Carla Quotes in The Rock (1996)


Carla Quotes:

  • Carla: [after telling Stanley she's pregnant] You didn't mean what you just said, did you?

    Stanley Goodspeed: When?

    Carla: Just right now, when you were talking about bringing a child into the world, and having it be an act of cruelty.

    Stanley Goodspeed: I meant it at the time.

    Carla: Stanley, "at the time"? You said it seven and a half seconds ago!

    Stanley Goodspeed: Well... gosh, kind of a lot's happened since then.

  • Stanley Goodspeed: Oh, just some terrorists decided to send a little care package. Box of goodies. Which had to be neutralized before blowing up the office...

    [plucks a harsh note on his guitar]

    Stanley Goodspeed: So I took the rest of the day off. Glass of wine, little guitar... Just relax.

    Carla: Wow.

    Stanley Goodspeed: I mean it, honey, the world is being Fed-exed to hell in a hand cart. I really believe anyone thinking even thinking of bringing a child into the world is coldly considering an act of cruelty.

    [pause, Carla stares at Stanley]

    Stanley Goodspeed: I know, I'm rambling, I'm complaining, I'm sorry. What's your news, baby?

    Carla: I'm pregnant.

  • Stanley Goodspeed: [while in the prisoner transport van] Hi, darling, it's me. Listen, do not come, I repeat, do not come to San Francisco.

    Carla: [Answers the phone] Stanley, no.

    Stanley Goodspeed: Carla...

    Carla: Like hell I'm not comin'!

    [Hangs up]

    Stanley Goodspeed: Wait, Carla...

    [tries to dial again]

    John Mason: Who's Carla, and why don't you want her to come to San Francisco?

    Stanley Goodspeed: You're on a need-to-know basis... and you do'nt need to know.

  • Stanley Goodspeed: [Stanley and Carla are making love. The phone rings] I have to get that.

    Carla: No, you don't.

    Stanley Goodspeed: Yes, I do. They know I'm home.

    Carla: [annoyed] Stanley, how can they possibly know you're home?

    Stanley Goodspeed: [beat] It's the FBI.

  • Stanley Goodspeed: I have to go to San Francisco

    Carla: No you don't, no you do not have to go San Francisco are you kidding me right now? You have to stay here and talk to me about things, I am catholic do you realize that? I am pregnant and unmarried this causes a serious problem for me

    Stanley Goodspeed: I love you, I will marry you I just didn't plan on this that's all, come to San Francisco with me

    Carla: Really?

    Stanley Goodspeed: I'm sure it's just a training exercise, we'll check into the hotel order some champagne...

    Carla: And finish what we started

  • Norman 'Nobby' Grimsby: [from trailer] I love you.

    Carla: I love you too.

    Norman 'Nobby' Grimsby: [they both climax, and Norman turns to the owner of the bed] We'll take it.

  • Carla: [pulls trigger to shoot Emily, but her clip is empty] Fuck! You owe me a Mother's Day card.

  • Trece: What's your father's do?

    Carla: He is a doctor.

    Budu: Doctor? The truth. Tell the truth!

    Carla: He works at Clinica Caracas.

    Trece: His name?

    Carla: Sergio.

    Niga Sibilino: Sergio what?

    Budu: ...and yours?

    Carla: Gutiérrez. Carla Gutiérrez.

    Trece: It's true, it's true, OK, OK. Where do you live?

    Carla: La Castellana.

    Budu: Tell the truth!

    Carla: In La Castellana, near the Country Club.

    Budu: And you, fag?

    Martin: Valle Arriba.

    Budu: You live with your old man, or with your mom?

    Carla: Father.

    Trece: You have brothers?

    Carla: Two.

    Trece: Older?

    Carla: One Older, one younger.

    Trece: What does the older do?

    Carla: He's got a textile shop.

    Trece: Money!

    Carla: But cheap textibles...

  • Trece: OK, stop right here and get it in the back.

    Niga Sibilino: What's your PIN number?

    Carla: 1991.

    Niga Sibilino: Hey, if it's wrong, you're dead.

    Trece: What happened in '91?

    Carla: My mother died.

  • Carla: What's the story, you need money? To make ends meet?

    Budu: That's right. See? I told you. Pretty chicks like being kidnapped.

    Carla: We don't like it. But, yes. I get it.

    Budu: That's right, baby.

    Niga Sibilino: If you want, we can kidnap you again tomorrow.

    Carla: No thanks, my pal.

  • Carla: Listen. I work in a clinic without resources for the poor everyday... doing what I can to help poor children. And you treat me this way.

    Trece: Fuck, who told you to drive around in a brand new car? You think I can guess who you are?

