Caroline Quotes in GoldenEye (1995)


Caroline Quotes:

  • Caroline: James, is it really necessary to drive quite so fast?

    James Bond: More often than you'd think.

  • Caroline: I enjoy a spirited ride as much as the next girl, but...

    [a woman, Xenia Onatopp, pulls up alongside and smiles]

    Caroline: Who's that?

    James Bond: The next girl.

  • Caroline: I know what you're doing.

    James Bond: Really? What's that, dear?

    Caroline: You are just trying to show off the size of your... your um...

    James Bond: Engine?

    Caroline: Ego.

  • Caroline: James, I want you to stop this car!

    James Bond: Really?

    Caroline: Stop this car at once!

    [Bond yanks the handbrake up and the car skids to a complete stop and moves in close to Caoline]

    James Bond: As you can see, I have no problem with female authority.

    [Opens a box of Bollinger Grand Annee Champagne 1988]

    Caroline: James, you're incorrigible. What am I going to do with you?

    James Bond: Well, let's toast to your evaluation, shall we?


    James Bond: A very - thorough - evaluation.

  • Caroline: I've known some cops in my time, but your people don't seem like cops.

    Breacher: Good. They're the best undercover agents in the DEA.

  • Breacher: You smoke?

    Caroline: Only when I find my witnesses nailed to the ceiling.

  • Jackson: Mm mm mm, what ever happened to "never date a cop?"

    Caroline: Who said anything about a date...

  • Monster: I came here to help you...

    Caroline: No, you didn't.

    Monster: help you understand.

    Caroline: You came here 'cause you think you're gonna be next. You came here to steer me, okay? If you wanna help me, if you don't wanna get nailed to the ceiling or run over by a train, you need to break free from your buddies and tell me something I don't know about John Wharton. 'Cause I can't read him. Tell me something I don't know.

    Monster: [pauses] Two years ago, we arrested Edgar Rios in Juarez.

    [a flashback of the team doing the operation runs simultanously with Monster's story]

    Monster: He was an old school drug lord. Ran all their operations. It was a big deal. We handed him over to the Mexicans, when some brod pulls her shit and dons him. The cartel didn't want him debriefed by our intel people. Problem solved. But they had a bigger problem. They wanted the man who could get the man that nobody can get. John gets a call from the bad guys. They snatched his wife and kid right at his house. They were holding them in Juarez. They make him an offer: Surrender yourself to the cartel, and your family lives. John's family is everything. John was married forever. His son, Jacob, was his best friend.

    Jacob Wharton: [in the flashback, while getting car keys from his father] Love you, Dad.

    Monster: [narrating] They tortured Karen and Jacob to death. There's a video. Evil shit.

    Karen Wharton: [in the flashback] No! No! No...!

    Monster: [narrating] They mailed the pieces of them to his home for weeks. So John went down there. Alone. Hunting the man who killed his wife.

    Grinder: [in the flashback] John, we're coming in.

    Monster: [narrating] He didn't find him.

    Grinder: [in the flashback] We're here to bring you back home. This isn't gonna bring them back. Come on, let's go home.

    Monster: [narrating] John is obsessed with finding his wife's killer. It's like a cancer in his soul.

    [the flashback ends]

    Monster: Caroline... we lost John when they died.

  • Caroline: Just because you're not in jail, doesn't mean you didn't do it.

    Breacher: You're awesome on a road trip, you know that?

    Caroline: Yeah, I've heard that before.

  • Caroline: You some kind of a big deal?

    Breacher: Yeah, I've been around.

  • Caroline: [from trailer] Did you save the world again, baby?

    James Reece: If only you knew, Caroline.

  • Caroline: [putting her arms around Reese] So, what are we eating for dinner?

    James Reece: Whoa whoa, Wait a second. Isn't it part of French tradition that the woman cooks while the guy watches TV?

    Caroline: Well, things have changed since the Middle Ages, you know. Now it's exactly the contrary.

    James Reece: Why don't we skip dinner altogether and go straight to dessert?

    Caroline: Is that all you can think about?

    James Reece: Every second of the day.

  • Caroline: [as Reese is about to drive off] Wait, one more kiss?

    James Reece: [kisses Caroline] Don't get me started, my partner's waiting.

    Caroline: [sweetly] Just remember who your partner really is.

  • [Leila throws a knife into Caroline's head]

    Caroline: Now that cleared my head. I really should return the favor, don't you think, honey?

