Charlie Arglist Quotes in The Ice Harvest (2005)


Charlie Arglist Quotes:

  • Charlie Arglist: As Wichita falls... so falls Wichita Falls.

  • Renata: [answers phone] Hello?

    Charlie Arglist: Renata?

    Renata: Charlie.

    Charlie Arglist: Listen. You were right. Vic and I have been skimming.

    Renata: Well, duh!

    Charlie Arglist: I think Roy Gelles must have found out, and I think he might have killed Vic.

    Renata: That's terrible!

    Charlie Arglist: So I was thinking it might be best if I left town, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.

    Renata: You have the money?

    Charlie Arglist: What? Which?

    Renata: The money we're talking about. That you and Vic have been skimming. Try to keep up, OK?

    Charlie Arglist: No. Vic had it.

    Renata: So, your idea is that we should run away together and be poor?

    Charlie Arglist: I thought I'd give it a shot.

  • Charlie Arglist: Did I ever tell you my father was a twin?

    Pete Van Heuten: Identical?

    Charlie Arglist: Fraternal. Looked a lot alike, though, him and my uncle. Different temperaments completely. My father, he's a cop. By-the-book guy. Believed in the law, wanted his only son to be a lawyer. Drank in moderation, didn't smoke. Kept up his life insurance premiums. Voted in every election, not just for president.

    Pete Van Heuten: Lemme guess, uncle didn't vote?

    Charlie Arglist: He said he didn't want to encourage the bastards. In and out of jail from the time he was 16... drunk all the time, fucked everything that walked. Won a fortune playing poker, lost it all the same way. Lost an eye in a fight. My father was 54 when he died of a massive embolism, right here in Wichita. My uncle died the very next day in a car wreck in California. So the point is... it is futile to regret. You do one thing, you do another... I mean, so what? What's the difference? Same result.

  • Vic: Well? How'd it go?

    Charlie Arglist: Good. Went good.

    Vic: How much?

    Charlie Arglist: A lot.

    Vic: Am I gonna have to slap the shit outta you? How much?

    Charlie Arglist: Vic, it's a great, big, fuckin' pile of money: two-million - one-hundred - forty-seven-thousand dollars and change. My God, we're actually doing this.

    Vic: No, we're not doing it. It's already done.

  • Pete Van Heuten: Take me with you, man.

    Charlie Arglist: Oh, Fuck. Jesus, Pete.

    Pete Van Heuten: No, I mean it. Take me with you, buddy. I can't do my life, man. I can't do it.

    Charlie Arglist: Just get some rest.

    Pete Van Heuten: I hate myself. I want a new life.

    Charlie Arglist: You don't want mine.

    Pete Van Heuten: I really do.

    Charlie Arglist: I'm in trouble. I'm in big fucking trouble.

    Pete Van Heuten: But that'd be great. Don't you see? We go out in a blaze of glory. Like men. Like men, Charlie No goddamn life left for men anymore. Not here. This country, all that's left for men is money and pussy.

  • Vic: Don't be so worried. The hard part's done already. Everything worked just like you said it would.

    Charlie Arglist: Yeah. I guess.

    Vic: Just act normal for a few hours and we're home free. OK?

    Charlie Arglist: OK.

    Vic: OK.

    Charlie Arglist: Uh, you wanna take the money and not me?

    Vic: You wanna take the money?

    Charlie Arglist: No, I-I-I don't know. I was just...

    Vic: Well, if you wanna take the money... I mean, if you think you could do a better job at guarding two-million dollars...

    Charlie Arglist: No, no, no. It should be you. It should be you. It's just that we didn't discuss that.

    Vic: Are we through discussing it? Or is there more to say on the subject?

    Charlie Arglist: No. We're done.

    Vic: Cool. OK. Shut the door.

    Charlie Arglist: OK.

    Vic: And Charlie? Act normal.

    Charlie Arglist: Yeah.

  • Pete Van Heuten: [standing outside his home where his wife's family is waiting to have Christmas dinner] That's my chair in there. You wanna know the truth? I can't fill it.

    Charlie Arglist: Neither could I, if it makes you feel any better.

    Pete Van Heuten: Listen, Charlie. Before we go in, there's something I have to tell you. It's been on my conscience, and you can punch me if you want to.

    Charlie Arglist: I don't think I'm gonna want to.

    Pete Van Heuten: Back when you and Sarabeth were still married, that last year... she and I were fucking.

    Charlie Arglist: [not surprised] No kidding?

    Pete Van Heuten: Like minks. Everywhere. Kitchen table, your bed, garage.

    Charlie Arglist: Wow.

    Pete Van Heuten: Jesus, Charlie, we were friends! It doesn't make you angry?

    Charlie Arglist: Actually, it makes me curious. It makes me wonder who she's fucking now.

  • Pete Van Heuten: [waking up in back of Charlie's car] Ugh... Where are we?

    Charlie Arglist: We're in heaven, Pete.

    Pete Van Heuten: Oh... They got pancakes?

    Charlie Arglist: They got everything.

    Pete Van Heuten: Good.

  • Charlie Arglist: It's Christmas! Everyone's nice on Christmas!

    Vic Cavanaugh: Only morons are nice on Christmas.

  • Renata: Are you in love with me, Charlie?

    Charlie Arglist: I've always liked you.

  • Charlie Arglist: Christmas Eve. Ho ho fucking ho!

  • Charlie Arglist: Pete, I know you're not asking for my advice, but listen... you should really shut the fuck up.

  • Charlie Arglist: All in all, i think that went well.

  • Charlie Arglist: Oh, Vic?

    Vic: What?

    Charlie Arglist: [Shows a severed thumb] Whose thumb is this?

    Vic: Oh yeah, Roy. good news: Charlie brought your thumb.

  • Charlie Arglist: It's Christmas, Dennis. It's God's birthday.

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