Caleb Danvers Quotes in The Covenant (2006)


Caleb Danvers Quotes:

  • Aaron Abbot: I think you owe Kyra an apology.

    Caleb Danvers: Actually, I think it's Kyra who owes Sarah the apology.

    [nods from Kyra to Sarah]

    Sarah Wenham: [Sarah smirks]

    Chase Collins: [after cutting in, speaking to Aaron] Sorry, but you *were* being kind of bitchy.

  • Chase Collins: [At the end, during the battle] You ready to say "uncle"?

    Caleb Danvers: I'm ready for you to go to hell.

  • Reid Garwin: Move over.

    Tyler Sims: But it's my car.

    Caleb Danvers: Move over baby boy, now!

  • Chase Collins: Say it! "I"

    Caleb Danvers: I

    Chase Collins: "will"

    Caleb Danvers: will

    Chase Collins: "you-"

    Caleb Danvers: you... nothing.

  • Caleb Danvers: [Caleb gets a phone call from Sarah about Kate being in the hospital, Caleb looks at Pogue]

    Pogue Parry: What is it?

    Caleb Danvers: It's Kate, Chase put a spell on her... creation... spiders.

    Pogue Parry: [Stands up] What!

    Caleb Danvers: [Stands up] Relax don't do anything stupid.

    Pogue Parry: [Runs upstairs] Were talking about Kate!

  • Chase Collins: Ok, I'll admit, I'm a little impressed, not bad!

    Caleb Danvers: Thanks!

    [he pushes Chase with his powers]

    Chase Collins: [laughs] Ooh! Woo! Trying to impress your date, huh?

  • Tyler Sims: So, what did the Provost want?

    Caleb Danvers: Someone told him about the fight a Nikki's.

    Reid Garwin: Feel like elaborating on that?

    Pogue Parry: Oh, you got a piece of glass on your face.

  • Caleb Danvers: [Tyler jumps off cliff, and Caleb yells] TYLER!

    Pogue Parry: Come on Caleb. It's not like it's going to kill us. Yet.

  • Caleb Danvers: [being chased by the police] Ugh, y' gotta pull over.

    Reid Garwin: Oh, you wanna stop? That'll impress Harvard.

    Caleb Danvers: oh what the hell., lose 'em. cut across marblehead. let's have some fun while we're at it.

  • Caleb Danvers: My power's greater than yours.

    Reid Garwin: Not until you ascend.

    Caleb Danvers: Alright, go for it tough guy.

  • Pogue Parry: [talking about Chase Collins] Look, I don't even like the guy... are you sure you're not imagining this?

    Caleb Danvers: I'm telling you; his eyes were as black as the night in the pool today.

  • Caleb Danvers: [talking to Reid] WHAT will it take for you to get it? It's addictive you moron!

  • Caleb Danvers: [pulls up in front of the house] Our family's first colony house.

    Sarah Wenham: Wait, someone lives here?

    Caleb Danvers: Just our caretaker, Gorman.

    [a shot rings out, ducks from bullet]

    Caleb Danvers: Gorman! It's me! It's ok! He doesn't see that well anymore.

    Sarah Wenham: You think?

    Gorman Twoberry: Who's with you?

    Caleb Danvers: Just a friend! Be right back

  • Tyler Sims: It's not right, using it on each other Caleb.

    Caleb Danvers: Ugh, tell it to Reid.

  • Evelyn Danvers: [off screen] You're home early.

    Caleb Danvers: It's after midnight. Mother. What are you still going up?

    Evelyn Danvers: Thinking about my baby turning 18 this week...

    [about his father]

    Evelyn Danvers: You look so much like him in this light... you know, he was a year younger than you when we met.

  • Evelyn Danvers: [about his father] I'm so afraid I'll lose you like I did him.

    Caleb Danvers: How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not him.

    Evelyn Danvers: That's the same thing he said about his faher... You know these-these powers that you and your friends developed when you turned 13, are nothing compared with what you'll get when you ascend. They are a thousand times stronger.

  • [last lines]

    Sarah Wenham: [regarding Chase] Where is he?

    Caleb Danvers: I don't know...

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