Carolyn McDuffy Quotes in Pumpkin (2002)


Carolyn McDuffy Quotes:

  • Carolyn McDuffy: I've caused everyone a great deal of grief. You were all right. What I did with Pumpkin was against nature. And now everyone is suffering because of it. I ruined rush. I ruined our charity. I ruined the formal. Kent is probably injured beyond repair. And now, AO Pi is runner-up again. I'm sorry. I'm leaving the sorority. I'm quitting SCSU. I'm transferring to a community college.

    Julie Thurber: But Carolyn, you're a senior. You can't transfer to a community college. You have too many units.

    Carolyn McDuffy: Then I'm transferring to Long Beach Tech.

    [gasps and exclamations of horror from her sorority sisters seated around the dinner table]

    Julie Thurber: Long Beach Tech? Oh, my God!

    Julie Thurber: [Motioning the girls to be silent] Ssh.

    Julie Thurber: Carolyn. We're having lamb chops. Medium rare, your favorite. Would you like to join us for your last dinner?

    Carolyn McDuffy: No thank you, Julie. I have to get my life straight. I have to leave the lamb chops... the sisters... Kent... and Pumpkin, whose trust I betrayed. Goodbye everyone.

  • Carolyn McDuffy: I'm sorry Julie, but Pumpkin is not sitting in the back of the bus anymore.

  • Robert Meary: I can't teach people to write poetry. It has to come from your experience... from your insides. Listen babe, I could show you great poems which you will begin by imitating. If you have some talent, you might write a decent poem by the end of the semester.

    Cici Pinkus: What do you do if everything inside you is ugly?

    Robert Meary: Your life may be ugly, kid, but a successful poem about it will not be ugly because the poem will illuminate and communicate the horror of your life to other people.

    Carolyn McDuffy: What do you mean, the horror of our lives? Why should anything be horrible or ugly? Why can't everything be beautiful and perfect?

  • Carolyn McDuffy: Some people have this mystery about them that you can't get out of your head. Do you know what I mean?

    Chippy McDuffy: No dear, sounds terrible... is this person a boy?

    Carolyn McDuffy: But it's not romantic or anything.

    Chippy McDuffy: Well, I hope this mystery has nothing to do with this young man being from a different... culture; Chinese, Persian, African, or I mean, most mysterious, Jewish?

  • Chippy McDuffy: Did he rape you?

    Carolyn McDuffy: It was consensual.

    Chippy McDuffy: It's just a phase darling. A horrible phase. Let's get you inside where no one can see you.

  • Carolyn McDuffy: I'm afraid I'm falling in love but I don't want to. He's mentally retarded.

    Dr. Frederico Cruz: How retarded?

    Carolyn McDuffy: Retarded retarded.

    Dr. Frederico Cruz: You definitely have a problem. Do you have a boyfriend who isn't retarded?

    Carolyn McDuffy: We've been having problems. I haven't been myself.

  • Carolyn McDuffy: I'm feeling pain, Pumpkin, for the first time in my life. And now I know how it feels. It feels like everything inside me is shattered, like a broken mirror.

  • Kent Woodlands: You are being a big baby, Carolyn. These are people just like you and me. God just chose for them to be different. Your life's been too perfect. Everything can't be that way for everyone.

    Carolyn McDuffy: You have no idea how horrible it was out there today. The way he looked at me.

  • Carolyn McDuffy: I didn't mean for any any of this to happen. But he's just so sweet... so pure. He understands what's good in me. No one else does. And, Mama, when he touches me... he's so gentle... so tender.

    Chippy McDuffy: [greatly disturbed but hiding it] There, there, Carolyn. In time, this will heal. We just have to forget this ever happened.

    Carolyn McDuffy: I know. Mom, I know.

  • Pumpkin Romanoff: I think they want us to leave, Carolyn.

    Julie Thurber: He's right. You two better go, Carolyn. You've caused enough damage already.

    Carolyn McDuffy: No. I am a sister of AO Pi. And Pumpkin Romanoff is my guest. If it hadn't been for you sanctimonious hypocrites he would have been my date tonight. Pumpkin and I are going inside to dance.

    Julie Thurber: No!

    Carolyn McDuffy: Why, Julie?

    Julie Thurber: You two are not... an appropriate... couple.

    Carolyn McDuffy: I'm sorry, Julie. Pumpkin's not going to sit in the back of the bus anymore.

  • Tri Omega: Your Julie is certainly going all out to replace us at the top of the heap. What rush-ees. Diversity plus. That little Filipino girl is just darling, Feliz Navidad? Rumor has it you girls have her in the bag.

    Carolyn McDuffy: That isn't her name and you know it.

  • Carolyn McDuffy: People are mean. They're brutal, they're unhappy, they're jealous.

    Robert Meary: Good. Good, good. You've made some progress. Now what on earth made this happen?

    Carolyn McDuffy: [horrified look] Something I left on the beach.

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