  • [Japanese dub]

    Caroline: [a knife in her head] Resistance is futile. You'll go to hell one step ahead of the dhampir!

  • Caroline: I hate cruelty.

    Kit Locksby: That's unusual... in a woman.

  • Caroline: You've got a white aura. That's the color for strength.

    Pete Crenshaw: Does anybody really believe this stupid stuff?

    Caroline: I *also* see a dark shadow over your aura... *Pete*.

    Pete Crenshaw: Hey, how'd you know my name?

    Caroline: It's the curse of Terror Castle. You'll have neverending bad luck here.

  • Pete Crenshaw: Um, uh, about that curse thing - not that I believe in that stuff - but, um, how do I get rid of it?

    Caroline: You don't.

  • [Caroline is very drunk]

    Caroline: Who's he?

    Jake: That's me.

    Caroline: Who are you?

    Jake: I'm him.

    Caroline: Oh, okay.

  • The Geek: Damn Mom, I've got my headgear on!

    Caroline: [annoyed] Will you wake up?

    The Geek: [opens eyes] Where the hell am I?

    Caroline: I'll, uh, tell you where you are, if you tell me who you are.

    The Geek: I'm Farmer Ted.

    Caroline: You're in the parking lot across the street from my church.

    The Geek: You own a church?

  • The Geek: [takes item from Caroline] Thank you.

    Caroline: [laughs drunkenly] Now we're both on the pill.

    The Geek: What?

    [spits it out]

    The Geek: You gave me a birth control pill? Do you have any idea what that will do to a guy my age?

  • Caroline: [while drunk] You're such a poop.

  • Caroline: [after they wake up in the Rolls Royce] I never went out with a freshman. Not even when I was a freshman.

    The Geek: Me either.

    Caroline: You were pretty crazy.

    The Geek: I was?

    Caroline: Yeah. You know what I like best?

    The Geek: My clean, close shave?

    [Background music: The clean, close shave]

    Caroline: No. Waking up in your arms.

    The Geek: These things?

    [They start kissing, then Jake shows up]

  • Caroline: [At the dance, about to go to Jake's house] God, I love it when your parents are out of town. I fantasize that I'm your wife, and we're the richest, most popular adults in town. I owe all my great weekends to you.

    Caroline: [She pauses, upset that Jake isn't excited] What's your problem?

    Jake: What?

    Caroline: You've been acting weird all night. Are you screwing around?

    Jake: Me? Are you crazy?

    Caroline: I don't know, Jake. I'm getting strange signals.

    Jake: Well, they're not comin' from me. Everything's fine. Don't have a cow.

    Caroline: Okay. Just remember one thing. I can name a hundred guys who'd kill to love me.

    Jake: Is that a threat?

    Caroline: It's a fact, Jake.

  • Caroline: What do you think? Dolce coat, Gucci pants or Ralph Lauren skirt, Manolo pumps?

    Rachel Hoffberg: Ooh, they're both divine! Let's see. How about the pants, open sandals, see-through blouse, colored-bra and I'd carry the Dolce coat for effect.

    Caroline: Maria?

    Rachel Hoffberg: She barely speaks English.

    [Marisa mutters something in Spanish under her breath]

    Rachel Hoffberg: What?

    Marisa: Excuse me?

    Caroline: Maria, what do you think?

    Marisa: What about the beaded skirt with that beige crocheted halter you have hanging in the closet? You know, casual sexy. No stockings. Definately eighty six the coat. It sends the wrong message. Looks like you're going someplace.

    [looking at Rachel who is wearing a see-through blouse and colored-bra]

    Marisa: Besides, that whole see-through blouse, colored-bra thing... reads a little, you know, desperate, older gal, trying to hard. Don't you think? Yeah, you want to make him work for it.

    Rachel Hoffberg: Who does she think she is, to talk to me like that?

    Caroline: Thank you, Maria. I have two words for you Rachel Hoffberh: Eric who?

    Marisa: [accidentally deliberately whips Rachel with the bed spread] Excuse me. Sorry.

  • Marisa: Can you keep a secret?

    Caroline: Yes of course.

    Marisa: Good. So can I.

  • Caroline: [to Marisa] You are so good. Thank God! You should be a personal assistant.

    Rachel Hoffberg: She's a maid.

    Caroline: So are they, with better titles.

