Cameraman Quotes in Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985)


Cameraman Quotes:

  • Kevin Morton: Well, is everything straightened out?

    Director: We are ready whenever you are.

    Kevin Morton: Doesn't it look like I'm ready?


    Kevin Morton: I am ALWAYS ready! I have BEEN ready since first call! I AM READY! Roll!

    Director: Quiet, please! This is a take. Roll, please.

    Cameraman: Speed!

    Kevin Morton: ACTION!

    Director: Action!

  • Conner: [reading reviews for his new album] Well, it's Pitchfork, it's... they gave it a negative review.

    Cameraman: They didn't like it?

    Conner: No, like, it's a negative four out of ten.

  • [Dorothy Michaels' screen test]

    Rita: I'd like to make her look a little more attractive, how far can you pull back?

    Cameraman: How do you feel about Cleveland?

    Rita: Knock it off.

  • Cameraman: Hello all, I apologize profusely for what you are watching right now. This was actually the most amazing sequence shot over three days with live coyotes, two Bengals tigers and a lion, but for legal reasons we can't release the footage. Did I know that coyotes can't be trained? No. Did I do background checks on the animal handlers? No. Did the tigers get into the cocaine? Yes. Was it a good idea to have coke and other drugs lying around the set? Probably not. Did some crew members get eaten? You bet, but that's the movie biz, right?

    Cameraman: Look, I'm a good guy. I usually try my best, but I took my eye off the ball on this one. No one is arguing that, but for once, give a guy a break. In fact, do me a favor, don't tell your friends about the poor quality of this sequence. Our secret, okay? Enjoy the rest of the movie. Sincerely, Emilio Sanchez. 2nd Camera Assistant. The director made me write this note

  • Cameraman: Do you think a human being will ever beat a person at chess?

    John: Oh... between a human being and a person? My money's on the computer.

  • [last words]

    Cameraman: You're sure you don't want me to film the trench?

    Jane Livingstone: No. A trench is a trench. They're all the same.

  • [after Lewis does the 'jumping on the horse' stunt]

    Kessler: Those damn cowboys! I always said they were great, didn't I? I always said you can't beat 'em.

    Cameraman: You always said you couldn't trust 'em.

    Kessler: Well, you misunderstood me.

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