Charlotte looks up at her web, which says "HUMBLE"]

  • Wilbur: So you eat flies?

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: No... no, no. I drink their blood.

    Ike: [faints]

  • Charlotte A. Cavatica: Wilbur, we're born, we live, and when our time comes, we die. It's just the natural cycle of life.

    Wilbur: No! No! Just climb down. I'll carry you the rest of the way! We'll go back to the barn and I'll take care of you!

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: No, Wilbur. I don't even have the strength to climb down.

    Wilbur: You have to. You've done so much for me!

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: And it was my great pleasure.

  • Charlotte A. Cavatica: No, my webs were no miracle, Wilbur. I was only describing what I saw. The miracle is you.

  • Wilbur: Since you said salu-what, does this mean you're my friend?

    Charlotte A. Cavatica: Well, let me think... Hmmm... Well... Yes.

    Wilbur: Ya-hooo!

  • Charlotte A. Cavatica: You're very kind.

    Templeton: Don't go spreading it around.

  • Charlotte A. Cavatica: Templeton, haven't you ever heard that good things come to those who wait?

    Templeton: No. Good things come to those who find it and shove it in their mouth!

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