  • Chris: She's about five-six, dark hair, really beautiful, has a kid named Ty. What the hell happened?

    Lionel: I'm sorry, Sir.

    Chris: Don't be sorry. Just find her.

    Caroline: Oh, Chris, I loved your quote in "The Times".

    Chris: Please!

  • Caroline: This would never happen at the Four Seasons.

  • Caroline: [to Marisa] Oh, that needs pressing.

  • Caroline: At least let me buy you lunch. After all, we've only got each other to get through this humiliation.

    Christopher: Caroline, the first lunch was a mistake. A second would be complete torture.

    Caroline: Drinks, then?

  • Alex: Wow, what a house!

    Jack Butler: Yeah, probably mortgaged to the eyeballs.

    Caroline: Not this one, his great grandfather - Commander Richardson - built it.

    Jack Butler: Eh... hand me down.

  • Caroline: [after arguing about sudden weight gain] Where are you going?

    Jack Butler: [while eating a slice of pizza] I'm going to sleep on the FAT couch, if I can fit through the door

  • Caroline: Look guys, take it easy on daddy. Remember, he's a rookie.

  • Jack Butler: My brain is like oatmeal. I yelled at Kenny today for coloring outside the lines! Megan and I are starting to watch the same TV shows, and I'm liking them! I'm losing it.

    Caroline: Honey, I know what you're talking about. I've been there myself, alright?

    Jack Butler: Well, if you're so unhappy, why don't you say something about it?

    Caroline: Because I wasn't unhappy! Look, maybe I was a little confused, maybe I was a little frustrated, but I knew what I was doing was important, because it means something to raise human beings. What saw me through was pride.

    [Jack takes the bedspread, pillow and a pizza slice before heading out]

    Caroline: I've pride in this house, I've pride with my kids, and I've pride being Mrs. Jack Butler! Where are you going?

    Jack Butler: [Eating pizza before going] I'm goin' downstairs to sleep on the fat couch if I can get through the door.

    [Jack leaves the room]

    Caroline: Well, you should take pride with some of that FAT, Porky!

    [Caroline slams the door]

  • Caroline: Do you want to go over the list one more time?

    Jack Butler: No, I don't want to go over the list! OK, let's go over the list.

  • Caroline: Well, thanks. I'm sorry if I kept you waiting.

    Ron Richardson: Oh, not at all. I was just having a little chat with your, ah, hubby, ah

    Jack Butler: Jack.

    Ron Richardson: Jack.

    Caroline: Yeah, he's... quite a guy.

  • Caroline: [after viewing the tuna art sketches] Well frankly, none of these would convince to buy your tuna

    Phil: Come on, Ron. She doesn't know a tuna fish from a Cheerio!

    Doris: Damned good thing we didn't take the Cheerio account!

    [Table laughter]

    Caroline: [Disgusted] Well... When was the last time any of YOU, were in a supermarket?

  • Jack Butler: Take the money, Caroline!

    Caroline: I can't.

    Jack Butler: It was a bet! A bets a bet!

  • Caroline: Um... hi. I'm Caroline. What's your name?... You know what, that's okay. You don't have to tell me. It's been like one of those nights, you know? I was with my friend Norah, who you don't know, but you'd really like her because everybody likes Norah and she... left me tonight which is - she never does that and then I was kidnapped. And then, she... usually when I go home with her she... she makes me a turkey sandwich when I get home, but I might never get home, you know? And I'm so tired.

    [looks down and notices what is in his lap]

    Caroline: Is that a turkey sandwich?

  • Caroline: I found Jesus!

    Norah: What?

    Caroline: Jesus!

    Caroline: He's much taller in person...

  • Caroline: [in tears] Is that a turkey sandwich?

  • Caroline: [complaining about her ex-boyfriend] What do you think I should do?

    Dr. Ben Sobel: Well, what I think you should do... is stop whining about this pathetic loser.

    [Sobel stands up]

    Dr. Ben Sobel: You are a tragedy queen! "Oh, Steve doesn't like me!" "Steve doesn't respect me!" Oh, who gives a shit? GET A FUCKIN' LIFE!

    Caroline: Dr Sobel?

    [Sobel, back in his chair, snaps out of a daze]

  • Benji: Yup. I was there when Serge Gainsbourg died.

    Caroline: Weren't you like, eight?

    Benji: Yeah. It was the end of Euro disco.

