Champagne Quotes in Cloud 9 (2006)


Champagne Quotes:

  • Julie: Look, Billy, we work hard here. We don't have time for your schemes.

    Billy Cole: This ain't no schemes. It's... volleyball!

    Olga: [she's Russian, she mispronounces] Wally ball?

    Crystal: So we're gonna get... rich, playing around in the sand?

    Champagne: And trust me, the sand, it gets in everything!

    [dismissive gesture, grunts]

    Billy Cole: No, no, you don't understand. Beach volleyball is an Olympic sport, and we can make it sexy!

    Crystal: Well then, how come no-one's thought about your great idea until now?

    Billy Cole: Lots of guys have ideas, but they don't know how to sell 'em. I know how to sell 'em.

    Julie: I'm out of here. Ladies, Billy...


    Billy Cole: So what do you say, girls? I meet you tomorrow morning at Zuma Beach?

    Olga: [heavy accent] Okay, I do.

    [waving a finger:]

    Olga: If we make extra money.

    Champagne: Me too, cos I don't wanna be shaking my booty forever.

    Billy Cole: Okay, I see you tomorrow.

    Crystal: Hey, Billy! What do we wear?

    Billy Cole: [smiles] Dress for sport.

  • Billy Cole: [at beach with bikini girls, first practice session] These are balls.

    Champagne: Oh, we know all about balls.

    Billy Cole: I'm happy for you. These are...

    [as if speaking to a child]

    Billy Cole: volleyballs.

    Olga: Ach, we know how to play wally ball.

    [takes one of the balls from him]

    Billy Cole: Fine.

    [curtly tosses the other ball at Champagne]

  • Crystal: [gloomily] We got beat.

    Olga: I no like competition wally ball. And they broke four of my nails.

    Crystal: We were a joke. People were making fun of us.

    Champagne: Yeah, and they were treating us like we were... sex objects.

    Crystal: Champagne's right. I mean, in here it's every girl for herself. Out there, it felt like we were part of something.

    Corazon: Yeah, and we were as good as those white West Side bitches who pay my cousin minimal wage to clean their toilets.

  • Billy Cole: [the girls visiting him in his new trailer] Just passing by?

    Crystal: We've been thinking. We... we love playing volleyball, but we just wanna be the best.

    Billy Cole: [nods as he puffs on cigar] Good! That's what I want. I want you to be the best.

    Olga: [strong accent] Ve don't vant to do anymore bachelor parties and company picnics.

    Champagne: We just wanna play volleyball.

    Crystal: But legitimately, for like AVP or AAU.

    Olga: And what about the Olympics? Even Russia has a team!

    Billy Cole: I do understand. But first I want you to do this bachelor party coming up.

    [coughs on cigar]

    Billy Cole: Get a lot of money for that.

    [still doing everything his way]

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