Caius Quotes in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)


Caius Quotes:

  • Caius: What do you want? Hm?

    Irina: I have to report a crime. The Cullens... They've done something terrible.

    Aro: Allow me my dear.

    [after reading her thoughts]

    Aro: Oh my...

  • Edward Cullen: [as the Volturi arrive] Aro is looking for ALice.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Aro, let us discuss things as we used to. In a civilized manner.

    Aro: Fair words Carlisle. But a little out of place given the battalion you've assembled against us.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I can promise you, that was never my intent. No laws have been broken

    Caius: We see the child. Do not treat us as fools.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: She is not an immortal! These witnesses can attest to that. Or you can look. See the flush of human blood in her cheeks.

    Caius: Artifice!

    Aro: I will collect every facet of the truth. But from someone more central to the story. Edward, as the child clings to your new born mate, I assume you are involved.

    Aro: [after reading Edward's thoughts] I'd like to meet her

    Aro: [Face to face with Bella and Renesmee] Ah young Bella, immortality becomes you.

    [Regarding Renesmee]

    Aro: Hahahahaha. I hear her strange heart

    Renesmee: Hello Aro

    Aro: [after experiencing her power] Magnifico! Half mortal, half immortal. Conceived and carried by this newborn while she was still human

    Caius: Impossible!

    Aro: Do you think they fooled me brother?

    Caius: Bring the informer forward.

    [to Irina]

    Caius: Is that the child you saw?

    Irina: I'm not sure

    Caius: Jane

    Irina: She's changed. This child is bigger.

    Caius: Then your allegations were false

    Irina: The Cullens are innocent. I take full responsibility for my mistake. I'm sorry.

    Edward Cullen: [after Caius orders the death of Irina] Caius no!

    [to Tanya]

    Edward Cullen: Tanya this is what they want. If you attack now we'll all die.

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Aro you see there's no law broken here.

    Aro: Agreed. But does it then follow that there is no danger? For the first time in our history humans pose a threat to our kind. Their modern technology has given birth to weapons that could destroy us. Maintaining our secret has never been more imperative. In such perilous times only the known is safe. Only the known is tolerable. And we know nothing of what this child will become. Can we live with such uncertainty? Spare ourselves a fight today, only to die tomorrow.

  • Aro: [Signaling Alec to stop torturing Toshiro] Alec...

    Toshiro: I would never go against you

    Aro: Of course not, my dear... Toshiro

    Aro: [after reading Toshiro's thoughts] It seems Carlisle is still expecting you

    Caius: [while their men kill Toshiro] Carlisle is all but ensuring his own destruction

    Aro: Ah... sad. Isn't it?

  • [last lines]

    Aro: [accepting a card delivered by Bianca] Ah. It's from Carlisle. Which is spelt with an 'S,' sweet Bianca.

    [Aro gestures with a finger. Demitri and Felix come up on either side of Bianca]

    Aro: He's added a new member to his coven.

    Marcus: Ahhh.

    Caius: Increasing his power.

    [Aro glances at Demitri and Felix, who grab Bianca and drag her away]

    Aro: [shaking his head] First it's the spelling, then the grammar.

    [Aro hands the card to Marcus]

    Marcus: At least our dispute with the Cullens is over.

    Aro: Over?

    Marcus: Mmmm.

    Aro: Goodness, no. Our dispute goes far beyond the fate of a mere human.

    Caius: And what might it be?

    Aro: Why brother, I thought you understood. They have something I want.

  • Aro: Ah... Valentina has brought us something.

    Caius: She should not have interrupted.

    Aro: She's new.

    Marcus: Aren't they all?

    Aro: [Opening the letter] Ah l'amore ci mantiene giovani... Edward and Bella are to be married.

    Marcus: What joy...

    Caius: This is the Cullens way of announcing their transformation? They mock us with their delays.

    Aro: Patience, brother.

    Aro: Though you do have a point... the human did interrupt.

    [Orders Valentina to be killed]

    Aro: Oh I do love weddings.

  • Edward Cullen: So you've made up your minds.

    Aro: It was an intriguing debate... we've rarely encountered a vampire who would willingly end his own existence.

    Caius: Pathetic, disgraceful.

    Aro: I'm afraid your particular gifts are too valuable to destroy, but... if you're unhappy with your lot, join us, we would be delighted to utilize your skills. Won't you consider staying with us?

    Edward Cullen: You know what would happen anyway.

    Marcus: Not without cause.

    Aro: Such a waste...

  • Aro: What a happy surprise... Bella is alive after all. Isn't that wonderful? I love a happy ending... they are so rare.

    Aro: [as he grabs Edward's hand to read his thoughts] La tua cantante. Her blood appeals to you so much... it makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her?

    Edward Cullen: It's not without difficulty.

    Aro: Yes I can see that.

    Edward Cullen: Aro can read every thought I ever had, with one touch. And now you know everything. So get on with it.

    Aro: You are quite a soul reader yourself Edward. Though, you can't read Bella's thoughts... Fascinating!

    Aro: [to Bella] I would love to see... if you are an exception to my gifts as well. Would you do me the honor?

    Aro: [after holding Bella's hand] Interesting. I see nothing. I wonder if... Let us see if she's immune to all our powers. Shall we, Jane?

    Edward Cullen: No!

    Jane: Pain.

    Bella Swan: [as Edward starts to writhe in pain] Stop! Stop, please! Stop! Stop! Just stop hurting him, please! Please!

    Aro: Jane?

    Jane: [as she stops torturing Edward] Master?

    Aro: Go ahead my dear.

    Jane: [to Bella] This may hurt just a little.

    Aro: [after nothing happens to Bella] Hahahahahaha. Remarkable. She confounds us all. So, what do we do with you now?

    Marcus: You already know what you're going to do Aro.

    Caius: She knows to much. She's a liability.

    Aro: That's true. Felix?

    Bella Swan: [after Edward saves her from being killed by attacking Felix, but is about to be killed himself] Please! No, no! Please! Kill me... kill me. Not him

    Aro: How extraordinary. You would give up your life... for someone like us. A vampire. A soulless monster.

    Edward Cullen: Bella get away from him.

    Bella Swan: You don't know a thing... about his soul.

    Aro: Forse è uno o l'altro. Ah this is a sadness. If only it where your intention to give her immortality.

    Alice Cullen: [Stopping Aro from killing Bella] Wait! Bella will be one us. I've seen it. I'll change her myself.

  • Aro: [after seeing Alice's vision of Bella as a vampire] Mesmerizing. To see what you have seen, before it is happened.

    Aro: [to Bella] Your gifts... will make for an intriguing immortal... Isabella. Go now, and make your preparations.

    Marcus: Let us be done with this. Heidi will arrive, any moment. Thank you... for your visit.

    Caius: We'll return the favor: I would advise that you followthrough on your promise soon... We do not offer second chances.

    Aro: Goodbye... my young friends.

  • Aro: What will we do with you now?

    Marcus: You already know what you're going to do, Aro.

    Caius: She knows too much. She's a liablity.

    Aro: That's true...

  • Caius: Sir, allow us to pledge you the most glorious triumph of your career.

    Marcus Licinius Crassus: I'm not after glory, I'm after Spartacus!

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