    Carla: Why is having money a sin? My father's worked hard all his life.

    Trece: That's not the point. I have money too.

    Carla: What is it, then?

    Trece: Don't look at me like that, OK? Don't look at me like that, or I'll lose it. Point is...

    Carla: Yes?

    Trece: When half city is knee-deep in shit, and you're rolling in a expensive car. Shit, how you expect them not to hate you? Huh? Why shouldn't they hate you? Look at your outfit, look at this...

    [points at her clothing and jewerling]

    Trece: . Do you know how many families that shit could feed? Huh? One thing is that we're different. Great, I get that. But rubbing your money in people's face is another.

    Carla: But everyone gets robbed here.

    Trece: But not all with the same hatred.

  • Carla: Things were fucked up before I born. It's not my fault, what am I supposed to do?

    Trece: It's never anyone's fault, is it? Nobody's to blame...

  • Trece: ... Where does he live?

    Carla: Caurimare.

    Trece: What's the number?

    Carla: Who?

    Trece: Your father's, pendeja! Don't look at me!... Give me the number or I'll blow your fucking tits off!!!

    Budu: Give him the number, damn it!

    Trece: Let's her drive!

    Budu: FUCK! Enough! I'll kill her.

    Trece: No, no, no, no!

    Budu: The fucking number!

    Carla: 0416...

    Trece: Let her drive!

    Carla: 7363820.

    Carla: 04167 363820

  • Carla: [answering the phone] Hello?

    Josh: Hi Carla, it's Josh. I'm sorry to bother you. Is Tiffany around?

    Carla: Tiffany is not here. She didn't sleep here last night, again, and it'd be great if one hour went by where you didn't call.

    Josh: Right.

    Carla: [Angrily] If she wanted to talk to you, she'd call you. Deal with it.

    Josh: [Hanging up the phone frustrated] Bitch.

    E.L.: Did she sound hot?

  • Carla: [seeing her mother give a tearful laugh] Mom? are you okay?

    Eduardo: [drops Blu] MOM?

    [turns to face his grandkids]

    Eduardo: I'm a grandpa?

    [taking it in]

    Eduardo: I'm a grandpa...



    Jewel: [as her father laughs] Daddy... this is Carla... Bia... and Tiago

    Bia: Nice to meet you sir!

    Eduardo: There is no need for any sir... you can call me pop-pop

    Carla: Pop-pop? Ohh I like that

  • Blu: Remember... Birds of blue feather...

    TiagoCarlaBia: [All together] ... Have to stick together!

  • Eduardo: [Before swooping onto the loggers] Lead the way Blu!

    Blu: [Overjoyed at his father in law saying his correct name] HA! That's my name! Yes... I am Blu!

    [Eduardo a-hums him]

    Blu: Oh... right... Birds of blue feather...

    JewelTiagoCarlaBia: [Joined by the entire flock] ... HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER!

  • Lady Holiday: Carla, the neckline on that gown is too high, don't you think?

    Carla: I rather like the effect.

    Lady Holiday: You like looking like an ostrich?

    Carla: [miffed] Of course not, Lady Holiday.

    Lady Holiday: And Marla. Too many frills and furbelows, I don't think we should strive for the fan-tailed pigeon look, do you? And you, Darla, that outfit's the pits. Loose where it should be tight and tight where it should be loose, like the folds on a turkey's neck. Why would I design such atrocious looking clothes?

    [sitting down with a heavy sigh]

    Lady Holiday: I *must* be getting senile.

    [she presses a button on her desk]

    Voice over intercom: Yes, Lady Holiday?

    Lady Holiday: We have to make drastic changes in the new line before the show tomorrow, all my girls are going around looking like barnyard animals.

    Miss Piggy: Ahem!

    Lady Holiday: Good heavens, who are you?

    Miss Piggy: My name is Miss Piggy, and I would like to be a high-fashion model!

    Lady Holiday: Doesn't surprise me. Seems to be the way we're headed.

  • Carla: You seem like a nice man. You remind me of my father.

    Kendig: That's always been my problem.

  • Carla: How dare you interfere with my ship's path! Thanks to you, my ship is trashed!

    Ataru: But that's no reason to kill someone before getting acquainted!

    Carla: Stop talking nonsense and just sign this marriage license!

  • Carla: Just tell me what's wrong with me!

    Rupa: I hate everything about you! If I had to marry you, I'd...

    Carla: "... rather die," eh?!

    [Fires rocket at him.]

    Rupa: I didn't say THAT!

  • Carla: First of all, you're so not a failure as a mother. In fact, you're the best mother that we've ever seen.

