Charles E. Quayle Quotes in Ride a Wild Pony (1975)


Charles E. Quayle Quotes:

  • Charles E. Quayle: Mr. Pirie, the boy must have an education if he is to make anything of himself.

  • Charles E. Quayle: I presume, Mr. Strapp, that I would be opposing you.

    J.C. Strapp: Naturally, since I'm the police attorney.

    Charles E. Quayle: Then I think that I should inform you that my client, Mr. Pirie, is going to sue the state of New South Wales for not providing a proper education for his son.

    J.C. Strapp: What?

    Charles E. Quayle: Since he lives seven miles from town and has no means of getting him to school, an education should be provided for him at home.

    J.C. Strapp: The other bush boys ride to school.

    Charles E. Quayle: Mr. Pirie can't afford to buy a horse.

    J.C. Strapp: That's his problem. He came here as an assistant migrant, and if he can't make a go of it...

    Charles E. Quayle: He can't make a go of it because his land is salty and rocky and is quite unsuited for irrigation farming. If this comes to court, I shall expect some inquiries to be made as to who sold the land to the government and at what profit.

    J.C. Strapp: Now see here! I... I'll tell Sgt. Collins that further information has come to light.

    J.C. Strapp: And the summons will be dropped?

    Charles E. Quayle: Yes, yes, I suppose so.

  • Angus Pirie: The boy, he, uh, can't get to school.

    Charles E. Quayle: It says here that he's been absent for two months. How did he get to school before then?

    Angus Pirie: Our neighbor, John Dancey, he had a horse, and his boy and Scotty used to ride on it together.

    Charles E. Quayle: And the Danceys aren't there anymore, is that correct?

    Angus Pirie: No. The boy would have to walk seven miles each way.

  • Charles E. Quayle: Mr. Ellison is chairman of the Board of Education, and he's offered to give you one of his wild ponies.

    Angus Pirie: He can keep his pony! I've never asked for charity, and I'm not gonna start now!

    Charles E. Quayle: You may as well see it.

  • Postmaster: Isn't that the little Ellison girl? Not often we see her in town.

    Jeannie Quayle: Hello, Josie, how are you?

    Josie Ellison: I'm very well, thank you, Jeannie.

    Postmaster: How long ago was that infantile paralysis?

    Charles E. Quayle: About two years. You know, she's a year younger than my daughter. You wouldn't think so, would you?

  • Scotty Pirie: Mr. Quayle, I've got some manure here for you. Shall I put it at the end of the garden?

    [Scotty rides Taff through the Quayles's yard]

    Charles E. Quayle: What are you doing? Watch out for the tomato plants!

    Scotty Pirie: I should spread it out at night so it won't stick so much.

    Charles E. Quayle: Yes, uh, how much do I owe you?

    Scotty Pirie: Nothing, it's a present from my father.

    Charles E. Quayle: Watch out for the...

    [Scotty leaps over the fence on Taff]

    Mrs. Quayle: Well! That's one way to collect illegal fees.

    Charles E. Quayle: Angus Pirie always pays his debts the best way that he can.

  • Mrs. Quayle: Why, Mrs. Pirie, do come in.

    Mrs. Pirie: Scotty is gone.

    Mrs. Quayle: Gone? You mean he disappeared? How long ago?

    Kit Quayle: He hasn't been in school since Tuesday.

    Mrs. Pirie: My husband has gone to the police.

    Mrs. Quayle: Well, come in and have a cup of tea.

    Mrs. Pirie: I thought maybe Kit could go and look for Scotty on the river.

    Mrs. Quayle: You mean on the Ellison property?

    Kit Quayle: Yeah, of course I'll go.

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty's missing? There's, uh, no need for Kit to go. I shall... uh... ring Mr. Ellison.

  • Charles E. Quayle: Mr. Ellison?

    James Ellison: Yes?

    Charles E. Quayle: Quayle here.

    James Ellison: Oh. Well, what can I do for you?

    Charles E. Quayle: We've got a missing boy, Scott Pirie. His mother thinks he might be somewhere on your property.

