Captain James Hook Quotes in Hook (1991)


Captain James Hook Quotes:

  • Captain James Hook: Prepare to die, Peter!

    Peter Banning: To die would be a grand adventure!

    Captain James Hook: Death is the only adventure you have left!

  • Captain James Hook: [holding a pistol to his head] No stopping me this time, Smee. This is it. Don't make a move Smee, not a step. My finger's on the trigger. Don't try to stop me, Smee.

    Smee: Oh, not again.

    Captain James Hook: This is it. Don't try to stop me this time, Smee. Don't try to stop me this time, Smee. Don't you dare try to stop me this time, Smee, try to stop me. Smee, you'd better get up off your arse. Get over here, Smee!

    Smee: I'm coming. I'm coming.

    Captain James Hook: Stop me! This is not a joke! I'm committing suicide!

    [Smee triggers the gun away from Hook's head, sinking the model ship in the pool]

    Captain James Hook: Don't ever frighten me like that again.

    Smee: I'm sorry.

    Captain James Hook: What are you, some kind of a sadist?

    Smee: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. How do you feel now?

    Captain James Hook: [sighs] I want to die.

    Smee: Oh, now, now.

    Captain James Hook: There's no adventure here.

    Smee: [hold out Hook's gun] You call this no adventure?

    Captain James Hook: Death is the only adventure I have left, Smee.

  • Captain James Hook: Hear me, men. For reasons of good form, I have decided that the so-called Pan will return in three days to commit the arbitrament of the sword. Smee, translate.

    Smee: In three days, we're gonna have a war! A battle between good and evil to the death!

  • Captain James Hook: [to Peter as he traps him and grinds his hook near his face] You know you're not really Peter Pan, don't you? This is only a dream. When you wake up, you'll just be Peter Banning - a cold, selfish man who drinks too much, is obsessed with success, and runs and hides from his wife and children!

  • Captain James Hook: Well, my stupid, sorry, parasitic sacks of entrails...

    [the pirates laugh]

    Captain James Hook: ...revenge is mine.

    [the pirates cheer]

    Tickles: Long live the Hook!

  • Captain James Hook: [to Peter, in disbelief] Is it you? My great and worthy opponent? But it can't be. Not this pitiful, spineless, pasty, bloated codfish I see before me. You're not even a shadow of Peter Pan.

  • Captain James Hook: [watching Peter try - and fail - to rescue his children] Smee, I don't understand. Why doesn't he fly? Is he not Peter Pan?

    Smee: He's Peter Pan, all right, Captain. He's just been away from Neverland so long, his mind's been junk-tified. He's forgotten everything.

  • [in the Museum where all clocks are destroyed. Hook hands Jack a hammer to destroy his father's watch]

    Captain James Hook: You know you want to. Give it a try. Go on.

    Jack: This is for... never letting me blow bubbles in my chocolate milk!

    [smashes his father's watch]

    Captain James Hook: Good form! Bravo!


    Smee: Isn't that wonderful?

    Jack: This is for never letting me jump on my own bed!

    [smashes another clock]

    Captain James Hook: Make time stand still, laddie.

    Jack: For always making promises and breaking them!

    [smashes another clock]

    Jack: For never doing anything with me.

    [smashes another clock]

    Captain James Hook: For a father who's never there, Jack? Jack, for a father who didn't save you on the ship.

    Jack: [starts to cry] Who wouldn't save us...

    Captain James Hook: Who *couldn't* save you, Jack.

    Jack: [tearfully] Well, he - he wouldn't. And he didn't even try. He was there and we were there and he wouldn't try.

    [pulls his cap down as he cries]

    Captain James Hook: [pulls his cap up] Jack... he will try. And the question will be: When the time comes, do you want to be saved? Now, don't you answer now. No, no, no, no, no. Now it's time to be whatever you want to be. Put behind you any thoughts of home; that place of broken promises.

    Jack: That what?

    Captain James Hook: Have I ever made a promise, Jack... I have not kept?

    [gives him a baseball]

    Captain James Hook: Have I, son?

  • Captain James Hook: [contemplating] Smee, I've just had a sublime vision. All the jagged parts of my life have come together to form a complete an mystical... whole. An epiphany.

    Smee: A "piphy"-what?

    Captain James Hook: My life is over!

    Smee: Does that mean you've lost your appetite?

    Captain James Hook: Yes. Goodbye.

  • Captain James Hook: Proud and insolent youth! Prepare to meet thy doom!

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