    Kiki: True that!

    Carla: You give your kids salad. Your remember your kids birthdays! I mean, I've sat here and watched you wait until your kid fell asleep before you got high.

    Amy: Most moms do that, Carla.

  • Carla: [to Kiki] Oh, hey, I know you. You're that chick that always picks up my kid from school when I forget-slash-don't want to.

  • Kiki: Sometimes when I'm driving all by myself, I have this fantasy that I get into a car crash. Not a big one with fire and explosions, but just like a little one, but I do get injured and I get to go to the hospital for two weeks and I sleep all day and I eat Jell-O and I watch so much TV and it's all covered by my insurance. My kids bring me balloons, and the nurses rub cream on my feet, and oh, my God, it's so amazing. Is that like something you guys fantasize about, too?

    CarlaAmy: No.

    Carla: You're batshit crazy.

    Amy: Yeah.

    Carla: And I'm never gonna get into a car with you.

  • Kiki: Do you go to all of his games?

    Carla: No. No, I don't. The last game I went to was six hours long and the final score was one to two. So, I'd rather go to Afghanistan than another kids' baseball game.

  • Kiki: Kent is a never-hard.

    Amy: Ooh, what's a never-hard?

    Kiki: Well, he never gets fully hard. So I just have to kinda fold his penis up like a balloon animal and shove it up in my vagina.

    Carla: That sounds horrible!

    Amy: Yeah...

    Kiki: Sometimes, I take the balls and shove em up there too because at least, you know, they're firm.

    Carla: Honey, that is a lot of shit to shove up your cooter.

    Kiki: I mean, I'm just happy he's circumcised.

    Amy: Agh! What if I get somebody who's not circumcised?

    Kiki: Run out of the room screaming. It's like finding a gun in the street; just scream and get out of there!

  • Amy: This party is raging.

    Kiki: What a turnout.

    Martha Stewart: Hi, would you ladies like a Jell-O shot?

    Amy: Is that, is that? Martha Stewart! Martha, Oh, my God.

    Kiki: Thank you. Oh, my God.

    Martha Stewart: Good, right?

    Carla: I'm cumming.

    Kiki: Oh, my God. What's in this?

    Martha Stewart: Well, it's bespoke lingonberry gelatin... and a shitload of vodka.

    Kiki: They're delicious!

    Martha Stewart: I start my day with six of these.

  • Carla: So get up off this couch, turn off 12 Years a Slave, and let's bodyslam this bitch.

    Kiki: Come on, Amy.

    Carla: Come on. Get those tits up.

    Kiki: Get 'em up.

    Carla: Get 'em up.

    Kiki: Get your boobs up.

    Carla: Get those tits right up.

  • Carla: My kid still watches Sesame Street and he doesn't get it.

  • Carla: Hey, Jaxon. I made you lunch today. It's some humus wrap with some kale.

    Jaxon: Gross!

    Carla: Yeah, I know, it sounds totally disgusting, but it's supposed to be good for you, so... And I'm gonna come to your baseball game tomorrow night.

    Jaxon: For real?

    Carla: I'm gonna stay the whole stupid game. Mmm-hmm. Because... I love you, and stuff. Still cannot believe I pushed that thing outta my chooch.

  • [the Governor and science teams watch while an alien primate smashes the command site's video monitor cameras]

    Carla: They just took out 6 and 7.

    Lt. Cryer: All the monitors are down!

    Governor Lewis: Well, that can't be good!

    [a rumbling is heard]

    Ira Kane: That's the elevator.

    Col. Flemming: We have no personnel down there.

    Dr. Allison Reed: They've breached the airlock.

    Governor Lewis: [incredulously] What, the fuzzy no-nosed chimp?

  • Carla: But Sally never gets picked cause everyone knows she's a w...

    [pauses after Linda give her a look]

    Carla: different!

  • Carla: Witch, yeah. Evil, no. I mean, you get your psychos now and then - you know, animal slaughter, ritual human disembowelment, but that's really not her. You see, it's a Pagan label, but Sally - she's definitely not into that stuff.

  • Carla: It still amazes me that I get everything I want

  • Carla: [Carla is shopping with her friend, when she bumps into Lola and Ella at the mall] Well, look who's here. I'd stay and chat, but... I don't wanna stay and chat!

  • Carla: Well, I think she is a lesbian, and she wants to sleep with me.

  • Carla: Under your false discretion, you are the biggest whore of all the whores that I met in my youth

  • Paul: Are you sure you like boys?

    Carla: Soft centers, hard centers. I like ALL the chocolates in the box.

  • Carla: Ouch, it's the plight of the bisexual. Gay girls won't play with you.

