Cass Quotes in Big Hero 6 (2014)


Cass Quotes:

  • Hiro: Okay. If my aunt asks, we were at school all day. Got it?

    Baymax: [loudly] We jumped out a window!

    Hiro: No! Quiet! Shhh!

    Baymax: [whispering] Shhh! We jumped out a window!

    Hiro: You can't say things like that around Aunt Cass. Shhh!

    Baymax: Shhh!

    [Hiro walks up the stairs. Baymax tries to follow and faceplants on the first step, then pops back up]

    Baymax: Shhh!

    Cass: Hiro? You home, sweetie?

    Hiro: Uh, that's right.

    Cass: I thought I heard you. Hi.

    Hiro: [casually] H-Hey, Aunt Cass.

    Cass: Oh, look at my little college man. Oh, I can't wait to hear all about it! Oh, and wings are almost ready.

    Baymax: Weeee!

    Hiro: [whispers] Will you be quiet!

    Cass: Yeah, weeee! Weeooh!

    [as Hiro desperately tries to push Baymax upstairs, unseen]

    Cass: All right, get ready to have your face melted! You are gonna feel these things tomorrow, you know what I'm saying? Okay, sit down, tell me everything.

    [She turns around and Hiro's not there]

    Hiro: [hurrying back down the stairs] Um, the thing is, since I registered so late, I've got a lot of school stuff to catch up on.

    [Loud thud]

    Cass: What was that?

    Hiro: Mochi. Ooh, that darn cat!

    [notices Mochi rubbing up against his legs]

    Cass: Well, at least take a plate for the road, okay?

    [Hiro quickly tosses Mochi into his room]

    Cass: Don't work too hard.

    Hiro: Thanks for understanding.

    Baymax: [petting Mochi] Hairy baby! Hairy baaaby!

    Hiro: All right, come on.

    Baymax: Health care, your pers... personal Baymax companion.

    Hiro: One foot in front of the other.

    [Baymax tries to step into his charger, and keeps missing the step]

  • Lodge: [narrating] Flynn is alone with the Grimmoire.

    Leo: I stab it! Wait! I BACKSTAB it!

    Cass: Good call.

    Lodge: Y-y-you can't backstab it! You can't *sneak-attack* an inanimate object!

    Leo: Why not? It's PRONE!

    Lodge: It doesn't have a discernible anatomy!

    Leo: It's got a SPINE! Doesn't it?

    [Leo rolls a fumble, causing Flynn to stab himself]

    Leo: [in shock] Bards suck.

    Lodge: That... was unprecedented, Leo.

  • [after donning the Mask of Death, Mort Kemnon easily brushes off the party's attacks]

    Mort Kemnon: Surely you can do better.

    Brother Silence: As you wish.

    [Brother Silence suddenly pulls out a shotgun and cocks it]

    Lodge: [voice-over] What the fu-!

    Cass: [voice-over] It's from the trunk.

  • Lodge: I am never gonna finish this frecking module!

    Mark: Party die again?

    Lodge: They don't try anything new and then they blame *me* when they die. Ungrateful munchkins. I'm really kinda pissed off.

    Mark: This has nothing to do with your writer's block.

    Lodge: I do not have writer's block! I know exactly how the story ends. I just... don't know how to get there.

    Mark: Obviously neither do your players.

    Lodge: How am I supposed to write a module based on an adventure if we *never* finish the adventure?

    Mark: Just run 'em through it until they win... or your head explodes.

    Lodge: [sigh] We're gonna start all over again once we have a few more players.


    Lodge: Mark! Why don't you join? You used to game all the time in college.

    Mark: I haven't gamed since... the Incident.

    Lodge: [confused] Total party wipeout?

    Mark: Like you can't even imagine.

    Lodge: [Cass walks up] Hey, Cass.

    Cass: Lodge. Mark! Haven't seen you in a long time. It's like I forget you even exist.

    Mark: Yeah, I get that a lot.

  • Lodge: You can't use a lightsaber! It... it's not even the right system!

    Cass: I see no lightsaber. That would be a copyright infringement. I see a psionic spirit blade.

    Lodge: You do not have my permission to use that in my campaign!

    Cass: Fine! Then you do not have *my* permission to use *my* old character!

  • Cass: [as Silence and Luster are being taken by a Death Demon] Why don't I get a save?

    Lodge: It's a Death Demon. It's fear aura is too strong. You *can't* roll a successful save.

    Cass: Incorrect.

    Lodge: What's your willpower save?

    Cass: Plue nine.

    Lodge: The DC to beat his aura is 32. You would need to role a 23, on a twenty-sided die in order to succeed. Now, I don't have a math degree. But that's impossible.

    Cass: [holds up his d20] A natural twenty is an automatic success no matter the circumstances.

