Cathy Quotes in Wanted (2008)


Cathy Quotes:

  • Cathy: Wesley!

    Wesley: [half-asleep] What is it?

    Cathy: What do you mean what is it? Listen.

    [subway train passes by and shakes the entire apartment]

    Cathy: How the hell am I supposed to sleep with all that fucking racket? When are we going to move so that we don't have to wake up to that shit?

    Wesley: I kind of like it.


    Wesley: It helps to drown out the sound of your annoying fucking voice. Now please, let me sleep.

  • Cathy: Oh look at you Adriana, look at what's become of you.

    Adriana Cruz: Yeah look at me, I've got my clothes on - I'm dressed!

  • [after catching Gates with Cathy]

    Adriana Cruz: You said he was former Delta, he'd take great care of me! What a bunch of bullshit!

    Col. Horn: Would you please let me handle this?

    Adriana Cruz: Doesn't she have her own goddamn escort?

    Col. Horn: Of course she does, she's right here!

    Adriana Cruz: Why don't you find her someone she can fuck so she'll leave my escort alone?

    Cathy: That is really unnecessary!

  • [en route to Russia]

    Cabot: Jack... Jack, what are you doing?

    Jack: Oh... I had a date tonight, so I had to call and cancel...

    Cabot: Well, don't be stupid! Tell her where you're going. In fact, tell her who you work for. She'll be impressed.

    Jack: [to Cathy, over the phone] OK. I work for the CIA, and the Director asked me at the last minute to come with him to Russia with him to do a nuclear arms inspection. Hello?

    Cathy: That is so lame.

    Jack: No, I swear, it's because of the START treaty, we get to inspect to make sure they're really decommissioning their nuclear arsenal...

    [Cathy hangs up]

    Jack: Hello... hello?

    [Cabot starts laughing]

    Jack: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  • [last lines]

    Anatoli Grushkov: A modest gift got your engagement.

    Cathy: He just asked me this morning.

    Jack: We, uh, we haven't told anybody. How did you... how could you possibly know?

    Anatoli Grushkov: [gives a jovial shrug and walks away]

  • Cathy: What will happen to us, in time?

    Bullitt: Time starts now.

  • Cathy: You're living in a sewer, Frank. Day after day.

  • Cathy: I just want you to teach me the way

    Cho Osaki: Well, if you wanna work out, you forgot your pants!

    Cathy: Do you really think I forgot?

  • Cathy: [after betraying Braden, Cathy wakes up to find herself tied up in a hot tub of boiling water]


    Cathy: What are you doin to me?

    Braden: [shakes his head with dismay] Cathy, you're a disappointment and my trust in you is gone. You've shown too much compassion.

    Cathy: [sees Kane tied up in the sauna room and gasps when she remembers that she was hypnotized into kidnapping him]


    Cathy: Oh, my God! What have I done?

    [looks at Braden with hate in her eyes]

    Cathy: [shouts] What do you want with him?

    Braden: He saw me, Cathy, so now he and his father must die.

    Cathy: Don't kill Cho! Please!

    Braden: Goodbye, Cathy.

    [Braden laughs wickedly and turns the water jets on Cathy, full blast]

  • Cathy: Why'd you call yourself Voltron?

    Dave: I don't know. Maybe cause it's super badass!

    Cathy: You're weird.

    Dave: Hells, yeah, I am.

  • Cathy: Why do you call yourself Voltron, Dave?

    Dave: I don't know, Cathy, maybe because it's *super* badass?

  • Cathy: [to Tad] And at which point, Tad, If you are going back to the airport I will ride with you, and by the Route 73 cloverleaf, I will have given myself to you in ways you've only read about in the drugstore!

  • Rosalee: They also said that in first class you may personally view the film of your choice.

    Cathy: All right. I would like to touch intimately the person who thought of that.

  • Kara: I'm such a terrible friend.

    Cathy: No, you're not. No.

    Kara: Yes, I am. I am.

    Kara: Well, maybe today, but not usually.

  • Cathy: When it comes to sex, men can't help lying and women can't keep from telling the truth. I don't know which is worse.

  • Dr. Prokosch: Can you look like 'yes' and act like 'no'? Can you entice them, lure them, then postpone, evade, delay? It needs a special kind of experience and skill. This a nice girl hasn't learned.

    Cathy: No? This is what a nice girl has learned best.

  • Cathy: Fred, what's the matter?

    Fred Williams: The matter? It's one thing for a girl to be - to go wrong. A guy'd have to be pretty narrow-minded not to overlook a thing like that. But to make me a miserable guinea pig? To use a guy for, for an experiment? To be a dirty, contemptible... *sociologist*! That's about as low as you can get!

