Carlos Olivera Quotes in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)


Carlos Olivera Quotes:

  • Carlos Olivera: We're assets, Nicholai. Expendable assets... and we've just been expended.

  • Alice: How long ago have you been bitten?

    Carlos Olivera: Three hours.

    L.J.: What?

    Alice: Today's your lucky day.

    L.J.: [to Carlos] You should have told me you were bit, motherfucker, I'm hanging with you and shit!

  • Nicholai Sokolov: [Carlos and Nicolai finds a couple of Umbrella supply crates dropped by a helicoper] What is this?

    Carlos Olivera: [Carlos opens both cases, empty] Looks like, weapon cases.

    Nicholai Sokolov: [growing irratated] We don't need weapons, we need *evacuation*!

    [kicks one of the cases]

    Carlos Olivera: These weren't meant for us.

  • Carlos Olivera: They're gonna kill her! Take us down now!

    Chopper Pilot #1: She's a civilian. We have orders.

    Carlos Olivera: Fuck orders!

  • Carlos Olivera: [throws a knife which hits an enemy guard getting up behind Alice] You missed one.

  • Carlos Olivera: [having been bitten by a zombie] This Wound... It won't stop bleeding.

  • [after finding a joint tucked away in the crashed oil truck]

    Carlos Olivera: Well, I'll be damned, L.J., you sneaky son of a bitch.

  • Carlos Olivera: Just promise me one thing. When you get down there...

    Alice: Consider it done.

  • Betty: [nursing L.J.'s wounds] You like playing rough, huh?

    L.J.: Oh, I've had worse.

    Betty: I'm sure.

    L.J.: But you've always been gentle with me, Betty.

    Carlos Olivera: Oh, God. I'm leaving.

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