  • Carla: Customs held up another order of books at the border. They're claiming the books are pornographic... hello? Which they aren't. Well, maybe "Butches in Chains" is, but so what?

  • Carla: Boys like toys too, you know.

    Paul: This is for boys?

    Carla: Um-hmmmmmm.

    Paul: What is it?

    Carla: A butt plug.

    [Paul abruptly drops it]

    Carla: It's okay honey, I bleach it.

  • Carla: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

    Ricky: What exactly wouldn't you do?

    Carla: Him!

    [points to Darnell]

  • Tina: Whatever Lyric, we don't need her.

    Carla: Erm I think we do Tina cos I've never seen you get down like that.

  • Darnell: So are we going out tonight?

    Carla: What? No! Not today boo. No, no.

  • Carla: Oh uh ah she about to be sleeping with the enemy.

  • Carla: Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. Shit!

  • Blake Allen: Do you want the truth?

    Carla: No, we want another lie.

  • Blake Allen: What's this? This right here?

    Carla: It looks like a broken window and a plant.

    Blake Allen: It is a broken window and a plant but how did the window get broken?

    Carla: It looks like the plant might have done it.

    Blake Allen: Yeah, but I don't think the plant just came through the window by itself.

    [he pauses]

    Blake Allen: Did you throw the plant through the window?

  • Blake Allen: Carla, Carla...

    Carla: I'd prefer you not use my name.

    Blake Allen: What do you want me to call you, Timmy?

  • Blake Allen: I may have been hiding parts of my life from both of you to avoid causing pain. But I didn't say anything to either one of you that I didn't whole-heartedly mean.

    Carla: If you believe what you just said it's worse than if you don't.

  • Blake Allen: What am I concealing?

    Carla: You may not even be aware of it. Lying comes like breathing to you.

  • Carla: Hi, cutie!

    Adam: What? Are you talking to me?

    Diane: Yeah, don't you think you're sexy?

    Adam: Oh my god! All the time!

  • Lee: All queens rise

    [they all rise and put their hands on their breasts]

    Brian: Oh blessed Saint Mary of drag queens. Please grant your never humble servants and our new friends with grace, jewels, and support hose.

    LeeBrianPaulRobert: Gay-men

    ConnieCarla: Gay-men

  • Carla: Girlfriends, big or small, thin or fat, worship that body, it's the only one you've got.

  • Connie: We gotta go some place where we can just blend in. Somewhere where they'd never look for us, because there's no theatre, no musical theatre, no dinner theatre, no culture at all!

    Carla: Los Angeles.

  • Connie: We could be LA girls now, we could work out.

    [Connie and Carla think for a second, then laugh hysterically]

    Carla: Good one.

  • [while on stage, pretender to be a man in drag]

    Carla: I have a confession to make.

    Connie: Carla no

    Carla: ...I am... an EATER!

  • Carla: Shut up, shut up, shut up! Your voice is giving me Mono!

  • Carla: We're girls pretending to be guys pretending to be girls!

  • Connie: I like him!

    Connie: I saw him before when we were still girls. He was standing out front. We had this moment Carla. He was nice to me.

    Carla: What are you talking about?

    Connie: Right. Why would he ever be attracted to me? I'm a drag queen.

  • Lee: Good falsies. What do you use?

    Connie: None of your beeswax.

    [Lee proceeds to feel her breasts]

    Carla: Yea, they're really good you should all have a feel.

    [All of the guys walk over to feel her breasts]

    Robert: Supple. Good.

    Connie: Ok, then.

    [Gives Carla a look]

  • Carla: Maybe we're having a delayed reaction to the trauma of being shot at like those guys in 'Nam.

    Connie: You can say 'Name Carla. You weren't in 'Nam. You have to call in Vietnam.

    Carla: Shut up Connie! I can call it what I want!

  • Carla: [Admiring Walter's rather bizarre statue, "Murdered Man."] Walter, it's a masterpiece. I've never seen anything like it before... And I hope I never see anything like it again.

    Walter Paisley: Neither do I.

  • Carla: Look, I only got two kids. I didn't adopt you, Al, I married you.

  • Carla: Look at him, he's so cute.

    Patricia: Cute? The guy buys a new Monte Carlo every year because his name's Monte.

  • Anastasia Steele: Holy fuck!

    Carla: What? What is it?

    Anastasia Steele: It's Christian. He's here. Um... in Georgia.

    Carla: You're here!

    Christian Grey: Mrs. Adams. Delighted to meet you.

    Savannah Hotel Waiter: Something to drink, sir?

