Cedrick the Bellman Quotes in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)


Cedrick the Bellman Quotes:

  • Cedrick the Bellman: Do you know how the TV works?

    Kevin McCallister: I'm 10 years old. TV is my life.

  • [last lines]

    Cedrick the Bellman: Mr. McCallister's room service bill, sir.

    [he hands Buzz the bill]

    Cedrick the Bellman: Merry Christmas, sir.

    [he hold out his hand for a tip, of which Buzz hands him: Gum]

    Cedrick the Bellman: Nice family. Really.

    [Buzz looks at the long room service bill worth over $967.00]

    Buzz McCallister: [sarcastically] Merry Christmas, indeed. Oh, Daaaad...

    Peter McCallister: [yells out] KEVIN! YOU SPENT $967 ON ROOM SERVICE?

  • Gangster Johnny on TV: Get down on your knees and tell me you love me!

    Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: Um, everybody... on your knees...

    [after a long pause]

    Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: I love you.

    Gangster Johnny on TV: You gotta do better than that!

    Mr. Hector, Hotel ConciergeMrs. Stone, Desk ClerkCedrick the BellmanOfficer CliffSecurity Guard: [all chorusing] I love you!

  • Kevin McCallister: I'm sorry. You wanted a tip.

    Cedrick the Bellman: Um, that won't be necessary, sir. I still have some...

    [Shows Kevin a piece of gum]

    Cedrick the Bellman: tip left over.

    Kevin McCallister: [takes out a bundle of cash] No tip? Okay.

    [Kevin closes the door as Cedrick begs him not to close it]

    Cedrick the Bellman: Uh, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait...

  • Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: Cedrick.

    Cedrick the Bellman: Yes?

    Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: Don't count your tips in public.

  • [Kevin walks outside to see a white limousine parked in front of the Plaza Hotel]

    Cedrick the Bellman: [opening a box] Mr. McCallister, here's your very own... cheese pizza.

  • Cedrick the Bellman: [presents a pair of boxers] Your drawers, sir.

    Kevin McCallister: [grabs them] Geez! Don't flash these babies around here; there could be girls on this floor!

    Cedrick the Bellman: I was very careful, sir.

    Kevin McCallister: You can't be too careful when it involves underwear.

    Cedrick the Bellman: I understand.

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