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Capt. William Kidd Quotes:

  • Orange Povey: You cold-gutted shark.

    Capt. William Kidd: Ahh!... You're a flatterer.

  • Capt. William Kidd: Now then, me bullies! Would you rather do the gallows dance, and hang in chains 'til the crows pluck your eyes from your rotten skulls? Or would you feel the roll of a stout ship beneath your feet again?

  • Capt. William Kidd: There's none would be so loyal, nor fight so desperate, as cutthroats under sentence of death... if they knew that at the end of the voyage a royal pardon would be in their pockets.

    King William III: I shall hold you responsible for their good conduct.

    Capt. William Kidd: Between their conduct and mine, your majesty, there will be little to choose.

  • [first lines]

    Capt. William Kidd: Stab me, there's a pretty sight!

    Orange Povey: It'll be prettier still when the fire reaches the magazine, Captain.

    Cyprian Boyle: Pity though. Lots of stout seamen among 'em. They've been with us a long time.

    Capt. William Kidd: We can none of live forever, Mr. Boyle. Dead men don't talk.

  • Capt. William Kidd: Your neck will be stretched as long as your memory, one of these days.

  • Capt. William Kidd: Are we such callous rascals that we'd leave a dead comrade without commending his soul to his new master?

    [the pirates gather around the dead man]

    Capt. William Kidd: Here lieth one who through treachery and avarice would ahve placed in jeopardy the lives of honest men. And here may he lie forever in the sands of Madagascar. Rest in peace.

  • Capt. William Kidd: I'm one of nature's gentlemen, but I need polish, my good man. If I'm to improve myself...

    Cary Shadwell: A gentleman only employs the term "My good man" when addressing lower servants or his inferiors, sir.

    Capt. William Kidd: You see...

    [sucks his teeth]

    Capt. William Kidd: ...that's why I want you.

    [sucks his teeth again]

    Capt. William Kidd: With my upbringing...

    Cary Shadwell: A gentleman never sucks his teeth, sir. Many a man's social career has been ruined by less, sir.

  • Capt. William Kidd: Governor, would you be good enough to tell them what we're here for?

    Newgate Prison Governor Landers: Give heed you-you vermin. Here's news to your advantage...

    First prisoner: Is the hangman dead, then?

    Second prisoner: Out with it, Jock Nastyface! Is it that your mother's turned into an honest woman?

    Newgate Prison Governor Landers: Silence you mutinous dogs! If another man speaks. I'll trice him up by the thumbs and flog him raw!

    Capt. William Kidd: Tsk-tsk-tsk. Is that the way to win the love of these unfortunate gentleman?

  • Capt. William Kidd: Look you then! I want men with iron in their blood and steel in their sinews. And the first up here is the first enlisted!

  • Adam Mercy: May it please your Majesty, I accuse this man of piracy and murder!

    Capt. William Kidd: Was ever a gentleman so misfortunate?

    King William III: Lock him up in Newgate. He's to be held for the next session of the Court of Oyez and Terminer - there to be tried for his life.

    [the palace guards grab Captain Kidd]

    Capt. William Kidd: Hands off me, you scum! All I done was for the credit and for the honor and glory of England!

  • [from the scaffold]

    Capt. William Kidd: So here's me bequest to them what hunts what I have hid and to their sons sons down through the corridors of time: greed that spawns murder; hatred that corrodes the soul; ambition - the foulest strumpet of all.

    Heckler at Kidd's hanging: [to hangman] Hey, Dick - Dick Kent. Sell me a bit of that rope for a sixpence will you?

    Capt. William Kidd: Save your money, me lads. You can have it all for nothing if you'll only step here and wear it!

    [to hangman]

    Capt. William Kidd: Hurry up, Kent. Can't wait forever.

  • Capt. William Kidd: But however we do it, it must be legal-like and honest.

    Cyprian Boyle: Stick to ways you're familiar with.

    Capt. William Kidd: Why, you pox-raddled villain, I can be as honest as any man if I have the incentive!

  • Capt. William Kidd: I hate fat men!

    Capt. Bonney: But you're a fat man.

    Capt. William Kidd: I hate myself too!

  • Capt. William Kidd: [In a self-deprecating manner] The things I have to do to go down in history!

  • Captain 'Puddin' head' Feathergill: [after serving Kidd some soup] Is it good, sir?

    Capt. William Kidd: It's just like Mother used to make. It stinks!

  • Captain 'Puddin' head' Feathergill: [In hole holding skull] Alas, poor Yorick, I knew well, a fellow of infinite...

    Capt. William Kidd: That's the wrong play. Now, dig.

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