Cassie Barnes Quotes in Three Wise Girls (1932)


Cassie Barnes Quotes:

  • Dot: You know, addressing envelopes ain't as tough as it's cracked up to be.

    Cassie Barnes: No?

    Dot: No! There's a lot of money in it. I doped the whole thing out a while ago. At a dollar and a half a thousand, if I sell an envelope to everybody in the United States, I'd make a hundred and fifty thousand dollars!

    Cassie Barnes: That's swell. Have you figured out how long it's going to take you to do that?

    Dot: Oh, um... About two-hundred and fifty years.

    Cassie Barnes: I had no idea there was such a future in it.

  • Jerry Dexter: I thought a ride in the park would


    Jerry Dexter: calm your nerves.

    Cassie Barnes: Well there's nothing wrong with my nerves.

    Jerry Dexter: No?

    Cassie Barnes: No.

    Jerry Dexter: Well maybe you'd come with me. I need the air.

    Cassie Barnes: Yeah? Well I'm giving you the air.

  • Mrs. Barnes, Cassie's Mother: Her mother says she's earning 200 dollars a week now.

    Cassie Barnes: A week?

    Mrs. Barnes, Cassie's Mother: That's what she says.

    Cassie Barnes: Makes my 15 a week look kinda silly.

    Mrs. Barnes, Cassie's Mother: There's nothing silly about that.

  • Mrs. Barnes, Cassie's Mother: You needn't make fun of your job. Fifteen dollars is a good salary nowadays.

    Cassie Barnes: [Sarcastically] Yeah, swell!

  • Lem - the Druggist: What's up Cassie?

    Cassie Barnes: You better get yourself another soda jerker, Lem.

    Lem - the Druggist: Why? What do you mean?

    Cassie Barnes: I'm going to New York.

  • Jerry Dexter: Oh, go away, I hate blondes.

    Cassie Barnes: Well, I hate drunks; so, that makes us even.

  • Cassie Barnes: What have you got against the world? It seems to be treating you all right.

    Jerry Dexter: I'm fed up. That's all. Fed up with - formal dinners, pompous butlers, and - and...

    Cassie Barnes: And blondes.

  • Cassie Barnes: Say, was it a blonde that drove you to drink?

    Jerry Dexter: Oh, no. I don't need anybody to drive me to drink. I can do that myself.

  • Cassie Barnes: It certainly must have been a wild party last night.

    Jerry Dexter: Oh, I don't know. I didn't stay there long. I ducked and spent the night in a speakeasy. I had to get away from those cackling women.

    [Falls on Cassie's lap]

    Jerry Dexter: Oh, excuse me. I beg your pardon.

    Cassie Barnes: Well, don't tell me they were all blondes?

    Jerry Dexter: Did I say I hated blondes? Well, I was wrong! 'Cause I hate brunettes too! Yes, and redheads.

    Cassie Barnes: What have the poor things done to you?

  • Jerry Dexter: Do you know what I'm going to do, the rest of my life?

    Cassie Barnes: No.

    Jerry Dexter: I'm going to spend the time looking for an honest woman. You think I'll ever find one?

    Cassie Barnes: No, never.

    Jerry Dexter: You're right! There ain't no such animal.

  • Dot: Well what are you doing home?

    Cassie Barnes: Job number three is now a thing of the past.

    Dot: Yeah? What happened?

    Cassie Barnes: Oh, the Manager had a lot of brand new ideas. He tried to take my waist measurement.

    Dot: Oh, I know. Wanted to see if you were gaining any weight, huh?

    Cassie Barnes: Yeah.

  • Dot: Say, Cass, you don't happen to know of a good man layin' around loose, do ya? A plumber or something? I'd grab the first one that came along so - I - wouldn't - have - to - type - these - silly - stupid - things!

    Cassie Barnes: Oh, you're always yelping about men, Dot!

    Dot: Yeah, well that's my trouble. All I do is yelp. But, I never can get my clutches on one.

    Cassie Barnes: Oh, they give me a pain!

  • Cassie Barnes: Oh, I met a new breed this morning.

    Dot: Yeah, what's he like?

    Cassie Barnes: Rich, handsome, - and a sap! He was in the store when I had the scrap this morning. Brought me home in his car.

    Dot: What happened? Did he make a pass at you?

    Cassie Barnes: No, he didn't even try to date me up! The conceded fool!

    Dot: Well, what are you kicking about? Isn't that what you want?

    Cassie Barnes: Yeah, but a man doesn't have to be insulting, does he?

  • Cassie Barnes: Well, goodbye slave. I'm gonna have my lunch in style!

    Dot: Yeah and I hope you choke!

  • Cassie Barnes: You're crazy about him, aren't you?

    Gladys Kane: Ga-ga - and it's no good. If I ever thought I'd love him so violently, I'd dropped him the minute I felt it coming on. Take my advice, Cassie, never fall in love. It's terrible.

  • Jerry Dexter: Well, you know, I like to get tight once in awhile.

    Cassie Barnes: Why?

    Jerry Dexter: Oh, it takes me to strange places, where I meet strange people. Like you - for instance.

    Cassie Barnes: Is that supposed to be a compliment?

  • Jerry Dexter: Do you want to go out somewhere or prefer to sit around here and talk.

    Cassie Barnes: Sit around here and - talk? Can that be done?

  • Cassie Barnes: I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing, Dot.

    Dot: Awww, nertz! If you think it's right, it's right! That's the only way to look at it.

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