  • Caroline: [holding her son's dirty hand] Is this chocolate or poop? Is this chocolate or poop?

    Caroline: [licks son's hand and smiles] It's chocolate!

    Kate Holbrook: What if that had been poop?

  • Jonny: [having called off the engagement] You're not upset?

    Richard: She's lovely, but I trust you. Your mother, on the other hand...

    Caroline: [unknowingly addressing party guests] Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the happy couple.

    Richard: [to Jonny] In the unlikely event of an emergency landing, the cabin crew will direct you to the nearest available exit...

    Richard: [now walking toward Caroline] Okay baby, let's get you drunk.

  • Caroline: She's a chalet girl. My God, it is such a cliché. I wouldn't have minded so much if you were discrete, but Bernhardt said the two of you were all over each other. On the beginner slope.

    Jonny: Bernhardt could learn a few things about being discrete himself.

    Caroline: Honey, do you realize what you're risking, here? You have to stop this right now, or I will!

    Jonny: This isn't "Jane Austin", mom. Look when you and dad met...

    Caroline: Enough, Jonathan. I just think you can do better.

    Jonny: Well, I don't think *dad* could have done better.

    Caroline: Look, your father and I, we got lucky. But believe me, this girl is only after one thing.

    Kim: [walking up] Yeah, and it was *great*.

    Caroline: [turning] Is there a reason you're still here?

    Jonny: Look Kim, can we just...

    Kim: Oh, there's a noise. I can't quite... oh that's right, it's a lying bastard.

  • Caroline: What's your dog's name?

    Adam: I don't know. He never told me.

  • Caroline: He doesn't make sense, I don't make sense, together we make sense.

  • Caroline: I am going to fall in love with you. You don't have to love me back. I am going to give you my heart.

  • Adam: I wonder if you think about me.

    Caroline: Of course I think about you!

    Adam: I wasn't finished!

    Caroline: Finish.

    Adam: I wonder if you think about me half as much as I think about you.

  • Caroline: You love with your mind and soul, not actually with your heart. It's just a saying.

    Adam: [Holding her hand to his chest] Why does it hurt so much here you're not with me?

  • Caroline: He was like an angel, you know? I never knew life could be like that. He was the one thing I followed through in my life, the one thing I didn't give up on. I was good at loving him.

  • Caroline: What worries me is when someone as screwed up as these guys doesn't want me!

  • Adam: Do you like music, Caroline?

    Caroline: Mmm. That's the first time I heard you say my name. It sounded... nice.

    Adam: Would you like to listen to my records Caroline?... Caroline.

  • Caroline: Adam your heart is diseased! You need a new one.

    Adam: But this is my heart! I'm afraid that if they take it away I won't be able to love you the same.

  • [about her dad]

    Caroline: First guy to walk out of my life, definetly not the last. Funny things, you and me. You always stayin' away from love, me always chasin' after it.

  • Caroline: Don't let people stand in your way. They're just people. like you and me! Well, maybe not like you. I don't know if I have ever met anyone like you before.

  • Caroline: My life is like watching The Three Stooges in Spanish!

  • Caroline: You don't have to come as my boyfriend or anything. Though I'd like you to.

    [Adam nods]

    Caroline: Is that a yes?

    Adam: Yes.

    Caroline: Say yes again.

    Adam: Yes.

  • Adam: I follow you home...

    Caroline: You follow me home?

    Adam: I wasn't finished.

    Caroline: Finish.

    Adam: I follow you home to make sure you're... safe.

    Caroline: Well I never see you.

    Adam: I stay pretty far behind. I'm sorry.

    Caroline: Well, I mean, don't be sorry... I just...

    Adam: I wasn't finished.

    Caroline: Finish.

    Adam: I am sorry I was late that night.

  • Caroline: I have fallen...

    Adam: Are you hurt?

    Caroline: I wasn't finished.

    Adam: Finish.

    Caroline: I have fallen so in love with you, so much more than I said I would.

  • Adam: I love hockey.

    Caroline: You didn't even know what a power-play was.

    Adam: I know. But next time you can tell me.

  • Caroline: Star light, Star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may wish I might I might, Have this wish I wish tonight.

    Adam: That's mars.

    Caroline: What?

    Adam: That's mars. You just wished on a planet.

    Caroline: Figures.

  • Caroline: I think I'll go inside now.

    Steve: I'll call you later, alright?