    Lodge: You still have only a five percent chance of rolling that twenty.

    Cass: Can I make the roll? I mean it's in the rules. Or is it okay if we play by the rules?

    [Cass rolls his d20 and it lands on a one: automatic failure]

    Lodge: Ooooooohhh! Oh, fumble! That means you're *completely* compelled and *I* get to control your character until you snap out of it!

    [Cass angrily gives Lodge his character sheet]

    Lodge: Since we're playing by the rules, I know you don't mind.

    Cass: Oh, shut up, Kevin.

  • Cass: You could have been a GOD! I know MORMONS who would KILL for that!

  • Leo: Start out strong. Set yourself up for victory. There's a reason you're carrying three of these.

    Cass: Biggest Turnip?

    Leo: Quick 2 Renown.

    Cass: [incredulous] Biggest Turnip?

    Leo: Not every quest gets to be epic.

    Cass: Maybe I'm missing something... What exactly is the big heroic deed here? Growing a giant freak vegetable?

    Leo: More or less...

    Cass: And said mutant tuber has the potential to win you the game?

    Leo: I don't think turnips are tubers.

    Cass: So... your empire's at war, and regardless of the tactical or economic realities on the ground, you could theoretically win a military conflict by growing a turgid bit of purple stew-bait.

    Leo: [smiling] Hey. I have an idea how to end this flashback.

    Cass: Oh?

    [Leo slaps him]

  • Weaver: A common theme one finds in classical mythology is the belief that all events are predetermined, that all outcomes have already been decided - by gods, weaving together the strands of fate. On a related note, you may call me Weaver.

    Cass: No.

    Weaver: I'm sorry?

    Cass: No, I'm gonna call you... Louis. You look like a Louis to me.

  • Leo: The Meach has won four Gen Cons. He is arguably the best player in the game today.

    Cass: Great,so how am I supposed to beat him at Gen Con?

    Leo: With any luck, the Legacy will knock him out of the tournament.

    Cass: Okay... how am I supposed to beat the Legacy?

    Leo: With any luck, the Meach will knock them out of the tournament.

    Cass: You're not helping!

  • Natalie: So full disclosure - my tazer's not actually legal in the states. I had to send away for it to Singapore.

    Cass: I'm detecting a hint of negativity.

  • Cass: Hey, Natalie!

    Natalie: Hey, wedgehead!

    Cass: Remember me? I'm the guy that's gonna put your king on the throne.

    Natalie: Right! Only it's Queen and, oh dear God, you thought I was serious.

    Cass: I expect that date when I win.

    [catcalls from the Legacy]

    Cass: Why is the bowling team here?

  • Jase: No no, it's an alliance to win - as a team.

    Cass: Oh shit, like NASCAR?

  • Cass: Somethin' 'bout a woman that shoots ta' kill, I just cain't seem ta' quit 'er.

  • Cass: That must be the hardest part for mom, now. Not knowing what I'm dreaming about. Or that I'm even alive to be dreaming.

  • Cass: [recording] On this pillow you will find, a teeny, tiny tooth of mine. So while I sleep where dreams are made, let's see if we can make this trade. Money for teeth. It just seems strange to exchange them for money. But it's something we all do. Or did.

  • Cass: You were gonna ask me for money? Who the hell do you think you're dealing with, some old slut on 42nd Street? In case you didn't happen to notice it, ya big Texas longhorn bull, I'm one helluva gorgeous chick!

  • Joe Buck: I'm brand, spankin' new in this here town and I was hopin' to get a look at the Statue of Liberty.

    Cass: It's up in Central Park, taking a leak. If you hurry, you can catch the supper show.

  • Cass: [Cass is on the phone while Joe Buck is foreplaying with her] Oh God... Nothing, I'm talking to Baby. I'm talking to the dog, Maury... please, you're annoying me! Here, why don't you say hello to Baby?

    [She puts the phone near her toy poodle's ear]

    Maury (voice on phone): Hello, Baby. Hello, Baby! Hello, ya goddamn dog! Bow wow wow! Bow wow wow!

  • Danny: [as the 2 headed monster wakes up] Daddy. Daddy.

    Cass: Whatta you know. He can talk.

    Danny: Who are you?

    Cass: I'm your brother.

    Danny: I don't have a, a brother.

    Cass: You do now. I don't like it any better. But until we can do something about it, I'm running this monster, understand?

    Danny: Uh, my neck hurts.

    Cass: My neck hurts, stupid. Don't you see what these maniacs had done to us?

    Danny: Stop jerking around. You and I are now one, dummy. Let's stand up. I'll show you.

    Cass: [as the monster gets up and starts walking for the first time] Aaaagh! I gotta teach the moron to walk.

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