  • Boss' Girl Friend: But darling, a girl can't make a success on instincts alone. To understand a man takes a lifetime of study.

    Cathy: Isn't it amazing how much post graduate work goes on in this town?

  • Cathy: You can choose any piece of chicken you want, like a breast or thigh or wing.

    Server: What can I get for you?

    Bob Maloogaloogaloogaloogalooga: Two faces.

  • Rachel: He posted another picture of the baby. It was a cute picture.

    Cathy: Yeah?

    Rachel: Yup.

    Cathy: Facebook and drunk ex-wives do not make good friends.

  • [first lines]

    Michael: Check, please.

    Cathy: Look Daddy, a volcano.

    [Cathy blows bubbles into her soft drink]

    Michael: It's very pretty. Drink up your volcano. All right. We're going. Mommy's waiting.

    Cathy: Daddy, please. Just one more minute.

  • Stefan Brückner: What is "horse"?

    Cathy: Heroin.

  • Cathy: Dead men arrest no one.

  • Chuckie: [in a bar] I didn't get on Cathy last night.

    Will: No?

    Chuckie: Nah.

    Will: Why not?

    Chuckie: I don't know.

    [yells across room]

    Chuckie: Cathy!

    Cathy: What?

    Chuckie: Why didn't you give me none of that nasty little hoochie-woochie you usually throw at me?

    Cathy: Oh, fuck you and your Irish curse, Chuckie. Like I'd waste my energy spreading my legs for that Tootsie Roll dick? So go home and give it a tug yourself.

  • Cathy: [Appearing in John's dream] All of the men want me, Johnny. But I want you. And you - you want the Pulitzer Prize.

  • Cathy: Hamlet was made for Freud. Not you.

  • Cathy: Do you think I like singing in that sewer with a hot light on my navel? I'm doing it because it pays more than shorthand or clerking or typing.

  • Cathy: Johnny, you've gotta' be crazy to want to be committed to an insane asylum to solve a murder.

  • Cathy: You're on a hopped up, lunatic stage. Get off it! Don't be Moses leading your lunatics to the Pulitzer Prize.

    Johnny Barrett: [Ignoring her completely] Would you care for a cigarette?

    Cathy: You make me sick! Sick at the thought of you playing games with your mind and riding that crazy horse.

  • Cathy: Mark Twain didn't psychoanalyze Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer. Dickens didn't put Oliver Twist on the couch because he was hungry. Good copy comes out of people, Johnny, not out of a lot explainatory medical terms!

  • Cathy: He was sane enough to write that story. He's been sane for weeks. Don't you stand there and tell me there's nothing you can do for him. Why? Why does he look like that?

    [Pan left to see Johnny sitting there motionless]

    Cathy: Oh, god in heaven...

  • Grandmother: Your mother has come home after seventeen years to repent for her sins and for her crime. Not only against your grandfather and me, but against God! Your mother's marriage was unholy! A sacrilege! An abomination in the eyes of the Lord! She did not fall from Grace! She leapt! Into the arms of a man whose veins pulsed with the same blood as hers! Not a stranger, but her own uncle! And you, the children, are the devil's spawn! Evil from the moment of conception!

    Cathy: [shouts] I'm getting my mother!

    [gets up from the bed and runs to the door]

    Grandmother: [shouts] Come back here!

    [Cathy opens the door and sees John and screams and then returns to her bed]

    Grandmother: Sit down, be silent and don't move again until I leave.

  • Cathy: Why are you just standing there, Mother? Cory needs to be taken to a hospital there is no other decision to make

    [the mother just stands there looking and quivering]

    Cathy: What's wrong with you mother? Are you going to just stand there and think about yourself and your money while Cory lies there and dies? Don't you care what happens to him? Have you forgotten that you're his mother?

    Mother: Always it's you.

    [slaps Cathy]

    Cathy: [slaps her mother back]

    Chris: Cathy!

    Cathy: [shouts] Damn you to hell, Mama, if you don't take Cory to a hospital right now! You think you can go on doing whatever you want with us and nobody will ever find out? If Cory dies, Mama, you'll pay for it! One way or another, I will find a way. I promise you that.

  • Cathy: Look at us, Mother! Do we look like you with your rosy cheeks and your bright eyes? Look at the twins, Mother! Cory has stomach cramps almost every day, and Carrie has little sores growing on her skin! Do you know or even care that the grandmother has stopped feeding us for more than a week?

    Mother: Stop it! You have no right to talk to me like that! Do you think I've had pleasure while my children have been in pain? You are heartless. When you're ready to treat me with love, I'll be back.