    Christian Grey: Gin and tonic. Hendricks if you have it, otherwise Bombay Sapphire. Cucumber with the Hendricks, lime with the Bombay.

    Carla: I like him already.

    Anastasia Steele: What are you doing here, Christian?

    Christian Grey: I came to see you.

    Carla: I'm going to step outside for a minute.

    Anastasia Steele: [drinking cocktail] I broke rule seven, clause five.

    Christian Grey: We'll let it go. Let's not talk about the contract right now.

  • Anastasia Steele: [answers phone] Hi, mama.

    Carla: Anastasia, what is going on? I've left you two messages this week.

    Anastasia Steele: I know, I'm sorry. I just got a little distracted.

    Carla: Sorry I missed your graduation, honey. I heard it was lovely. And your new beau? Ray told me all about him. He sounds like quite a young man! Of course I would have preferred to have heard about him from you.


    Carla: Ana? What's the matter?

    Anastasia Steele: Nothing, I'm fine.

    Carla: Is he not making you happy?

    Anastasia Steele: He is, yeah. Most of the time, yeah. It's complicated.

    Carla: Listen, honey, if you need a break you just come right on down here. Even if it's for a day or two. I have air miles and we can talk and have girl time. Promise me you'll think about it.

    Anastasia Steele: Yeah, I promise. I promise. I love you, mama.

    Carla: I love you too, darling.

  • Carla: Sweetheart, I wish Christian could have stayed. Bob was really looking forward to meeting him.

    Anastasia Steele: I know. He had to get back to Seattle, though. There is some situation at work.

    Carla: I wish I could tell you that things get easier, but they don't. You just get to know yourself better.

    Anastasia Steele: Thank you for everything, mama.

  • Anastasia Steele: [answers phone] Mom, I'm at work. Can I call you back?

    Carla: Oh, wait. Wait, I called for a reason. Bob broke his foot playing golf, of all things.

    Anastasia Steele: Is he okay? Is he in a lot of pain?

    Carla: Who can tell with the man. He calls the paramedics for a blister. It means, though, we won't be able to fly in for graduation.

    Anastasia Steele: Really? You don't want to just come alone? You don't have to bring Bob.

    Carla: And leave Tiger Woods to fend for himself? You do understand, don't you darling?

    Anastasia Steele: Yeah. Yeah, it's fine. I really have to go. Okay?

    Carla: I love you, Ana!

    Anastasia Steele: I know. I love you, too.

    [hangs up and scoffs]

  • Carla: [from trailer] I'll be waiting for you, with my legs open.

  • Guido: Hold it. Let me have a look at you. No, your makeup should be more...

    Carla: ...more what?

    Guido: Like a whore.

  • Louden Swain: Hey, Carla? I'd do it all again.

    Carla: So would I.

  • Carla: [Just before Louden is set to wrestle Shute] Hey, Louden?

    [Louden glances up]

    Carla: Kick his ass.

  • Carla: This is a German car?

    Max: Swedish!

    Carla: It's very sturdy.

    Max: It's a very safe car - a very safe car, and I'm an excellent driver. I've never been in an accident - well at least not while behind the wheel. But even strapped in to all of this marvelous technology of the reenforced doors and roof - we could still get crushed.

  • Carla: You can't save everybody, Max, you gotta try taking care of yourself.

  • Carla: When you have this illness, you... actually go manic before you go into the hospital, dad.

  • Dr. Lawrence Gordon: You tell anyone you were here?

    Carla: No.

    [on phone]

    Carla: Hello? It's for you.

    Dr. Lawrence Gordon: Me?

    [on phone]

    Dr. Lawrence Gordon: Hello?

    John: I know what you're doing, doctor.

    Dr. Lawrence Gordon: I have to go.

    Carla: What happened?

    Dr. Lawrence Gordon: I got to go.

  • Carla: This is my dream, bitch!

  • Carla: Beauty fades eventually, but a kind soul remains forever.

  • [first lines]

    Carla: What I'm about to tell you is exactly how everything happened.

  • Carla: Exactly how long has this affair with you and Nathan been going on?

    Maggie: Six months now.

    Carla: You know, some people might consider that a little slutty.

    Maggie: You know, I probably think the same thing. But...

    Carla: But what?

    Maggie: Well it's actually just really innocent, and child-like, and kadnistic all at the same time.

    Carla: How does he explain the whole gay thing?

    Maggie: Nathan's one of those 70-30 gays.

    Carla: Bisexualty is just one stop on the road to 'Gayville'.

  • Ro-Man: What are you doing alone, girl-child?

    Carla: My daddy won't let you hurt me.

    Ro-Man: We'll see!

  • Carla: Is Alice going on a date with Ro-Man?

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