    Caroline: No, don't do that. Just leave me alone.

    Steve: I didn't mean to hurt you, Caroline.

    Caroline: Yeah, well. You did.

  • Caroline: I never hear you speak and when you do you apologize for saving me?

  • Caroline: What did the doctor say?

    Adam: That I'm not allowed to stick knives in my stomach.

  • Caroline: It's your birthday and you got me a present?

  • [During her beauty exam]

    Caroline: Lady, I'm not butchering your hair! It's a free haircut so stop your bitching before I cut it all off, you fat cow!

  • Caroline: When did you get here?

    Adam: Ten.

    Caroline: Ten? That was almost two hours ago. You'd rather be out here with my cat than inside with...


    Caroline: than inside with a room full of strangers and relatives.

  • Caroline: Magic records and a baboon heart...

  • Lloyd: She's my mother.

    Gus: She's a fucking Bitch, Lloyd.

    Lloyd: You're not supposed to take sides.

    Caroline: No, no, no, thank you so much Gus. Finally somebody else sees.

    Gus: You'd have to be blind not to see.

  • Caroline: Did you know you're bleeding?

    Gus: Oh, yeah.

    Lloyd: Were you shot?

    Gus: Dog bit me

    Caroline: What dog?

    Gus: Willard's dog.

    Caroline: Cannibal bit you?

    Gus: His name is Cannibal?

  • Caroline: I had this dream...

    Lloyd: Do we have to do dreams?

    Caroline: I'm in this restaurant, and the waiter brings me my entree. It was a salad. It was Lloyd's head on a plate of spinach with his penis sticking out of his ear. And I said, "I didn't order this." And the waiter said, "Oh you must try it, it's a delicacy. But don't eat the penis, it's just garnish."

    Dr. Wong: Lloyd, what do you think about the dream?

    Lloyd: I think she should stop telling it at dinner parties to all our friends.

  • Gus: Soooo... got any cigarettes?

    Lloyd: I don't smoke and Caroline just quit.

    Gus: Really? Just quit, huh?

    Caroline: [she nods her head yes]

    Gus: So... where are they?

    Caroline: What do you mean?

    Gus: Where aaare they, Caroliiiiine?

    Caroline: [sighs] They're behind the chessboard.

    Lloyd: What? You lied to me! You said you were finished!

    Caroline: I said I hadn't finished a cigarette. I take a couple drags, I don't inhale.

    Lloyd: Oh you are such a liar!

    Caroline: I am not, I said...

    Gus: [Gus is sick of the argument and pushes both of them over in thier chairs] Did you say that you would quit, Caroline? DID YOU SAY... that you would quit?

    Caroline: [shaking her head yes]

    Gus: YES! So that means that YOU are a liar, end of story.

    Lloyd: [chuckles thinking he's won, but Gus looks over and comes towards him]

    Gus: [putting the gun to his head] You saw the stop sign didn't you, Lloyd?

    [waving the gun back and forth]

    Gus: You... saw the... stop sign... DIDN'T YOU?

    Lloyd: Y-yes, I did.

    Gus: YES! So that means that you, too, are a liar! Capital "L", small "i", small "a", small "r", period. Now shut... the fuck... up!

  • Caroline: We had our own restaurant once. An Italian restaurant. Of course, I would have preferred French, but...

    Gus: What are we, girlfriends? Do I give a shit about this? No.

  • Lloyd: [to the therapist referring to their son] In the ninth grade we said he could get a part time job. Are you ready for what he did? He started an escort service for the football team, and he gave out my mother's phone number!

    Caroline: And I still say getting laid by an 18-year-old linebacker is just what she needs!

  • Lloyd: So, do you think we should go untie everybody?

    Caroline: No. I think we should unwrap them in the morning. It'll be more festive.

  • Caroline: How can we both be in the marriage and I'm miserable and you're content?

    Lloyd: Luck?

  • Caroline: You're the one who suffocated him with limitations. Our son's a very sensative, creative...

    Lloyd: Juvenile delinquent.

    Caroline: ...boy. He has the kind of imagination...

    Lloyd: That the mafia gives scholarships for.

  • Caroline: He sounded upset.

    Gus: He should be. He's going to die a horrible fucking death.

  • Dr. Wong: Please let's lower our voices.

    CarolineLloyd: [shout] FUCK YOU!