    James Ellison: Well, I haven't seen him myself, but I'll tell my stockman to keep an eye out for him.

    Charles E. Quayle: Thank you, I'm very much obliged. Goodbye. He's going to ask the stockman to keep an eye out for him.

    Mrs. Quayle: Oh, good.

    Mrs. Quayle: [to Mrs. Pirie] I hope that makes you feel better.

  • Jeannie Quayle: Hey, there's that bush boy back.

    Charles E. Quayle: How long was he gone this time?

    Kit Quayle: Four days. I'll bet he had fun.

    Charles E. Quayle: Don't use that cheap expression. You don't bet anything. Kit?

    Kit Quayle: Yes, Dad?

    Charles E. Quayle: Running away can become a habit. I hope you won't forget that.

  • Charles E. Quayle: He always likes to see how far he can go.

  • Jeannie Quayle: Well, I think it's wicked and cruel of Scott Pirie trying to take Josie's pony.

    Kit Quayle: It isn't her pony. It's Scotty's.

    Charles E. Quayle: How do you know it is?

    Kit Quayle: I just know.

    Charles E. Quayle: Well, what if Josie Ellison just knows that it's hers?

    Mrs. Quayle: But supposing it really is Scott Pirie's pony? What happens then?

    Charles E. Quayle: Only a court of law can decide that.

    Jeannie Quayle: If it did go to court, Father, who do you think would win?

    Charles E. Quayle: Well, I'm not prepared to act as judge.

    Jeannie Quayle: Come on, Father, which do you think?

    Charles E. Quayle: In this case, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

  • Charles E. Quayle: Mr. Crisp says he'd know that pony anywhere.

    James Ellison: Are you suggesting that I...

    Charles E. Quayle: I'm not suggesting anything. It's a guarantee for both of us.

    James Ellison: Do you have any objection to my approaching the pony now, Mr. Quayle?

    Charles E. Quayle: None whatever. Scotty, let him go.

    [Mr. Ellison approaches the pony, but it backs away]

    Josie Ellison: Don't crowd up to his face like that. He doesn't like it.

  • Scotty Pirie: No, no! They're taking him away!

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty, stop it!

    Scotty Pirie: Let me go!

    James Ellison: Can't you control that boy?

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty...

    James Ellison: I simply want to take the pony to my daughter, or do you object to that?

    Charles E. Quayle: No, go right ahead. Kit, will you tell him it's all right?

    Kit Quayle: Scotty, honestly, they won't take him away.

    Scotty Pirie: How do you know they won't?

    Kit Quayle: Because my father won't let them.

  • Charles E. Quayle: Who caught the Pirie pony?

    Bluey Waters: I did.

    Charles E. Quayle: Is there any possibility that the pony in the police pound could be Scott Pirie's?

    Bluey Waters: No, I know it isn't.

    Charles E. Quayle: When you caught the pony, did you measure it, or take any notes of its coloration, or any distinguishing marks in its tail or mane?

    Bluey Waters: No, those Welsh ponies all look alike.

  • Charles E. Quayle: Scotty, you've got to bring the pony in.

    Scotty Pirie: No, I won't!

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty...

    Scotty Pirie: If I do, they'll take him!

    Charles E. Quayle: You can't hide him forever. Scotty, you've got to learn to rely on the law and not defy it. If you bring the pony in, he'll be safe in the police pound, and we shall make a fair decision as to whose pony it is.

    Scotty Pirie: He's mine!

    Charles E. Quayle: Then I think you better bring him in and prove it. Trust me, Scotty. One day, you're going to have to trust somebody.

  • Scotty Pirie: I don't want another pony. I want Taff.

    Charles E. Quayle: Why? Why do you want Taff?

    Scotty Pirie: Because he's my pony, that's why!

  • Charles E. Quayle: There is absolutely no hope that either side could prove, to the satisfaction of the court, that the pony in the police pound is Bo, belonging to Miss Ellison, or Taff, belonging to Scott Pirie.

    Judge: In heaven's name, Mr. Quayle, what are you asking the court to decide?

    Charles E. Quayle: Nothing.

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