Car owner Quotes in Tango & Cash (1989)


Car owner Quotes:

  • Car owner: I believe in Perestroijka.

    Gabriel Cash: Welcome to America.

  • Car Owner: [to Saïd] It's crooked! Just like your father!

  • Car Owner: It's still crooked.

    Said: What?

    Car Owner: It's still crooked.

    Said: What, the bumper?

    Car Owner: What else?

    Said: It's brand new.

    Car Owner: Maybe, but it's still crooked.

    Said: I'll take another look at it, sir.

    Car Owner: What for? It's crooked!

    Said: I don't think so.

    Car Owner: Are you saying I'm blind?

    Said: No, but you might be mistaken. Looks can be deceiving.

    Car Owner: My eyes are fine, and thank God for that.

    Said: And it's not crooked.

    Car Owner: Yes, it is! It's fucking crooked!

    Khaled: No, it's not.

    Car Owner: Get Abu Salim and have him look at it.

    Khaled: It's not crooked. You're probably cross-eyed.

    Car Owner: What did you say?

    Khaled: It's straight at a ruler.

    Car Owner: Go get Abu Salim. He'll tell you.

    Said: I'll check it with a level.

    [he takes a level and gives it to Khaled, who checks it]

    Car Owner: So who's cross-eyed now?

    Said: You are, sir. See? The ground's uneven, but the bumper's straight.

    Car Owner: Are you trying to screw me over? I can see it myself.

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