Carol Brady Quotes in The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)


Carol Brady Quotes:

  • Carol Brady: Tiger? Tiger? What ever happened to that dog?

  • Marcia Brady: [in Jan's thought] But Jan, you don't have friends. You're just jealous Jan.

    [Jan wakes up, holds a pair of scissors like a knife, and starts to cut Marcia's hair]

    Cindy Brady: Jan, what are you doing?

    Jan Brady: Go back to sleep Cindy!

    Cindy Brady: Jan don't. Marcia's hair is so beautiful.

    Jan Brady: Exactly. That's why I'm gonna make alot of money when I sell it.

    [Jan continues to cut Marcia's hair]

    Jan Brady: [laughs psychotically]

    Cindy Brady: [Screams]

    [Carol and Alice come into the room]

    Carol Brady: Jan, what are you doing?

    [Marcia's got a new hairdo]

    Carol Brady: Oh Marcia, I love your hair!

    Alice: What a groovy hairdo!

    Cindy Brady: Oh, you're so beautiful!

    Jan Brady: No! She was supposed to look bad! No! No!

    [Jan wakes up]

    Jan Brady: What a horrible dream.

  • Carol Brady: Marcia it looks like rain, you better take your shawl. How about you Doug? Do you have any protection?

    Doug: Oh, yes ma'am. Assorted colors and textures!

    Carol Brady: Good for you!

    Mike Brady: Have fun, kids.

  • Carol Brady: Why don't you help Alice bake some cookies?

    Cindy Brady: Okay Mommy

    [talking to Alice]

    Cindy Brady: Can my doll help too?

    Alice: As long as it's not Betsy Wetsy. She makes my cookies soggy woggy.

  • Jan Brady: His name is George.

    Marcia Brady: George what?

    Jan Brady: George, uhhh Tropicana!

    Carol Brady: What a nice name. Is he Cuban?

    Jan Brady: No i mean... Glass. George Glass

    Marcia Brady: That's funny. I've never heard of a George Glass at our school.

    Jan Brady: That's because he's a transfer student. He came in the last week of school. He's really good looking and he thinks I'm super cool.

    Marcia Brady: Sure, Jan.

  • [after Carol has fainted]

    Mike BradyRoy Martin: Honey, are you all right?

    [they stare at each other]

    Carol Brady: [not surprised] I'm all right.

  • Alice: Oh, just the ones in your room. And, they sure look mighty tasty, too!

    [Walks out]

    Roy Martin: [laughing] The ones from my room.

    [Stops laughing]

    Roy Martin: My room? The one's from my. Oh no!

    Carol Brady: Roy, are you all right?

    [the song "Good Morning Starshine" begins, and the flowers on Carol's dress animate and float around her face]

    Carol Brady: Roy, are you all right?

    Roy Martin: Oh God! I'm tripping with the Bradys!

  • Carol Brady: Thank goodness I use AquaNet!

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