  • Gus: [Murray hangs the phone up just as Gus answers] He hung up.

    Caroline: Well, he sounded upset.

    Gus: He should be. He's going to die a horrible fucking death.

    Connie Chasseur: [from downstairs, in a whiny tone] Caroline...

    Caroline: Speaking of which.

  • Lloyd: Caroline? Why don't you eat something?

    Caroline: [Drunk] Loyd? Why don't you eat me?

    Connie Chasseur: Kids, go to into the den. This not a conversation for children.

    Rose Chasseur: It is not an apprioprate conversation for adults either.

    Gus: Where are you going?

    Rose Chasseur: To the living room. To leave you to your quilting. I be there to open presents. If my plans change I will contact you.

    Lloyd: Why don't we all go into the living room, we'll have our drink and deserts in there.

    Caroline: [to Loyd] Phoney Bastard!

    Gus: Caroline, shut up.

    Connie Chasseur: Let's all go to the den...

    Gus: Sit down Connie sit.

    Connie Chasseur: Excuse me, I am not one of you patients.

    Gus: You're going to be somebody's patient if you don't get your ass back down in that chair.

  • Rose: Sounds too sweet!

    Caroline: Then don't eat it!

    [Throws pie down on the table]

  • Caroline: One bad review in one lousy magazine, you just give up!

    Lloyd: Now hold on, stop right there. If you recall, it wasn't one bad review in one lousy magazine, it was the Restaurant Guidebook of New York! And when the Restaurant Guidebook recommends you to "Hindus looking for a fun night out of fasting," what do you expect me to do, change the menu?

  • [first lines]

    Daisy: What are you looking at, Caroline?

    Caroline: The wind, mom.


    Caroline: They say the hurricane is coming.

  • Caroline: Old Mrs. Kendleman twisted her ankle, as she puts it, diving for her life when a bunch of school kids rode down the sidewalk on skateboards. She went down to Thornton's store this morning and started spitting on the new skateboards. Spitting! By the time I got there, Mrs. Kendlemen had sprayed the whole damn place. And she must have had a cold or something. I'm telling you, I won't eat for a week. So, what happened to your crops?

  • Caroline: Wade, please, just call them. It's time now. She has to go in.

    Wade Vogel: What if it was Molly or Bobby?

    Caroline: After everything that we've been through, you still think it's about that? I've loved her like she was my own but she's not her anymore. Wade, please!

  • Caroline: Let me see.

    Maggie Vogel: Not too close.

    Caroline: I'll be fine.

    Maggie Vogel: Do you smell that?

    Caroline: No

    Maggie Vogel: Are you sure? It smells like food.

    Caroline: It's probably your father cooking up something he shouldn't have. I'll get the drops.

  • Caroline: Who knew that, in between bake sales, my mother was Anaïs Nin?

  • Caroline: Are you in love?

    Mary: Well, I... I do love him, I suppose. Not quite like when we first met. I trust him, really. He's my closest friend. But, what do you mean by in-love?

    Caroline: I mean that you'd do absolutely anything for the other person, and you'd let them do absolutely anything to you. Anything...

    Mary: Anything?

  • Caroline: I knew that fantasy was passing into reality. Have you ever experienced that? It's like stepping into a mirror.

  • Mrs. Fisher: That's a beautiful dress...

    Caroline: No I've had it a hundred years.

    Mrs. Fisher: ...but you must be very cold in it. Its easy to catch a chill here after dark. You look as if you had nothing on underneath.

    Caroline: I haven't.

  • Caroline: I want to just sit and not talk and not have to be the centre of attention all the time. You know what that's like don't you?

    Rose: No.

  • Caroline: I've wasted so much time being beautiful.

  • Caroline: It's odd how ones mind slips sideways in a place like this.

  • Caroline: Adam, do you like life?

    Adam: [chuckles] Well, I wouldn't like to live forever. But um, for a little while, yes, but... yes, I like it.

    Caroline: But living here? You wouldn't rather be somewhere else, New York, London?

    Adam: No.

    Caroline: Why not?

    Adam: Because you have to care about - or at least pretend to care about everything: politics, fashion, culture. It's just exhausting.

    Caroline: What I wouldn't give to see some new painters, a new play, go to the opera... Yes, I know. "To Moscow, Olga."

    Adam: Yeah.

  • California Charlie: [Marion is imagining various conversations between the people she believes will be looking for her] Heck, Officer, that was the first time I ever saw the customer high-pressure the salesman! Somebody chasin' her?

