Captain Atherton Quotes in Deep Rising (1998)


Captain Atherton Quotes:

  • Captain Atherton: This is supposed to be your life's work, I thought.

    Canton: I spent my whole life, my entire fortune, building this ship. I'll be damned if I'm gonna lose it to a bunch of pencil-necked bankers.

  • Canton: But This ship is state of the art...

    Captain Atherton: Doesn't matter with the computer systems down... we are sailing blind... and with no bloody way of contacting anyone for help.

    Sonar Man: Sir? I've got something on my sonar.

    Captain Atherton: What is it, Collins?

    Sonar Man: I'm not sure sir... but whatever it is... it's big.

    Canton: Probably a bottom feeding whale.

    Sonar Man: Moving at 200 knots? Sir, I don't think so.

    Captain Atherton: Where's it coming from?

    Sonar Man: Directly below us sir... moving at 160 meters and still rising... 150 meters... 140 meters... 130... 120... 110... 90...

    Canton: [looks at a video monitor] What are those things?

    Sonar Man: 80... 50 meters...

    [the Ottoia ram the ship]

  • [Trillian is breaking into the ship's safe until Simon, Capt. Atherton, and Cruise Security catches her in the act]

    Canton: [clears throat] Good evening, mademoiselle.

    Trillian St. James: Hello.

    Captain Atherton: Red handed. My God, what a cheap, little trollop you are.

    Trillian St. James: Good evening, gentlemen. I was just on my way out.

    [Two security men holds Trillian back]

    Trillian St. James: Or not.

    Canton: A good decision. There's really no place to run. The nearest land is, what is it, about 600 miles, Captain?

    Captain Atherton: Near 800.

    Canton: [holding Trillian's rap sheet] According to this fax we received - Oh, that's not a very flattering photograph, is it?

    Trillian St. James: What is it?

    Canton: You're wanted for burglary, robbery, forgery. Oh, and attempted murder.

    Trillian St. James: I can explain that.

    [Canton chuckles]

    Trillian St. James: What?

    Canton: Six arrests, five convictions, and wanted in four countries. How does a beautiful woman as young as yourself amass such an incredible record?

    Trillian St. James: Trust me. It wasn't easy.

    Canton: I think it's because you're not very good at what you do.

    [Canton hits Trillian in the face]

    Captain Atherton: Hey, steady on, Canton. No need for that.

    Captain Atherton: [Recovers his stolen key card from Trillian] Ah, ah, ah. I believe that's my card, thank you.

    Canton: Captain, I forget. Do we have a brig on this ship?

    Captain Atherton: Yes, we do, sir, but it's not finished.

    Trillian St. James: [angry tone] You can't put a lady in the brig!

    Canton: True, but you, mademoiselle, are no lady.

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