Cesar Quotes in The Day After Tomorrow (2004)


Cesar Quotes:

  • Cecil: [about the dogs] What's gotten into them?

    Cesar: I have no idea. They're all worked up today.

  • César: They will have to adapt or vanish

  • Kevin: D'you know it's, uh, Wear-Jeans-If-You're-Gay Day?

    Cesar: Of course. I organized it.

    Kevin: [dropping smile] Oh... shit. That... That's cool.

  • Cesar: [as Kevin prepares to take a shower] Should I close my eyes?

    Kevin: [slipping off his underwear with a smile] Too late.

  • Cesar: Don't "Hi" me, closet-whore.

  • Cesar: And what are you?

    Kevin: Just yer average good-ole-boy.

    Cesar: Who could charm the skin off a rattlesnake.

  • Cesar: You're hotter than a billy-goat in a pepper patch.

    Kevin: You're makin' fun of me.

    Cesar: Never.

  • Cesar: Will you marry me?

    Marsha: Well, I would.

    Marsha: But you're a total fag and I'm a total bitch.

    Marsha: We just couldn't get our children into the good schools.

  • [walks into a bullfighting arena with Johnnie and Jamie]

    Cesar: Do you read Hemingway? He understood the fight. He knew why it was important to celebrate the kill. The bull is a symbol for life. The struggle, survival. An elegant and violent journey towards life's inevitable end. Today, people have become cowards. They scream for the Animal Rights, then they go buy meat neatly rapped in plastic from the supermarkets - hamburgers, hotdogs, chickens. They don't kill it, but they sure do eat it.

  • César: Happy... That's exactly my problem. That I can't be happy. I never have been. Not even when good things happen to me. You can't imagine what it means to wake up every day with no motivation. The effort it takes me to find a reason, just one, not to let it all go to Hell. And believe me, I give it my best shot. My very best. Every day of my life...

  • Pelayo: Did you screw her?

    César: Screw who?

  • Cesar: It's better to run and live than to stay and die.

  • Trevor Garfield: Your whole way of life is bullshit! Macho is bullshit!

    Cesar: It's all I got!

  • Cesar: I got one in six chances. I'm gonna beat this bitch.

  • Trevor Garfield: Has anybody read 'Animal Farm'?

    Cesar: No, but I fucked a sheep once.

  • Cesar: There's something more to this place. Our cells don't work. Neither does the T.V. or radio. We're isolated.

  • Cesar: When are we starting?

    Ángela: We did.

    Cesar: Why didn't you tell me? Don't you see my face is shiny?

  • Cesar: [Looking at the new expedition preparing to sail out] Some scientists! None of them a day over thirty-five!

  • Cesar: [Indicating Marius' friend] Is that coffee for him?

    Marius: Yes. Want a cup?

    Cesar: No.

    Marius: Why not?

    Cesar: Because if we drink everything free, there would be nothing left for the customers!

  • Cesar: You know Marius, I think it's about time you got married.

    Marius: Me? Why?

    Cesar: Now now, Marius. Don't take me for an idiot. I know you love Fanny.

    Marius: Who told you?

    Cesar: [Sarcastic] My little finger.

    Marius: Then that little finger is not so bright.

  • Cesar: [Talking to his son Marius] You know, sometimes I say that you make my life miserable. It's not true.

  • Cesar: We're playing on a vast board, encompassing both past and present.

  • Inspector: And what chess piece are you?

    Cesar: Your guess is as good as mine, inspector. We never seem to find out until after we're dead.

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