  • Cathy: [coming up behind their mother at the wedding] Mother!

    [Corrine turns around]

    Cathy: Do you like my dress? I thought it was appropriate for the occasion.

    Mother: Who are you? How did you get in here?

    Cathy: Have you forgotten us already?

    Carrie Dollanganger: Mama?

    Bart Winslow: Who are you children?

    Cathy: We're the children of the bride!

  • Mother: Nonsense, you know I don't have any children. Get out. I'll not have my wedding day ruined by a cruel, evil prank.

    Cathy: YOU'RE the one who's cruel and evil, Mother, you kept us locked up in that attic and you said you'd come for us after your father died. YOU NEVER CAME!

    Chris: You couldn't let anybody find out about us, because if you did you'd be disinherited.

    Mother: It's not true! No, what proof do they have?

    Chris: [holds up a dead mouse] It died from eating the same cookies that Corrie ate.

    Mother: Who's Corrie?

    Chris: He was your son and my little brother! And you killed him.

    Cathy: Just like you tried to kill us! Look at us, Mother, how could you do this to us?

  • Cathy: [shouts] Eat the cookie

  • Cathy: Christopher, what is it?

    Chris: A copy of Grandfather's will. It's 2 months old. It says if it was ever proven Mom had children from her first marriage, even after he's dead, she'd be disinherited.

    Cathy: Mother's known all this time that we could never be found.

    Chris: She never meant for us to leave that attic.

  • Cathy: Mother should have prepared us for something like this.

    Chris: What do you mean?

    Cathy: She never allowed us have a... dog, or a kitten.

    Chris: What's that got to do with anything?

    Cathy: Because pets die, Christopher. And if we had had a pet and it had died, then we would have learned something about that.

    Chris: About what? About death?

    Cathy: Yes, death! Death! She should have told us. Somebody should have told us that fathers die too. They die, Christopher. Even if they're young, and they're handsome, and we need them.

  • Cathy: Do you need to use the bathroom?

    Chris: No.

    Cathy: Not even to brush your teeth?

    Chris: I don't feel like it tonight.

  • Cathy: Why didn't you ever take us to see the grandparents before?

    Mother: I suppose because we were never penniless before... many years ago I did something that angered your grandfather, and his punishment was to disinherit me.

    Chris: So, why are we going back there if he won't give us any money?

    Mother: Because he will. Your grandfather is dying. He's not expected to live much longer, and in that time, I'm going to win back his love... and then, darlings, I'll be an heiress to a fortune beyond your imaginations. And through me, all your wildest dreams will come true.

  • Mother: [Pretending not to know her children] Who's Cory?

    Chris: He was your son and my little brother, and you killed him.

    Cathy: Just like you tried to kill us.

    [Referring to their ragged appearance]

    Cathy: Look at us mother. How could you do this to us?

  • Chris: This way!

    Cathy: No Chris, they're not going to get away with this. We've got to go tell our Grandfather the truth.

    Chris: What difference does it make now? Let's just go!

    Cathy: No, Mother's not getting that money, not after the way she treated us. Now come on!

  • Cathy: All the money in the world isn't worth the living that we've lost!

    Chris: Maybe not to you but without some of it, Mom doesn't have a thing.

    Cathy: She has us if she cared! Let's just take the twins and run away, Christopher! We'll find a way out, but let's do it now before it's too late!

  • Cathy: What're you doing?

    Chris: I'm going downstairs to see that party. Want to come with me?

  • Cathy: Are you enjoying yourself, Heathcliff?

    Heathcliff: I've had the pleasure of watching you.

    Cathy: You're very grand, Heathcliff. So handsome. Looking at you tonight I could not help but remember how things used to be.

    Heathcliff: They used to be better.

    Cathy: Don't pretend life hasn't improved for you.

    Heathcliff: Life has ended for me.

    [they pause and look off the balcony in silence]

    Heathcliff: How can you stand here beside me and pretend not to remember? Not to know that my heart is breaking for you? That your face is the wonderful light burning in all this darkness?

    Cathy: Heathcliff, no. I forbid it.

    Heathcliff: Do you forbid what your heart is saying to you now?

    Cathy: It's saying nothing.

    Heathcliff: I can hear it louder than the music. Oh, Cathy. Cathy.

    Cathy: I'm not the Cathy that was. Can you understand that? I'm somebody else. I'm another man's wife, and he loves me. And I love him.

    Heathcliff: If he loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime he couldn't love you as much as I do in a single day. Not he. Not the world. Not even you, Cathy, can come between us.

