Cardinal Quotes in End of Days (1999)


Cardinal Quotes:

  • Cardinal: We're not afraid to die for our cause.

    Jericho Cane: Good, because I'm not afraid to kill you!

  • Cardinal: Oh, the Pope warned me never to trust the CIA!

  • Anna: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been 1,200 hours since my last confession.

    Cardinal: [yawning] Hit me with your best shot.

    Anna: I betrayed a man. A good man. An innocent man. A thief.

  • Anna: He's definitely gonna steal the Codex. I can feel it. I'm not sure when.

    Cardinal: Attempt to steal, you mean. The vanity in this man Hudson Hawk! The Vatican has foiled the advances of pirates and terrorists. We will not lie down for some schmuck from New Jersey.

  • Cardinal: Why are you so scared? Everything is predestined. Life runs its own course. Look at this little angel! Saint Martin has sent us a little angel to play with!

  • Cardinal: Don't be alarmed, His Holiness knows what He's doing. This is the man who will talk to the poor and bring them back to us.

  • Primate: It's a sign.

    Cardinal: A miracle.

    Moderator: A winged messenger.

    Gerry Ryan: It's a f***ing cockatoo!

  • Cardinal: I would much rather Monsieur de Bergerac live by the pen than die by the sword. Do you not agree, Antoine?

    Antoine Comte de Guiche: [exasperated] By all means, Your Eminence, by all means!

    Cardinal: [quoting Cyrano's words to himself, and making sure nobody hears him] "And then, as I end the refrain, thrust home!"

  • Torquemada: Surely Rome understands that public executions discourage sin?

    Cardinal: The good Lord, you know, padre, he want us to love our neighbor, no roast him, mmm? No roast him ...

  • Cardinal: No!

    Gomez: No!

    Cardinal: No, I tell you, I havea de seal of de Pope!

    Gomez: Oh! He hasa de seal of de Pope!

    Cardinal: NO! Help me!

    Gomez: Help me!

    Cardinal: Someone help me!

    Gomez: Someone help me!

    Cardinal: No! No, I tell you! No, Help me! Help me someone!

  • Cardinal: The Pope also want the Inquisition to stop the use of torture. And declare an amnesty on all heretics and witches. Hmm?

    Torquemada: Rome is behind the times. His Holiness is old and lost his zeal!

    Cardinal: He is the Pope!

    Torquemada: And I am the Inquisition!

    Cardinal: His Holiness also DEMAND...order you to return to Rome with me for an audience.

    Torquemada: I've received no such demand.

    Cardinal: [chuckles] I just deliver it!

  • Cardinal: [about to be killed] No!

    Gomez: Yes!

  • [As Torquemada has the Cardinal bricked behind a wall]

    Cardinal: For the love of God!

    Torquemada: Yes, for the love of God.

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