    Highway Patrol officer: I better have a look at those papers, Charlie.

    California Charlie: She look like the wrong-one to you?

    Highway Patrol officer: Acted like one.

    California Charlie: The only funny thing, she paid me seven hundred dollars in cash.

    Caroline: [Marion imagines another conversation] Yes, Mr. Lowery?

    George Lowery: Caroline? Marion still isn't in?

    Caroline: No, Mr. Lowery. But then, she's always a bit late on Monday mornings.

    George Lowery: Buzz me the minute she comes in. Then call her sister - if no one's answering at the house.

    Caroline: [Marion imagines the conversation later resuming] I called her sister, Mr. Lowery, where she works, - the Music Makers Music Store, you know, - and she doesn't know where Marion is any more than we do.

    George Lowery: You'd better run out to the house. She may be, well - unable to answer the phone.

    Caroline: Her sister's going to do that. She's as worried as we are.

    George Lowery: [Marion imagines Lowery speaking to her sister Lila] No, I haven't the faintest idea. As I said, I last saw your sister when she left the office on Friday. She said she didn't feel well and wanted to leave early; I said she could. That was the last I saw... Now wait a minute. I did see her sometime later, driving - Ah, I think you'd better come over here to my office - quick! Caroline, get Mr. Cassidy for me!


    George Lowery: [Marion imagines another conversation] After all, Cassidy, I told you - all that cash! I'm not taking the responsibility! Oh, for heaven's sake! A girl works for you for ten years, you trust her! All right. Yes. You better come over.

    Tom Cassidy: Well, I ain't about to kiss off forty thousand dollars! I'll get it back, and if any of it's missin' I'll replace it with her fine, soft flesh! I'll track her, never you doubt it!

    George Lowery: Oh, hold on, Cassidy! I-I still can't believe - it must be some kind of mystery. I-I can't...

    Tom Cassidy: You checked with the bank, no? They never laid eyes on her, no? You still trustin'? Hot creepers! She sat there while I dumped it out! Hardly even looked at it! Plannin'! And - even flirtin' with me!

  • Tom Cassidy: I'm buying this house for my baby's wedding present. Forty thousand dollars, cash! Now, that's... not buying happiness. That's just... buying off unhappiness.

    [waves money in front of Marion]

    Tom Cassidy: I never carry more than I can afford to lose! Count 'em.

    Caroline: I declare!

    Tom Cassidy: [staring at Marion] I don't! That's how I get to keep it!

    George Lowery: Tom, uh... cash transactions of this size! Most irregular.

  • Caroline: [taking pill bottle out of purse] I've got something - not aspirin. My mother's doctor gave them to me the day of my wedding. Teddy was furious when he found out I had taken tranquilizers!

    Marion Crane: [applying lipstick] Any calls?

    Caroline: Teddy called me - my mother called to see if Teddy called. Oh, your sister called to say she's going to Tucson to do some buying and she'll be gone the whole weekend, and

    [coversation interrupted]

  • Caroline: [staring at the money] I declare!

    Tom Cassidy: [whispering] I don't. That's how I'm able to keep it.

  • Caroline: C'mon. I'm not going alone.

    Melanie: Hold up. It could be a trick. Let's make sure we're not walking into some sort of trap. Get back in here.

  • Melanie: Caroline.. Jamie needs our help. We need to worry about her right now. Not Stephanie.

    Caroline: Stop acting like Stephanie's dead.

    Melanie: I don't wanna do this, but maybe it's best if we just assume the worst. Okay, I need your help here.


    Melanie: Don't worry, Stef will be okay.

    Caroline: Don't go and say stuff like that. That's being contradictory and it confuses me.

  • Philippe: Have you looked at yourself?

    Caroline: HE does the job of looking at me!

  • Caroline: I know half the town and the other half knows me!

  • Caroline: I'm an existentialist.

    Eberlin: Uh - you're a what?

    Caroline: I'm an ext - isn't that the right word?

    Eberlin: I would say "exhibitionist" is more to the point.

    Caroline: What's an existentialist, then?

    Eberlin: Well, it's slightly more complex than romping around naked.

  • Caroline: George, will you be going back to London now?

    Eberlin: Probably.

    Sobakevich: Are they all as pretty as you there?

    Caroline: No. I'm the only one.

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