Captain Teague Quotes in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)


Captain Teague Quotes:

  • Captain Teague: I heard where you're headed. The Fountain.

    Jack Sparrow: Have you been there?

    Captain Teague: Does this face looks like it's been to the Fountain of Youth?

    Jack Sparrow: ...Depends on the light.

  • Captain Teague: Hello Jackie.

    Jack Sparrow: 'Ello dad.

  • Captain Teague: Don't be a fool, Jackie. The fountain will test you.

  • Jack Sparrow: What? You've seen it all, done it all. Survived. That's the trick isn't it? To survive?

    Captain Teague: It's not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is still living with yourself forever.

  • Captain Chevalle: There has not been a king since the first brethren court, and that is not likely to change!

    Captain Teague: Not likely.

    Elizabeth Swann: Why not?

    Gibbs: Because the pirate king is elected by popular vote...

    Barbossa: ...and each pirate only votes for himself

    Jack Sparrow: I call for a vote.

    [Barbossa rolls his eyes as Captain Teague starts playing the guitar]

    Captain Ammand: I vote for Ammand, the Corsair!

    Captain Chevalle: Captain Chevalle, the penniless Frenchman!

    Mistress Ching: Mistress Ching!

    Captain Jocard: Gentleman Jocard.

    Elizabeth Swann: Elizabeth Swann.

    Barbossa: Barbossa.

    Captain Vallenueva: Villanueva!

    [Captain Teague stops playing his guitar]

    Jack Sparrow: Elizabeth Swann.

    [the court begins to yell]

    Elizabeth Swann: What?

    Jack Sparrow: I know. Curious, isn't it?

  • Captain Teague: [to Jack] You're in my way, boy.

  • [Teague beckons forth the dog with the keys, last left on the cannibal island]

    Ragetti: Is that... can't be.

    Pintel: How?

    Captain Teague: Sea turtles, mate.

  • Captain Teague: The code is the law!

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