Carl Quigley Quotes in Blank Check (1994)


Carl Quigley Quotes:

  • Carl Quigley: What's with your voice, pal?

    Comuter Voice: [over phone] Sore throat-itus.

  • Biderman: What do you expect?

    Carl Quigley: What I expect is that if I give someone a million dollars and I come back the next day, I find the million dollars. That's what I expect!

    Biderman: Carl, I'm not a magician okay.

    Carl Quigley: So you can make it disappear but you can't make it reappear is that it?

  • Butch: I think this guy's been drinking vodka.

    Carl Quigley: I have not! I don't drink! Seriously, I don't!

  • Juice: Where did all these kids come from?

    Carl Quigley: Keep driving and someday I'll tell you.

  • [the guys are driving around in Quigley's Jaguar and spot Preston in the park]

    Biderman: That's him. The boy with the backpack.

    Carl Quigley: Go, go, go!

    Juice: The sign says 'no cars allowed'!

    Carl Quigley: Just drive!

    Preston Waters, Henry: Quigley!

  • [Carl, Bederman and Juice are at a waterslide looking for Preston. They're studying a surveilence photo of him]

    Carl Quigley: See anyone that looks like him?

    Juice: Yeah he looks like him. She looks like him. Oh look over there! There goes his little twin brother. You give me one picture and expect me to find him among all these kids? You must be crazy, I'm gonna get on the waterslide.

  • Carl Quigley: I worked hard to steal that money and you went and gave it to some zit faced little kid?

  • Carl Quigley: So where you gonna find a kid, Mr. Family Man?

    Biderman: Newspapers.

    Carl Quigley: You want me to advertise? Is that it?

  • Juice: You're in a lot of trouble today little man.

    Carl Quigley: Yes, because today I have been drinking vodka.

  • Juice: I had a dog once that was hit by a train.

    Carl Quigley: Thanks for sharing.

    Juice: Old King Cole, we called him. He was a merry old soul.

  • Carl Quigley: [sneaks up and cuts the line to Biederman's phone cord, interrupting his call]

    Biderman: [turns around in fear] Carl Quigley.

    Carl Quigley: [twirls the scissors smugly] You don't look to happy to see me.

    [now points with scissors]

    Carl Quigley: You also pointed at me in court. That hurt.

  • Carl Quigley: [observing Preston's castle] So what do you think?

    Juice: Looks very nice.

    [sees control pad for video game]

    Juice: Yo ho, what's that?

    Carl Quigley: [picks it up] I don't know. You two never saw one.

    [shows it to Biderman\Juice]

    Biderman: [shakes head] I have no idea.

    Juice: [shrugs] Beats me.

    Carl Quigley: Hey, Preston

    [showing control pad]

    Carl Quigley: What's this?

    Preston Waters: [nervous] Well you turn the little knob, and...

    [making a short depth movement smashes the control pad against the cement floor. Another suspense sound follows as the thing breaks in two but itsy bitsy pieces go bouncing/rolling off]

    Juice: You know kid, you shouldn't have let us in. All your little toys could get broken.

    Carl Quigley: [cracks knuckles happily] Kid, where's Macintosh?

  • Carl Quigley: [knocks on door]

    Preston Waters: [runs to it] Henry. I knew you'd come.

    [opens it to see Juice, Quiqly, and Biederman, followed by a ghastly suspense sound]

    Carl Quigley: Happy birthday little boy. I'm here to blow out your candles!

    [the trio forces Preston inside the complex as Carl slams the door and then twists the key in the lock so hard he damages it!]

    Preston Waters: [panicking]

    Carl Quigley: What's your hurry? Got a big check to cash?

  • Carl Quigley: [opens suitcase full of money] Oh, hello beautiful. Did you miss me?

    [kisses a wad of money]

  • Carl Quigley: Ok, just tell me where my money is?

    Preston Waters: I - I spent it.

    Carl Quigley: All of it?

    Preston Waters: [nods weakly] All of it.

    Carl Quigley: How could you spend... a million dollars... in just six days?

    Juice: You must have not been shopping lately.

  • Biderman: You can use these checks. They're temporary.

    Carl Quigley: Thank you, Edward.

    Biderman: Like our relationship.

  • Biderman: [after breaking into the Waters' house] Looks like no one's home.

    Carl Quigley: Shut up, Wienerman!

    Biderman: Biderman.

    Carl Quigley: Where is he?

    Butch: I don't know, but he might be down the street at Mr. Macintosh's. That's his boss.

    Carl Quigley: Macintosh. Come on!

    Juice: You know, I do like what they have done with this color.

  • Carl Quigley: Hey, Applesauce, what's with the long fance my man? I just bought your pad, you got some cash. Sucasa is about to become micasa. A groovin' thing, Man.

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