Captain Ron Quotes in Captain Ron (1992)


Captain Ron Quotes:

  • [as Ben, who's 12, moves Captain Ron's beer]

    Captain Ron: Hey. Get your hands off that.

    Benjamin Harvey: I was just moving it. I wasn't gonna drink it.

    Captain Ron: You bet your little booty, you wasn't. You want a beer, you get your own beer.

  • Caroline Harvey: Captain Ron, I was wondering. Are we going to be going to any more "human" type places?

    Captain Ron: Well, you heard of St. Croix?

    Caroline Harvey: Yeah.

    Captain Ron: We're going to the island just to the left of it.

    Caroline Harvey: What's it called?

    Captain Ron: Ted's.

  • Captain Ron: Alright, that's more like it, now you're talking! You can do it, mates! I've never seen such sailors. Not in all my born days, I ain't. Naturals! My God, everyone of you, naturals...

    [beat; to himself]

    Captain Ron: We're gonna fucking die!

  • [Lost in a heavy storm]

    Captain Ron: The boss is right. We should be okay. 'Cause I know we're near land.

    Martin Harvey: Great, Cap. Great. Ya hear that? We're almost there. Explain to the kids how you know that, Captain Ron. Someone translate for General Armando.

    Captain Ron: Alright, now stay with me: When we left, we had just enough fuel to make it to San Juan. And now... we are out of fuel!

  • Benjamin Harvey: Man. What happened to your eye?

    Martin Harvey: Ben.

    Katherine Harvey: Sweetie, that's rude.

    Captain Ron: No, that's alright. Shark attack, swab.

    Benjamin Harvey: A shark ate your eye?

  • Captain Ron: [telling how he lost his eye] Yeah, it happened when I went down off the coast of Australia.

    Katherine Harvey: Your boat sank?

    Captain Ron: No, no, no, no. Not my boat. My boss's boat. Yeah, we hit this reef. Huge son-of-a-bitch. Ran the whole coast.

    Katherine Harvey: Wait. The Great Barrier Reef?

    Captain Ron: You've heard of it, huh? Smart lady.

  • Captain Ron: [to Ben] Hey swab. C'mere. Listen up. Now, the way it works shipboard is, you do your job. You do it good, you get a better job. Maybe you get promoted from swab to mate.

    [Ben nods]

    Captain Ron: Alright. Get on it.

    Captain Ron: [to Martin] Sort've an incentive kind of a deal, huh?

    Martin Harvey: Ah. Good.

    Captain Ron: Yeah, incentives are important. I learned that in rehab.

  • Captain Ron: [after losing his glass eye] It never did fit anyway. Guess you gotta get 'em custom made.

  • Martin Harvey: Slow down! There's boats all over the place!

    Captain Ron: Don't worry. They'll get out of the way. I learned that driving the Saratoga.

  • Captain Ron: Hey! Uh, leg feels a lot better now, boss. I always been a fast healer, you know. 'Course I believe in Jesus, so that helps.

  • Captain Ron: Hey, you wouldn't be trying to cheat Captain Ron there, would you, swab?

    Benjamin Harvey: Uh, no sir. Uh, so what happened?

    Captain Ron: Ah, nothing. They were just playing hide-the-salami in the shower

    Captain Ron: [Ben spits his beer up] Oh, come on, man!

  • Martin Harvey: [stressing to his family that they need to learn all the things about seamanship that Capt. Ron is trying to drill into them] You gotta' learn the basics.

    Captain Ron: And, you gotta' be prepared.

    Martin Harvey: That's right...

    Captain Ron: I'm not talkin' Boy Scout prepared, I mean *big-time* prepared.

    Martin Harvey: [downplaying it] Well, prepared for any kind of *normal* accident...

    Captain Ron: This is the Caribbean, guys. "El Caribe." The Spanish Main. The land of hoo-doo and voodoo and all kinda' weird shit.

    Benjamin Harvey: Whoa!

  • [being chased by pirates]

    Benjamin Harvey: All right! They're pirates of the Caribbean, just like you said Captain Ron.

    Captain Ron: Yeah, squirt. Pirates are easy to deal with. It's the Cuban cops that you gotta worry about. Grand theft auto is a major biggie here in Cuba.

    Martin Harvey: Grand theft auto? You stole this car?

    Captain Ron: Nah, I didn't steal it, boss. I borrowed it. Sort of...

  • Martin Harvey: [Walks down to the Ship's Cabin] What's this?

    Caroline Harvey: Monopoly.

    Martin Harvey: No, this.

    [Holding a handgun]

    Benjamin Harvey: Two .45's and a Mac-10.

    Caroline Harvey: It's this total macho trip, Dad, just ignore it.

    Martin Harvey: Where'd they come from?

    Benjamin Harvey: Captain Ron traded the Guerrillas for 'em.

    Captain Ron: Yeah, I thought we'd ought to have them, Boss. Cause, you know, we're gettin' into pirate waters, here, pretty quick.

    Martin Harvey: What pirates?

    Captain Ron: Pirates, of the Caribbean.

    Martin Harvey: Been to Disney World, one too many times? Have we, Captain Ron?

    Benjamin Harvey: It's true, Dad! They come up on you in high speed boats!

    Captain Ron: You know, I don't believe I've been to Disney World...

    [Interrupted by Martin Harvey]

    Captain Ron: I've been to DollyWood.

  • Captain Ron: Captain Ron: A diesel loves her oil same as a sailor loves rum

  • Captain Ron: [Captain Ron and Benjamin are playing Monopoly for money] Three houses, 375! That's 37 cents.

    Benjamin Harvey: Well that's... half the money I have left.

    Captain Ron: Yeah, shit happens. Cough it up.

  • Benjamin Harvey: What about your other eye?

    Captain Ron: Glass, swab.

    Benjamin Harvey: Too cool!

    Captain Ron: Yeah. I won it in a crap game a few years back.

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