Captain Hollister Quotes in Stripes (1981)


Captain Hollister Quotes:

  • Captain Hollister: I'm Captain Hollister, Special Operations Group. Who are you?

    John Winger: I'm Major Dodge

    John Winger: Captain DeSoto

    John Winger: Pleasure to meet you, Hollister. Heard a lot about you.

    Captain Hollister: Well, I never heard any of you. And you're not on my roster.

    John Winger: That's just the way we like to keep it, captain. It's double double top-secret.

    Captain Hollister: Intelligence?

    John Winger: Some

  • Captain Hollister: Intelligence?

    John Winger: John Winger: Some

  • Captain Hollister: [referring to Charlie] When we find out all we need to know from her...

    John Rainbird: ...when you give her to me.

    Captain Hollister: [after a pause] What are you going to do with her?

    John Rainbird: John, the friendly orderly, will come in. He will greet her, talk to her, get her to smile... John, the friendly orderly, will make her happy because he's the only one who can. And when John feels she has reached the moment of her greatest happiness, he will strike her across the bridge of the nose, breaking it explosively and sending bone fragments into her brain. It'll be quick. And he'll be looking at her face at the time. He will *know* her power. And when he dies, which I hope is very soon, perhaps he can take that power with him... into the other world.

    Captain Hollister: [finishes off his drink and heads for the door] You are crazy!

  • Charlie McGee: Where's my father?

    Captain Hollister: He's fine. He's happy, and he sends his love, and he wants you to cooperate with us.

    Charlie McGee: You're a liar!

    Captain Hollister: Now, what kinda talk is that from a nice little girl like you?

    Charlie McGee: GO TO HELL!

  • Doctor Joseph Wanless: Ever since this child was born, her father has been trying to inhibit her use of those powers. But what if his control had weakened now?

    Captain Hollister: Why would he lose control, now, after all those years?

    Doctor Joseph Wanless: Ask yourself this question. How exhausting must it have been for Victoria and Andrew McGee when this child was an infant? The bottle is late, the baby cries, and at that moment, one of her toys right there in the crib beside her bursts into smokey flame.

    Captain Hollister: Joe, she's just a little girl. She can light fires, yes. But you're making her sound like Armageddon!

    Doctor Joseph Wanless: Yes!... and that's what it might well be. Suppose lighting fires is just the tip of the iceberg?

    Captain Hollister: I don't know what your talking about.

    Doctor Joseph Wanless: I am talking about a talent that is directly linked to this child's pituitary gland; UNDEVELOPED pituitary gland. What happens when she becomes adolescent and that sleeping gland wakes and becomes, for 20 months, the most powerful force in the human body? Suppose we have a child here who, someday, is capable of creating a nuclear explosion simply by the power of her will?

    Captain Hollister: [Laughs] That's insane.

    Doctor Joseph Wanless: Is it? Is it? Then allow me to progress from insanity to utter lunacy. Suppose there is a little girl out there, somwhere today... this morning!... who has within her, lying dormant at present... the power someday to crack the very planet in two like a china plate in a shooting gallery?

    Captain Hollister: [Falls silent]

  • Captain Hollister: What's to stop me from having you erased right here and now?

    John Rainbird: My word - that I've already made certain provisions that should I "disappear", The Shop will cease to exist within six weeks. And within six months, you will stand in front of a judge awaiting sentence for crimes serious enough to keep you behind bars for the rest of your life.

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