    Cathy: Heathcliff, you must go away. You must leave this house and never come back to it. I never want to see your face again or listen to your voice again as long as I live.

    Heathcliff: You lie! Why do you think I'm here tonight? Because you willed it. You willed me here across the sea.

  • Cathy: He seems to take pleasure in being mean and brutal. And yet, he's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. And Linton's is as different as frost from fire... Ellen, I AM Heathcliff.


    Cathy: Everything he's suffered, I've suffered. The little happiness he's ever known, I've had too. Oh, Ellen, if everything in the world died and Heathcliff remained, life would still be full for me.

  • Cathy: Heathcliff, make the world stop right here. Make everything stop and stand still and never move again. Make the moors never change and you and I never change.

    Heathcliff: The moors and I will never change. Don't you, Cathy.

    Cathy: I can't. I can't. No matter what I ever do or say, Heathcliff, this is me now; standing on this hill with you. This is me forever.

  • Cathy: It would be dreadful if Hindley ever found out.

    Heathcliff: Found out what? That you talk to me once in a while?

    Cathy: I shouldn't talk to you at all. Look at you! You get worse every day. Dirty and unkempt and in rags. Why aren't you a man? Heathcliff, why don't you run away?

    Heathcliff: Run away? From you?

    Cathy: You could come back to me rich and take me away. Why aren't you my prince like we said long ago? Why can't you rescue me, Heathcliff?

    Heathcliff: Cathy, come with me now!

    Cathy: Where?

    Heathcliff: Anywhere!

    Cathy: And live in haystacks and steal our food from the marketplaces? No, Heathcliff. That's not what I want.

    Heathcliff: You just want to send me off. That won't do. I've stayed here and been beaten like a dog. Abused and cursed and driven man, but I stayed just to be near you. Even as a dog! And I'll stay till the end. I'll live and I'll die under this rock!

  • Cathy: Go on, Heathcliff. Run away. Bring me back the world.

    Judge Linton: Pack this fellow off.

    Heathcliff: I'm going. I'm going from here and from this cursed country both.

    Judge Linton: Throw him out!

    Heathcliff: But I'll be back in this house one day, Judge Linton and I'll pay you out. I'll bring this house down in ruins about your heads. That's my curse on you!

    [spits on the floor]

    Heathcliff: On all of you!

  • Heathcliff: My tears don't love you, Cathy. They blight and curse and damn you!

    Cathy: Heathcliff, don't break my heart.

    Heathcliff: Oh Cathy, I never broke your heart. You broke it!

  • Cathy: I told you, Ellen. When he went away that night in the rain, I told you I belonged to him, that he was my life, my being.

  • Cathy: No matter what I ever do or say, Heathcliff, this is me - now - standing on this hill with you. This is me, forever.

  • Cathy: Did Joseph see which way you came?

    Heathcliff: What does it matter? Nothing's real down there. Our life is here.

    Cathy: Yes, milord.

  • Cathy: You could come back to me rich and take me away. Why aren't you my prince like we said long ago? Why can't you rescue me Heathcliff?

    Heathcliff: Cathy, come with me now.

    Cathy: Where?

    Heathcliff: Anywhere.

    Cathy: And live in haystacks and steal our food from the marketplaces? No Heathcliff, that's not what I want.

    Heathcliff: You just want to send me off. That won't do. I've stayed here and been beaten like a dog, abused and cursed and driven mad, but I stayed just to be near you, even as a dog. And I'll stay 'til the end. I'll live and I'll die under this rock.

  • [Scene at 37:08]

    Ellen: Oh, you're lovely, Miss Cathy. Lovely.

    Cathy: That's a very silly lie. I'm not lovely. What I am is very brilliant. I have a wonderful brain.

    Ellen: Indeed.

    Cathy: It enables me to be superior to myself. There's nothing to be gained by just looking pretty like Isabella. Every beauty mark must conceal a thought and every curl be full of humor as well as brilliantine.

  • Jim: I feel obliged to pick up this hot piece of ass. Call it my civic duty.

    Cathy: Call it your hard-on.

  • Jen: Cathy, it could be fun.

    Cathy: That's right, Jen. It could also not be fun. See how that works?

  • Cathy: Go ahead. The dark ride's waiting.

  • Steve: Get fucked, Cathy, and stay fucked for a while.

    Cathy: I wouldn't call 3 minutes including foreplay "a while."

  • Cathy: Don't call it revenge. Think of as... time release justice.

  • Cathy: I know what I saw! I know what happened! It sounds stupid but it happened!

  • [last lines]

    Cathy: Don't go home!

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