Chamberlain Quotes in Ninja Scroll (1993)


Chamberlain Quotes:

  • Chamberlain: You, ninja girl! You've done well.

    Kagero: You must hurry, or they'll get away! Are there any other members?

    Chamberlain: Don't be worried, we've already surrounded this area.

    Kagero: Then please, you must go quickly!

    [They are surrounded by Yumimaru and other ninjas. Kagero prepares to defend the Chamberlain, but he suddenly stabs her from behind. She screams]

    Kagero: Jubei!

    Jubei: [watching from a rooftop] Kagero!

    [Dakuan holds him back]

    Dakuan: No, stop! Don't do it, it's a trap!

    Chamberlain: You idiots! Sakaki Hyobu died two days ago!

    [laughs as he morphs into Gemma]

    Lord Himuro Gemma: I killed him myself.

    Jubei: [screams] GEMMA!

  • Chamberlain: Hmmmmm...

    General: I hate your whimper!

    Chamberlain: HMMMM!

    [they proceed down the hallway]

    Chamberlain: Hmmmmmmm-mmmmm...

    General: QUIET!

  • General: Chamberlain! I challenge!

    Chamberlain: Trial by stone.

    General: Trial by stone!

  • Chamberlain: [Explaining to Cinderella as to why she and Prince Edward can't be together] Your love for the prince and his love for you, well, that is a fine and private thing. Would that it could remain so, but the times demand something different. The prince must make a marriage of alliance with the princess blood royal. And that is why I am here, burdened with this unhappy task. You see my dear, in life, love cannot always find a way. You were born here, so you know that our little kingdom, whilst far from perfect, has enjoyed countless centuries of peace. Now that peace is threatened from without, there are some who look towards our frontiers with greedy eyes. You see only love and happiness staring you in the face, I see nothing but war and destruction; unless a sacrifice is made.

    Cinderella: And that sacrifice is to be me?

    Chamberlain: Yes. It's a lot to ask, but I have to ask it.

  • Chamberlain: The governmant of her majesty is happy to raise a friendly relationship with the State of the Boers.

    Ohm Krüger: The important thing on such contracts is that is is made good as well.

  • Chamberlain: You're a nihilist - that's what you are!

    Virgil Smith: I am not! I'm a Presbyterian!

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